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 More funny than moose knuckle is unintentional boners.  Certain members on here are very guilty of the ol' double-headed selfie, as it were. 
 So I got fitted up by Nelson at the Peninsula a few weeks back. 3 shirt minimum order, they make one as a trial - then you get a fitting, and more than 1 if you're in Hong Kong/you need it - and prices from their house fabrics were $200USD/shirt, but that inc shipping back to Australia.  Lovely service, great eye, would go back no hesitation. 
 So I stayed near there, and fogged up their windows for a few days and never went in.  How I regret it now.   I've spent three weeks on a drip to get back all the fluids I lost. 
Apologies to those in Claghorn's post - I had overlooked them - definitely try those linked there first. 
Jon,   I am no tailor, and no menswear expert - but I just wanted to post my kudos to you.   Your story is an inspirational one, and I sincerely hope you receive top-tier advice from those more knowledgeable than me.    If money is no object, and from what you have posted, it seems like this could be the case - I might suggest you contact any of the big name Savile Row tailors in London.    My logic is this:   - You need bespoke. This is clear.  - If you are...
 I wager you sent a jacket into @luxire and had them replicate it? Care to share the details of the whole process? Looks great - I'm definitely keen to pursue Luxire for sports coats and jackets if they are able to replicate this consistently. 
 I eagerly await footage of the first SF'er to tell George to lift his game. 
 Lets just say the man knows his inseams. 
 Patina is love, patina is life. Do not fear patina. Agreed with foxyboxy - Sam is da man. Had thighs taken out, legs slimmed, cuffs put on, working sleeves taken up, etc and he's good.  Just ironed my ascot chang shirts. Its all so real now.  Going to use the measurements and hit up Luxire too. 
 LOL!Nearly had a heart attack. There are some incriminating photos in that album! Thats from the ground floor of the Peninsula, in Hong Kong, where Ascot Chang have a showroom. Lovely stuff. Real ballers stay here. Ones with actual butlers. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgmmz20r0foovyo/DSC00475.JPG?dl=0 Try that instead. 
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