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  I just read some reviews of Encre Noire on Basenotes, and it sounds great. I'll add it to my list of perfumes to try.
  If they all have a strong vanilla smell, I suppose I'm out of luck as far as leather scents go. Thanks for that bit of information.
  I'm assuming Armani original is not Armani Code? How do they differ?
  Thanks for the link. I've read through quite a few cologne threads here already, but thought I needed a more personalized thread. I'm very picky :)
  I have a sample of Bvlgari Black. I mostly smell vanilla, and I don't like vanilla scents.
Hi all,   I'm a 22 year old professional looking for a signature scent, mostly for evening/night. I've tried the following:   Green Irish Tweed Himalaya Bois du Portugal Terre D'Hermes Bvlgari Black   GIT is by far my favorite of these. I love the smell of leather, so I've been looking into Spanish Leather by Trumper and Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford. But I'm open to any kinds of suggestions.   I don't like vanilla scents though.   Please give a...
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