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For sale is a brand new Banana Republic dopp bag in brown tumbled leather. The interior has 2 small and 1 large fabric pockets. The leather is exceptionally beautiful and it has an oily feel to it. It is overdyed and has a rich brownish red tone. It's a really nice dopp kit indeed. Measurements: Length: 10" Width: 4.5" Height: 5" Retails: $80 Free shipping in CONUS.
FG's goat is amazing! I personally will pick it over lamb or calf anyday; absolutely love the texture. It's tough yet still luxurious.BTW, my jacket is for sale if anybody is interest lol
For sale is a fully-canvased, soft construction suit made in a mid-grey birdseye wool with a blue cupro lining. The suit is constructed with a full canvas and its a joy to wear. I love the handwork on this coat. I really like the full lapels has a tasteful crinkle much like handmade Napoli suits; they are perfectly padded and have a lovely roll to it that gives the jacket extra body. The jacket has a soft shoulder construction with half lining. The jacket is in good...
For sale is the Falcon Garments DR1 made in black goatskin. I'm 5'7 and 134lbs and it fits me very well. The jacket is completely brand new and unworn. The leather is thick and buttery yet dense, it has an absolutely stunning in texture and fits like a suit of armor. It still has a buttery hand that feels luxurious. I think FG's goatskin is amazing and I'd pick it over lambskin or calfskin any day. The reason why I'm selling this is because I personally prefer a cropped...
The Lazio line fits me really well. Does anybody know if the Jort or La Spalla lines fit similar?
Stiff collar band + placket = collar stand. Effin noobs.
Yeah, it'll probably clear 90% of itYeah, I was eying the Giaguaro too, in forma silver
Polywatch works wonders as a plastic polish
What do you guys think about Retrosuperfuture's quality?
Fits better on Conan lol!
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