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@atia2 I couldn't agree with you more. I initially found the Speedy Pro to be unremarkable when viewed online, but very different on the wrist. The Reduced is a great value if you can make it work. My wrist is around 8" so I'm better suited with the 42mm version. 
I thought I would share what is my first "serious" watch. Until recently I had no interests in watches only owning a simple quartz Longines I occasional wore with suits. But after some recent professional good fortune, and wanting to buy something to commemorate my upcoming first born, I decided I would finally look into getting a suitable watch. Oh boy, I didn't realize what I was in for and fell head first into the rabbit hole. I considered among others - the IWC Mark...
Brown grain Jumper Boot shaped over the Soller last, a recent purchase from the Paris store.   Anyone know anything about this leather? It's different and a lot softer than the Country Calf I've seen on other models and own in C&J. Luis, from the Carmina store said that it was Germany and had undergone a process that involved steaming the leather.    
 I tried to put the Cognac Cordovan NST in my cart and was also thwarted. There was a note saying that the item was in production. I emailed Betty and she replied that they were out of Cognac Shell and the next shipment would go towards their long line of MTO orders what they may have left over they would put toward their stock models. 
They are about 4 years old. I would say that they were always very light for cigar and got a little darker with time. 
My "Lucky" Cigar LWB today!     
 Thanks Zippyh
Anyone know where I could try on a pair of Trickers in NYC? 
The creasing on the vamp looks a little loose. I've generally found, and I think that it's a general rule of thumb, that higher quality pieces of leather have a tighter crease to them. That could have contributed to the scratch. Also, how is the fit? If a boot is too large it will create more pronounced creases. 
 I like the Allen Edmonds edge dressing which come in an assortment of colors. Not only are the colors well varied but the felt tip applicator is narrow enough that it minimizing the chances that the dressing gets the upper when sloppily applied. I once had a ham handed shoe shiner ruin a pair of light colored boots by streaking edge dressing on the upper with a chunky Kiwi brand edge dressing. I think the cost is about $4 for the AE dressing.
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