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My wife works a stone’s throw from Union Made, (very dangerous haha) I popped in a few days ago to check out the Golden Bear stuff. All of it is VERY nice; the cloth is solid and will last forever. I am looking to get the burgundy Mac a.s.a.p.
I totally agree about thr RL stuff. When I was going through my casual phase I was amazed at how high the lads in the UK rated Polo shirts! I did make a killing purchasing them at TJ Maxx and selling them to the UK lot through certain well know Casual websites .
Holy shit, it took you 32 years to decide that you wanted to be part of what is essentially a "youth cult"... That mindset always amazes me.
Mikey Stilts?!?! It's Mod Dave! I've been reading this thread for days and just realized this was you! How the fuck are you?
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