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Selling a beautiful and lightly used Polo Ralph Lauren Weekender Duffle Bag (Light wear on the corners) The color is a dark rich navy that is difficult to find Still has the original tag and authenticity card Comes with a long strap and luggage tag and holds quite a good amount of stuff for a few day trip  Originally Retailed for $1250
 I choose trial by combat
While I recognize that a lighter blue may be more correct, I think it generally looks worse on me, so I choose white as my base most often. The beauty of styleforum though is other peoples opinions and hearing them out.
The shirt is white, which I believe despite is inherently formal nature is a reasonable backdrop. A polka dot pocket square is pretty common I think
So I created a very small capsule wardrobe so the jackets may seem the same but trying to play with details         Details:   Shirt: Creery Custom Jacket: Polo Pants: Geoffrey Lewis Tie:Drakes Pocket: Polo Shoes: Gaziano
Well, first day back in law school
I usually wear this with a white square or navy pin dot for contrast, It just did't work with the tie, but a fair suggestion.Thanks, white it is!
 I would agree, although I actually kind of like the stark contrast in this case, I usually do use a Navy Grenadine. Cheers for the advice though!
Well I have'nt posted in awhile, a little bit of a country and city combination.  
Long time no see gents, law school is a busy business   Picked up this jacket from David Reeves so I figured I'd share    
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