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  In what circumstances are you liable for the whole amount?   i.e. in the example above, you only have $1k in your account.  What happens if the dollar goes up 10c?
Looking at that picture makes me realise how much more I like spread and semi-spread collars at the moment.   Also, CT has a sale on shirts atm (don't they always?).  ctshirts.com/aust2   $39.50/ea   edit:  interesting, only works with .com, not .com.au
  It's not just realistic, it's pretty much a necessity.  It's basically impossible to survive on youth allowance alone, unless you're supported by other means.   Anyway, my earlier comment was probably a bit harsh.  I also agree politics should be left completely out of this thread.  My bad.   I also like clothes.  I took a girl out to dinner tonight, and the waiter showing us to our table stopped to compliment me on my shoes.  So there you go.    
  Are you incapable of understanding English?   There's a difference between the point you're trying to make, and someone being afforded an allowance because he falls within the relevant criteria.  Saying that he is 'entitled' to an allowance is perfectly acceptable, and doesn't imply anything other than that he falls within the eligibility criteria for doing so.   It's a moot point really, because it's his money and he can spend it however the fuck he wants.   I bet...
  I wear OCBDs all the time in court.  I'd probably even run a knit tie, although I don't have any yet.
Anyone have recommendations for decent quality t-shirts and polos with a slim cut?  
HC - a lot of your shirts are Cottonwork - have you tried their OCBD's?   This has probably already been covered about a billion times, if so - sorry.
  Yeah I have a pair of warm black lambskin gloves that I wear when I walk to and from work.  I pretty much wear them just about every weekday for 6 months of the year.
  Thanks.  Looks like they have a special for 30 quid on standard sizing unlined deerskin.  With lining comes to around $70 AUD inc P&H.   Now to choose between wool, cashmere, and rabbit fur lining; colours; and bespoke or non.  Making choices is such a pain.
On the subject of shaving, I signed up to dollar shave club recently and pick up their Executive Razors for $10 every two months.  The razors are pretty good.   http://au.dollarshaveclub.com/ref/index/r/5i0/10hg8mh/s/tx/cx/1/ (that's my referral link)   http://au.dollarshaveclub.com/ (clean link)   I find they're probably not quite as good as the Fusion, but a hell of a lot cheaper.   I know you can pick up 80 packs of Gillette Mach 3's on eBay for about...
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