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 I was just about to post I wear Tobacco Vanille.  Maybe she got it from me? 
 Given The Armoury's prices, you're better off hitting up Ascot Chang, given they made the button downs for them.  It really shows the value of AC when you look at TA's OTR pricing. Sure that includes free alterations, but why not go straight to the source, especially if you're already an AC customer.  To be honest though, I don't think TA's mark up is overly excessive on some things. OB swimwear was ~$250; RJ suiting ~$1600 (inc alterations); Carminas at $500ish...
 These are beautiful and I am strongly considering doing the same. 
 Honestly, it's pretty nice - but I don't like single vents - and were I of a more ... advanced ... age, I'd rock that motherfucker with no qualms.  In short - kop away, boss. 
 Havana trousers are fuller, but are no means a full cut.  SC and SJ's fit differently - former is generally shorter, higher buttoning point, and more tapered around the waist. 
 Sorry I misspoke. I have both TF's TL and TV - my question was is there a private blend for each of these scents? Like JW Red cf JW black.
 Classic.   I don't understand how a scent like TV or TL can also have a private blend of the same scent and same name?
What does 100mL of Tobacco Vanille set you back in DJ's?  I scored 100mL of TV in San Fran and it was like $250 from NM? 
 That's a ridiculously good price, and if I wasn't a 38 I'd be all over that like a rash. Get that from Rakuten? 
 Unless your Mrs also lifts, bro. 
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