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 Honestly, it's pretty nice - but I don't like single vents - and were I of a more ... advanced ... age, I'd rock that motherfucker with no qualms.  In short - kop away, boss. 
 Havana trousers are fuller, but are no means a full cut.  SC and SJ's fit differently - former is generally shorter, higher buttoning point, and more tapered around the waist. 
 Sorry I misspoke. I have both TF's TL and TV - my question was is there a private blend for each of these scents? Like JW Red cf JW black.
 Classic.   I don't understand how a scent like TV or TL can also have a private blend of the same scent and same name?
What does 100mL of Tobacco Vanille set you back in DJ's?  I scored 100mL of TV in San Fran and it was like $250 from NM? 
 That's a ridiculously good price, and if I wasn't a 38 I'd be all over that like a rash. Get that from Rakuten? 
 Unless your Mrs also lifts, bro. 
 They must move a serious volume of units, given their rapid expansion. Never read any actual figures. They would be interesting though. 
Thanks all for the advice and comments - I'm used to academia and hospitals - so the dress code is ridiculous, at best!
Looks good Mr Jackson.   City-slicking-suit-wearing iGents - I have two queries for you.    Firstly, I've got a jacket which has developed a tear just south of the left shoulder - the jacket and pants are otherwise fine - but I need someone to basically patchwork a strip of fabric to mend the tear, or do some sort of invisible stitching. It's linen in navy and would be a good summer staple for when Melb gets ridiculously hot over summer and I'm stuck on a sweltering...
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