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 This is a killer outfit Jason. You should rock this one day - it'd be good to see it on, not just static. 
 +9001 My HT briefcase is baller as. Pity I don't get to use it as much as I'd like. 
Jase those ties and printed scarves are fan-bloody-tastic.    Immensely tasteful as always dude. 
 One lady at a time, Pepe! Although many new ladies are always interesting! Looking forward to the Balmoral boot. Looks lovely!
 Luxire is taking real luxiries with my bandwidth here. 
 You're a real motherfucker, Garry.  I clicked that link and everything and nearly got fucking wood by the time I'd read your post.  Jesus christ you can't DO THAT TO ME MAN! *heavy breathing*
 Dammit so its fake :(
 You should link it so I can investigate this further, and make sure you don't get scammed. 
 It's the scientific discovery of the decade!We could call the rate of non-sweat-moisture transfer into the cedar 'Kirby's constant '. It's directional, and based upon magic.
New Posts  All Forums: