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 That sports coat. I must have it.  (or at least a link if you could be so kind!)
 You can have some of mine. 
 Agreed, looks killer.  Just ordered some flannel charcoal trousers. Melb winter gets fairly cold, so I'm looking forward to these. I too have trouble finding OTR trousers with an appropriate thigh allowance. I end up sizing up, and having the waist taken in, and the pants slimmed from the knee down for OTR - but with Luxire, they've done a brilliant job (twice so far) following my sizing to the letter, so I'm confident on my third order they'll do it again. 
 I'd prefer a Balmoral myself, but I could be keen.
 Where's the tie, Jase?!?!? 
 I associate Chelseas with pollies, and more frequently, women. Chelseas are huge among women, and the Chelsea boot looks too feminine for me.Hell, I was going to buy the mrs these tonight - http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=4156
 Eww.  Balmorals > Chelsea 
Gonna buck the trend and say Penny Loafer.    Can be worn with a suit of a casual nature, chinos, jeans, and for general loafing. Which I do a lot of.    Wearing a pair right now. Just lovely. 
TBM - any chance that wedding was a majority indian/lankan wedding?    Any chance the photographers were of an Indian/Lankan background? Probably small world but we could be thinking of the same event. 
 Which trousers are these? Are they the Jort trousers too?Lovely look, btw. 
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