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Yo Pete - where do you get your glass bottles and atomisers from?  I have 100ml of TF's TV and I wanted to decant some of it, and use an atomiser - would be useful for travelling.    Feel free to PM met - I'm happy to buy one off you. 
Thanks for placing your order!   1x Brisbane Moss Maroon Cotton Cavalry Twill    1x Dugdale Flannel:         Medium Grey Twill    Nearly kopped the weekender in the herringbone - but what use do I have for it? I have a weekender already (not as nice). Luxire has done an amazing job on it though!
Thanks Gerry - I agree - I'd rapidly retied it for the photo - just got home and wanted to collapse! Wearing OB boardshorts sans shirt now. Corporate life is hard yakka. 
    Honestly, I was so close to wearing a white PS with this today, but couldn't summon the cojones to pull it off this Monday morning.    Suit and tie are both Suit Supply (La Spalla), shoes are Carmina from ol m8 Steve @ GentlemensFootwear, and shirt might be something like G&H or H&C or Austin Reed or something similar.    Cufflinks, which I should really take a picture of, were a birthday present from my fiance - solid silver, with a great timber inlay, made...
 Holy shit, talk about an anal raping. Australia Tax jesus.  Also Matt - not to bring it all up again - I haven't had a chance to respond as I've been busy at work - but would I feel strange/weird/off about working for someone who had their head so far up their arse they'd take an irrational disliking to someone based upon a piece of fabric stuffed in their pocket?  Yeah, honestly, I would, and it would be definitely harder to work with them/for them - but if they are...
    Back on topic, I guess?   Ring Jacket Ascot Chang Conrad Wu Baker (for Herring)
 Learning from the best, boss ;) 
I didn't mean to start a flame war over pocket squares. Who'd have thought that a thin sliver of fabric could cause such an outrage?    I would just say this though, Matt. We work in completely different fields. Petepan, RKLan, ajc2162, myself and others all work in either professional services, or consulting/law firms.    I understand you're a teacher (perhaps I have you confused with another member, if so I apologise) - which is to say that the environment you work...
 Ofc I think wearing a sublime white PS would probably complete the look better, but I definitely am balancing this against the perception of pushing the boundaries too soon. That isn't an illegitimate concern.  Sure it's easy enough to dismiss it (wear without care and all that jazz), but I'm not about to fly the flag of #menswear at risk of my job ...  Especially when my job is to sell my services, not a product, to clients. 
 Work is as conservative as it gets, nobody else wears one, I'm junior, don't want to push the envelope just yet. Give it a little while and a don draper PS may be the go. 
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