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 That's a ridiculously good price, and if I wasn't a 38 I'd be all over that like a rash. Get that from Rakuten? 
 Unless your Mrs also lifts, bro. 
 They must move a serious volume of units, given their rapid expansion. Never read any actual figures. They would be interesting though. 
Thanks all for the advice and comments - I'm used to academia and hospitals - so the dress code is ridiculous, at best!
Looks good Mr Jackson.   City-slicking-suit-wearing iGents - I have two queries for you.    Firstly, I've got a jacket which has developed a tear just south of the left shoulder - the jacket and pants are otherwise fine - but I need someone to basically patchwork a strip of fabric to mend the tear, or do some sort of invisible stitching. It's linen in navy and would be a good summer staple for when Melb gets ridiculously hot over summer and I'm stuck on a sweltering...
 If you know your size and last in Carmina and you find what they have up for sale attractive - I can't see the harm.    Also gents, I've scored a new gig, so expect to see more suit selfies like these, minus the dirty mirrors, hangovers, and maybe even some nice posing.   
 Yes yes please. 
 I'll be there in Xmas if it/you can wait? 
   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_AU/coats/blue-overcoat/J293.html?start=6&cgid=Coats Seems to be fairly functional to me? 
 The Armoury doesn't come easy my friend.  BJ4RJ
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