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Thank you for your feedback. The buttoning point is located 1" about my belly button, I guess that's a little higher than the classical stance. The jacket does look a bit short, but in a full body shot I did after, I measured the top block and the bottom block and its right about 50/50. I do have shorter legs. My pants are still at the tailor since I wanted them more tapered. Once I get them back, I'll do a full rig shot!Thanks! The jacket is actually solid black! It looks...
Just took receipt of my dinner jacket from my tailor. I asked for open quarters to give the jacket more symmetry, which I think is elegant. What do you guys think?
I've got a question regarding the tuxedo shirt. I recently had one made with a classic 3-stud marcella bib. What I've noticed is that when I bend or sit, the gap between the studs near my waist pops/flares open, revealing my skin. Any clues on how to prevent this?
Don't buy it. Fits terribly.
How good is TL's work?
By AC you mean Ascot Chang? I didn't know they do alterations. I should've asked them, I thought they would be offended haha
Does anybody know a good alterations tailor in Hong Kong that does solid work?
Yeah, isn't as small as the JP size indicates. I'm 5'7 130-5lbs and it fits me perfectly. I also wear 34-36 SuitSupply depending on cut.
Thanks! Yes, the tie is forest green grenadine, suit is navy wool/linen blend.
First time posting in years...
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