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WIWT:     Jacket is SuitSupply Shirt is Uniqlo Pants are Luxire Shoes are Meermin   Should have gone maximum dandy and put in a pocket square, upon reflection. And get the sleeves taken up a quarter of an inch. 
  Order them now before you regret it. 
For those interested in the outlet proxy, I'll keep posting in this thread as things progress. 
 If you have $5k saved then surely you can't afford a new car.  FWIW having driven in 911's, 458s, m6's, etc as nice as they are - and they are fucking lovely, don't get me wrong - without some sort of tax write off, or unless you're on big big dollars (in which case you wouldn't be posing the question in the first place, as you'd just buy it), they are waaaay down on my purchase list.  Give me that $400k towards a house before I put it towards a car. Spend enough on the...
 I prefer to fly to London but whatever ;)
 I couldn't conceive of a single worse way of spending your money. Seriously. 
^^   Beautiful trolling.    Compliments. 
 Roermond, about 90min by train from AMS, and 45min by car from DUS.  I may be in the UK in the very near future, and would consider flying over the outlet and proxying up a storm. Were I to do this, I'd charge purchase price + shipping to you + small mark up to cover my expenses while I'm there.  If there's enough people interested, I'd be happy to spend a day or two there enabling this. 
 Allofmyboners.png Might just have to jump on board too. Especially on the Rain last omfg so good. 
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