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Fits better on Conan lol!
Just received my olive MA-1 in the mail today. Made my sleeves a tad too trim but here's a reference for the length.
For sale is my MDR made by TOJ in brown lambskin. I'm 5'6 and 130lbs and it fits me very well. No tears or rips of any kind. Measurements: Shoulders - 16 Chest - 19 Waist - 17.5 Front - 20 Back - 22 Sleeves - 22 Width @ cuff - 4.5 Width @ elbow - 5.5 Free shipping in CONUS
Welcome back! I was actually looking at your blog a couple of days ago and felt that the red worked better with your height. I felt like the whiskey made you look "shorter."
Actually, I would put bombers in that category too. While they were not conceived to be worn on a bike, they were traditionally cut at the waist.
Chill bro. Not rooting for TOJ by any stretch.
Are rider jackets supposed to hit at the belt line? I see a lot of SFers wear it below the belt line. Who's right? SLP Vintage Schott SFer
Interesting. I'm no expert but I have sunglasses from Ray Ban, Persol, and Oliver Peoples and all of them use some of sort of glass (it feels cold to the touch and hard on the teeth haha). I assume that that's the best material because my OPs have them and the fit and finish of OPs are really excellent, the hinges are really well done, much better than TFs. I guess I'm not used to the feather weight of the TFs, it almost feels cheap in my mind.
Speaking of Tom Ford. I just picked up a pair of aviators too called Franklin. I'm really disappointed by the weight and feel of them. They're my first TFs and I can't believe they're so light, then I realize the lens material is made of plastic. No poly or glass, but plastic. They're light like CVS shades light. I might have to send them back, I'm surprised they can charge $370 for a pair.
Does anybody have a picture of Falcon's black goat? How does it compare with lambskin?
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