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Rapid City sz 13 D.  Came in the mail yesterday.  
Nice buy! How's the toe room in them?
My doctor said orthotics can be a temporary thing. Don't lose those old shoes. I find it very hard to fit my orthotic in shoes with a heel - some flat bottomed loafers have worked best. AE has a shoe made for orthotics you might look into.
Hi all! I've got a pair of rapid city's on order and was hoping people could post experiences and/or pictures of them in action. Tried the black hills for a day but they were a tad narrow. Hoping the different last will do the trick. Thanks.
You stretched them out. Maybe you could get a bigger pair. Or lose some thigh girth and give them a soak to let them return to original shape. Maybe a blue magic marker could do the trick - but if they fade and the marker remains it won't look too good.
$1500 for those....not for me. Thanks though.
Can anyone ID these boots?     Many Thanks.
Listed on eBay   The iconic Indy boot in super soft chromexcel Horween leather.  Sized 12.5 D which can fit a 12.5 to 13 sized foot.  They have seen very little use and still smell WONDERFUL.  Very well cared for and super clean.  See extensive photos.  They arrived from the factory with what seems to be a little double stitched area around the outside right welt.   I will...
I printed out the chart at 100% scaling and ended up with it being off size.  When checking the size of the printout, it was too small.  I imagine some people could omit this check and end up off a size or two.  Just a guess though.  I was also skeptical of the chart and would like to try some on in person before dropping that kind of dough with no returns.
CXL is very soft.  I have the Alden 403 lined boots and they have stretched quite a bit in the pinky toe and could go farther.  Maybe it's just me, but this kind of stretching doesn't look great.
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