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Hello! Need advice about the sizing of chino shorts from ASOS: I have 31" in jeans/chinos normally. What should I aim for, 30" or 32"? Regards, Max
Got compensation from gramstore and can pick one of the following shoes for free: Have big problems to decide what to take What would you choose?
Can anyone here tell me about the sizes for oxford shirts? I'm 5'10, always wear S in shirts (depends how tight they are around waist). What should I buy, their regular fit S or their slimfit S?
Hi! Can anyone here tell me how the sizes differ between these two shoes? I normally wear 43 except Converse (42)...wondering if size up or down? Or go between (42,5)? Thanks.
Folk NN07 CM Paul Smith!
My latest purchases Uniforms for the dedicated ~20EUR Uniforms for the dedicated ~50EUR Folk ~110EUR New balance ~50EUR Lyle Scott ~65EUR
Any1 here knows the difference between jeans that have 1% and 2% elastane?? Are the one having 1% elastane more stretchable than 2% or is it the opposite?
What do you think guys????
I want to buy paul smith musa sneaker but am very confused about the sizes. Of what I've read, the model runs bigger than true size. Is that correct? What should I buy if I wear EUR43 normally (UK9)???? Thanks
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