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For sale is a brand new suitcase by Rimowa. It is a 26" Salsa made in matte black polycarbonate. Free shipping in CONUS.
For sale is a money clip wallet made by Bottega Veneta using their classic espresso intrecciato leather. The wallet as been lightly used and is in overall excellent condition. The leather is extremely soft and supple with a slightly oily touch. It's a beautiful and stylish way to carry your cash and cards. Free shipping in CONUS
Good idea!
The soft ivy needs to be way bigger. I don't feel like it bulges out well enough to consider it "ivy",
For the regular Roma (or all regular collars for that matter), is the fusing the same stiffness as their fused cuffs and plackets? Would that be a good comparison?
The madder selection seems kind of scant. Does Patrizio introduce new fabrics from time to time?
Any recommendations for a spring/summer wool cloth in gray for trousers?
Summer weight, half lined.
Yep, it's model 184
Which is stiffer? Regular Roma or "stiff" Roma. I understand that the "stiff" Roma is unfused yet it has a stiff interlining, so what's the verdict?
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