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Those are beautiful. Unfortunately, not my size. 
Pretty sure the maker is Church's and shaped over the 002 last. I bought a navy pair and was then told so at the midtown BB store. 
Good lord! What a collection. Of your those boots which ones do you end up reaching for the most?
  Those PTBs do not look like Aldens. Am I wrong?
Those PTBs do not look like Aldens. Am I wrong?
What last are these shaped over?
Mike, you think you could make this make-up happen http://classicshoesformen.com/shoes/antique-hand-made-giant-tortoise-meeresschildkroeten-full-brogue-derby-circa-196042cd-0
What size?
I own both a pair of RW Iron Rangers as well as a few Aldens. I comfortably wear an 8.5e in both my Iron Rangers and Barrie LWB. I also have a pair of Barrie WT boots in 9D which fit me well. But I think that's because my true size is somewhere between 8.5E and 9D. I think that the Barrie last is a touch wider than the Red Wing lasts.
  I think the purpose of the midsole is to fix the RLH sole on to. So the midsole is stitched to the Moc and the sole is presumably glued on to the midsole. It is also aesthetically pleasing hence the phrase. 
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