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 The Armoury doesn't come easy my friend.  BJ4RJ
 That'd be a first for SuitSupply if that's the case, and the overcoats I did try on years ago in store definitely had functioning cuffs. 
 Simple, just close your eyes and open wide, baby girl.
 They have a lovely blue cashmere overcoat that would be killer - my only concern is the sleeve length. I'm a 24 (38S) and they only do 48 (38R). Choices choices. 
 Twinsies!  Apologies for the poor quality picture - took a quick morning selfie. Same suit. 
 More funny than moose knuckle is unintentional boners.  Certain members on here are very guilty of the ol' double-headed selfie, as it were. 
 So I got fitted up by Nelson at the Peninsula a few weeks back. 3 shirt minimum order, they make one as a trial - then you get a fitting, and more than 1 if you're in Hong Kong/you need it - and prices from their house fabrics were $200USD/shirt, but that inc shipping back to Australia.  Lovely service, great eye, would go back no hesitation. 
 So I stayed near there, and fogged up their windows for a few days and never went in.  How I regret it now.   I've spent three weeks on a drip to get back all the fluids I lost. 
Apologies to those in Claghorn's post - I had overlooked them - definitely try those linked there first. 
Jon,   I am no tailor, and no menswear expert - but I just wanted to post my kudos to you.   Your story is an inspirational one, and I sincerely hope you receive top-tier advice from those more knowledgeable than me.    If money is no object, and from what you have posted, it seems like this could be the case - I might suggest you contact any of the big name Savile Row tailors in London.    My logic is this:   - You need bespoke. This is clear.  - If you are...
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