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 Thoughts on the Ryan&Leveson Development on Leveson Street, North Melbourne?  At least melb isn't as bad as Syd! 
 Dumb question - are shorts the same price as pants? Looks great. 
 Cheers for the review, much appreciated! I bought one of their 99USD shirts - not bad at all - not as good as Kamakura for the money, but this was very eurotrash - extreme cut away collar, lilac small gingham fabric.  Has anybody bought any of the Jort-line suits? I'm super curious about the thigh allowance - where does it sit on the scale of Sienna/Havana to the oddly-tight Napoli?  Also Monkeyface - mind me asking your height and weight, and if you sized up from your...
 +1 definitely nice gear but all in ridiculously big, or odd sizes. Pants with a 54 suit that are drop 10, etc SA's are very nice on the eye, and always worth having a quick browse at before gorging one's self at Rockpool or Spice Temple. 
 Yeah pity re; the knitwear, some of those cardigans are jumpers are great. Don't have a lot of need for belts, but cheers for the heads up. More bemoaning what damage could have been done to the old CC. 
 Man I need to get myself to Japan. Jesus. 
 Pity nothing in the outlet seems to be in stock? 
 Man the Green crust is definitely the best offering. What are you thinking of pairing it with? I'm thinking blues and browns, I think anything too light might be garish. Maybe charcoal? 
 Made more money off those than he ever did NWA albums. I've always seen Dre as the brains behind black rap - more of the producer and collaborator, less the stand alone artist. Probably smarter than the rest of NWA put together too :P
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