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Good luck!
What's this spreadsheet you guys are talking about? I'm still waiting for my gf's DR. Let's just hope she'll still be with me by the time I get it LOL
Any recommendations for a heavyweight, beefy blue oxford? I got the "classic blue oxford" but I found it a little too lightweight for me.
Kinda disappointed Filson is not running a sale on their luggage/briefcases.
What do you guys think about the Achilles Low in olive? I'm kinda tired of wear white with my denim.
Anybody got a DR2010 spot they're willing to sell?
I'm 5'6 135lbs and I got the Escobar sweats in S. Hope they won't fit too tight around the waist
^ This
If watch lugs extend past your wrist then its too large. That's how I see it anyways.
I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on my first AP RO in rosegold on strap. I'm used to buying watches in Asia and haggling is pretty common there. Is it possible to negotiate the price here Stateside? Perhaps 20-25%?
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