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Don't buy it. Fits terribly.
How good is TL's work?
By AC you mean Ascot Chang? I didn't know they do alterations. I should've asked them, I thought they would be offended haha
Does anybody know a good alterations tailor in Hong Kong that does solid work?
Yeah, isn't as small as the JP size indicates. I'm 5'7 130-5lbs and it fits me perfectly. I also wear 34-36 SuitSupply depending on cut.
Thanks! Yes, the tie is forest green grenadine, suit is navy wool/linen blend.
First time posting in years...
Pretty sure its actually lower, I have shirts dating back before tailored armholes is an option and the armholes made with the normal option are higher with all other measurements being equal.
I find tailor armholes to lower and less mobile than than the normal option. Isn't that weird?
Anybody know what I should put in the description to move the collar back an inch so that I don't get the bump behind it?
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