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I have the SAB one in brown. i like it and find it far more convenient to pack and unpack than a regular toilet case. But bear in mind that once loaded with paste and toothbrush, deo and cologne, plus a comb and lotion, its dimensions more than double.
PM sent
There were at least a dozen EG Holborns in Rosewood Calf, different sizes. I saw at least 2-3 pais in the 11-12.5 range for use. There was anothr beautiful EG, antique brown brogue, don't know the name, a bargain, I suppose but a bit steep for my budget even with the huge sale, it was working out to $500 plus. Quite a few Barker Blacks (not my cuppa), and some black oxford brougues, with the Saks label, that I am guessing are Alfred Sargents but definitely looked nicer...
I happened to be in PIT for the G20 summit. Had an hour to kill between meetings and ducked into Saks for a lark. Headed to the mens department in the basement and what do I see but a shoe sale. 40 per cent off. I chose the beautiful EG Holborn derby in Rosewood Calf. Originally 845, marked down to $595, and I got 40 per cent off that plus another 15 per cent for staying at the Omni Hotel, and no tax for some reason. Net price: $304.42 for a shoe I had seen in London...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Buyer actually sent pics of soles bearing 12 G, however I can't totally be sure these are the same shoes I sent him. Either way, I think it's clear that I was not trying to defraud anyone as the buyer claims, thus the stiff neck on my part. I doubt the bugger went out and got a 12G shoe, for chrissake. Refund the shoes already!
Lovely shoes, alas wrong size.
I shipped a pair of Church's to NZ through USPS Priority Intl. Very reliable. If you don't ship the shoes in the original shoe box, most shoes with trees in them should fit in the flat rate Priority Intl box, which will be about 31$, if I'm not mistaken. If you pack the shoe box in a mailing box, you'll be charged by the weight and can expect to pay $40. Quote: Originally Posted by Albert60 Does anyone have any experience shipping from US to New...
Hey, I am checking in after a gap of 10 days find Ed Morel banned? How is that possible? He is a good guy. And I am not able to figure out what's going on.
US made, apparently when production shifted out of GFT Italy for a couple of years because of labour issues. Trousers are actually more 37 than 38. jacket fit at 22" is true 42.
Letting this go for closet space reasons but a great double-breasted wool suit by Christian Dior in gray. Asking $25 shipped. JACKET MEASUREMENTS: CHEST: (armpit to armpit across the front) 22" SLEEVES 25" SHOULDERS: (across the back) 19" LENGTH: (down the center of the back) 31" PANTS: Inseam: 31" (no extra) Waist: 38"
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