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That's because they are shaped on the Trubalance last, like most Indys. You probably prefer the tanker make ups on the Barrie last which in comparison has a rounder toe box.
Wow! those look great. Particularly with jeans. 
One of my favorite boot make ups. Always a good day when worn ; )  
[[SPOILER]] Those look great. Good to know you put them through hell and then brought them back. Thanks for posting. 
Quote:Originally Posted by sazon good story - welcome! what model is that in the pic? These are Cigar with an antique edge as per the serial number in the shoes and as advertised when they were sold. Back when I purchased them I didn't know what I wanted, I just pointed, and I think I tried on both #8 and this pair. They look a lot lighter in person than most Cigar and some Ravello i've come across, and these are generally perceived to be Ravello when commented on.  I...
Hey, I've been lurking on the thread for years and haven't really shared.    This was my first pair of shell, purchased in 2012. Photo is from a few weeks ago. When I finally came around to purchasing a a "proper" pair of shoes my uncle, who also has many 20+ year old shell shoes in his rotation, impressed upon me the value of both shell and Alden. He also reminded me that my grandfather swore by shell and in particular had a pair of LWB for over 30 years. So one day I...
Would love to see a pic. I have a  few pairs of shell but generally avoid taking them out in the rain because of the welting. I know I can brush them off with some elbow grease but why bother when I can reach for a pair of scotch grain. 
What a cool make-up! Enjoy. 
Were those MTO?
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