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 My pic wasn't? :S
 I can only agree
 http://www.waitbutwhy.com/2013/09/why-generation-y-yuppies-are-unhappy.html Great great article. JM - my fiancee is a final year JD student. Half her course are getting JD's (paid for by their employer) as a CV boosting exercise to help them reach management positions (because lord knows what makes a good boss is another Uni degree, not any form of competence!), and the other half actually *want* to practice law.  Also getting a LLB/JD from a second rate Uni with a law...
 Maybe it's this particular clan I'm marrying into, but the customs I described are exhibited by all.   Well if the wedding couple receive the gifts, and the father of the bride pays for it all ... hmm ... this could be quite a money spinner!  (I kid I kid!)  So I'm finding that with 100 guests there's about 20 friends, and about 80 family/'family' (see: odd scottish 'uncle and aunty' thing in previous post), and one or two places left for brown-nosing, if required in the...
 Youthful beyond your years!
 Fuck oath, I'll say! The other half has booked us in for a 'stationary consultation'. What the actual fuck. Bespoke invitations!Also, went to High Street Armadale to see some wedding registry company - they explained the business model to me, and I just rofl'ed the whole time. Near impossible to keep a straight face when the mark ups are so unashamedly blatant. Putting Wedding in front of your product name, and double the price. Maybe I should be a Wedding Consultant - my...
I'm getting married in late 2015, and my fiancee is crazily-well organised, right down to fonts for name cards, etc etc   $36k is huge, but I can see how the figure gets there though:   $150/head inc grog for 100 guests is $15k. Add in a good suit, a nice dress, accessories, and you're up $3k each for clothing ($21k thus far); throw in flowers (NFI but I know its lots), photographer ($2-$3k), transport, clothes for groomsmen/bridesmaids, wedding bands, etc, and you're...
Just ensure her father is a traditionalist and you'll never pay a cent.
 This makes so much sense now. I've been wearing my t shirts OVER my shirts all these years!
 I'm going to regret asking is.  But if you went ahead with this, what would be the cost? 
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