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 Probably the fact that Patrick was trained as a shirt maker? 
 Thanks broskis. I'm 5'7" nfi what weight, probably 75kg, and I take a 38S. Always appreciate another data point ;)  Awesome, cheers for the info. Looks like the Jort will be a good buy then!
 Thoughts on the Ryan&Leveson Development on Leveson Street, North Melbourne?  At least melb isn't as bad as Syd! 
 Dumb question - are shorts the same price as pants? Looks great. 
 Cheers for the review, much appreciated! I bought one of their 99USD shirts - not bad at all - not as good as Kamakura for the money, but this was very eurotrash - extreme cut away collar, lilac small gingham fabric.  Has anybody bought any of the Jort-line suits? I'm super curious about the thigh allowance - where does it sit on the scale of Sienna/Havana to the oddly-tight Napoli?  Also Monkeyface - mind me asking your height and weight, and if you sized up from your...
 +1 definitely nice gear but all in ridiculously big, or odd sizes. Pants with a 54 suit that are drop 10, etc SA's are very nice on the eye, and always worth having a quick browse at before gorging one's self at Rockpool or Spice Temple. 
 Yeah pity re; the knitwear, some of those cardigans are jumpers are great. Don't have a lot of need for belts, but cheers for the heads up. More bemoaning what damage could have been done to the old CC. 
 Man I need to get myself to Japan. Jesus. 
 Pity nothing in the outlet seems to be in stock? 
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