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Sporting my Pembrokes on the Subway today. These have gotten a lot of wear this winter.   
wow! that's a very light cigar. Basically the same tone as the Ravello PTB. Beautiful collection.
Apart from not using any polish I really don't care for these boots differently than any other shoe. I simply brush them off after every wear, store them with trees,  very occasionally apply a coat of Reno or Montana Pitch Blend. 
Natty Cxl Indy boots after over a year of hard wear. Already been through one set of heels and and one set of laces.     
Those are whole cuts, not cap toes. 
@scrolls How do you know that their prices are increasing on March 1? Do  you know by how much? - trying to decide on whether I should pull the trigger on some boots : ) 
Its the same Cordovan, as in it is Horween Shell Cordovan. So the leather quality is the same and preference is only a matter opinion. The only difference is in the finish. Alden applies an acrylic finish which kinda gives their Cordovan a glossier sheen. I feel that Carmina's finish is closer in finish to C&J, generally not as glossy, so more satin.  In term of coloring the equivalent colors are slightly different. Alden's #8 is generally more of a dark eggplant tone...
That's because they are shaped on the Trubalance last, like most Indys. You probably prefer the tanker make ups on the Barrie last which in comparison has a rounder toe box.
Wow! those look great. Particularly with jeans. 
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