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 Return to find Tibor still in an elegant hat  Upr with still a perfectly laid out day of attire   Roy still standing in that corner 
Greetings gents, some great post a few pages back, my humble contribution   [[SPOILER]]   Suit:BrooksShirt:CreeryTie: Chancellor NeckwearBraces: Albert Thurston
One of those rare days when a friend took pictures of me       Jacket: Polo Shirt: Creery Custom Tie: Chancellor Neckwear Pants: Geoffrey Lewis PS: Paul Stuart
Hi Folks, Sorry for the semi poor image quality       Suit: BB Gateway Shirt: Creery Custom (now ledbury) Tie: Chancellor Neckwear
 Not sure about the OCBD thing, but I tend to prefer them without ties, but that's the not reason for my comment sir, that blue is stunning and I just love it
 Really like this suit, not so much a fan of the shirt with this look, think plain white would have been better
I really don't see the problem looks great!
Can't find the photo with the jacket, oh well   Shirt: Creery Custom Pants: Geoffrey Lewis Custom Tie: Chancellor Neckwear Braces: Albert Thurston
Bad photo, I promise my neckline isn't actually as wonky as the photo makes it appear. Suit:BB Shirt: Creery Tie: Chancellor Neckwear
So someone gave me a iPhone tripod so giving it a shot today. Great fits lately gents. Jacket: RLPL Shirt: Creery Custom (Now Ledbury Bespoke) Tie: Chancellor Neckwear Pants: Geoffrey Lewis Shoes unseen: Cleverley Bryan Boot
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