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Just noticed this thread (which began, I see, right after New Year's). I hit the 10-year sobriety mark in January, but I am a Pure D alcoholic. A lot of what is described in this thread sounds to me like guys who are hitting it harder than they should and are trying to cut back. These are vastly different things. After 10 years (much of which I spent working at the rehab where I got sober) I can offer this guideline: If your alcohol use affects your family life,...
This stuff is in the Trad/Ivy camp, but somebody might want to take a gander. Nice pair of vintage Cole Haans, 9D. http://theconnecticutyankee.blogspot.com/
Jacket's from a vintage Brooks wash and wear suit "” I wasn't in the mood for the full seersucker monty that day. Bill's poplins, LE shirt, BB tie, no-name thrifted loafers ( I suspect old LL Bean) and pocket square from I know not where.
I had something like the bags in the original post for years but I lost it somewhere. I've been using these messenger bags from CourierWare for the last seven or eight years. I rarely keep fish so the liner is not a deal-breaker, and these are pretty waterproof. If I do decide to keep fish I bring a big ZipLock and one of those blue plastic things you put in coolers. http://www.courierwareusa.com/level.itml/icOid/84
I have a bunch of (mostly) tweed jackets for sale on AAAT if anyone feels the need for cheap tweed. They go to a church sale Oct. 9 http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/f...postcount=5747
I work for a small weekly in Connecticut. I almost always wear a coat and tie, etc. I get better answers that way.
Good stuff. I added the link to my idiotic blog.
Quoddys, which are too expensive. My Sperrys shrank last summer, a serious problem in a boat shoe, I'd say. I have a pair of Timberlands but they are weird, walking in them is like walking on a rail. I think I will try Sebago next.
New Posts  All Forums: