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Oli, don't settle for MTM.    I see bespoke in your future.    Come on son, go full circle on us. I BELIEVE IN YOU. 
 UK 6, reporting in. Rain is the greatest last ever. 
 Yeah it's kinda high, and one of the things I'd love if they dropped in a good inch or so. But I wear the Havana casually - and mostly unbuttoned (again, casual environment) - so it's less of an issue.  The La Spalla has a 3-roll-2, and the middle button sits at a point I think is flattering on me. Much lower than the Havana.   RL Preston pants are great. $50 ea from the RL outlet.  High rise, good room in the thigh - but they need to be massively slimmed from the thighs...
 Waistband is sensual. Solid structure, but soft. Not stiff at all. Will be ordering more trousers soon I reckon. At $100-$150 for MTM trousers I'm like a fat kid in candy store. Going bananas, and praying I don't get diabetes. 
Cox - I was looking at that DB but I'm concerned it may come off as contrived at my age (24). Looks lovely though. What is the thigh allowance like on the Soho? It's the one cut I haven't tried yet.    I own Havana, Sienna, Napoli, Lazio and La Spalla/Jort in suiting as well as some SC's.    I think I have a problem, but I'm loving it regardless. 
Sorry to be 'that guy' who double posts:     Pants are Luxire's grey flannel @ ~129USD. I have bigger thighs than your entire family, so Luxire have nailed it, imo.    Flannel is thick - perfect for northern hemisphere winters - Melbourne gets cold but not cold enough to make these a staple for all of winter - but perfect for cold days. I'll consider another pair in a slightly darker, less thick flannel as good odd trousers. 
WIWT:     Jacket is SuitSupply Shirt is Uniqlo Pants are Luxire Shoes are Meermin   Should have gone maximum dandy and put in a pocket square, upon reflection. And get the sleeves taken up a quarter of an inch. 
  Order them now before you regret it. 
For those interested in the outlet proxy, I'll keep posting in this thread as things progress. 
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