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First time posting in years...
Pretty sure its actually lower, I have shirts dating back before tailored armholes is an option and the armholes made with the normal option are higher with all other measurements being equal.
I find tailor armholes to lower and less mobile than than the normal option. Isn't that weird?
Anybody know what I should put in the description to move the collar back an inch so that I don't get the bump behind it?
I've got a pretty interesting idea for a cummerbund alternative. Unlike most people here I kinda like the idea of a cummerbund over a traditional vest. However, I do admit it needs improvement to make it look less silly. Since the cummerbund stems from the historical Indian waist sash, why not just wear a silk sash instead of a cummerbund? I'm looking to buy a long piece of black faille silk and have the edges finished, then I can wrap it around my waist. Something like...
Over a hundred pages and all I see is wasted cloth. I feel like 90% of the Indochino customers would be better served with RTW.Edit: LOL I just stumbled on my own post back in 2012I'm still waiting.
You're right! My RTW experience is hip pockets were usually sewn closed with basting thread and can be easily snipped off. But I guess the tux pockets were sewn closed with a sewing machine. Oops... pardon my ignorance.
I can feel that there are hip pockets inside my SuitSupply tuxedo but there's no way to access it! No thread for you to cut out or anything, its completely sewn shut. Does anybody have any experience with this?
Does anybody find the armholes of SuitSupply suits to be frustratingly low?
Interesting, I know you have high standards Fishball so I might try Graly since you used them.Do they use genuine marcella pique?
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