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...I think I love you man.
Best dry cleaner in Manhattan, ideally upper east side - and who does the best jacket repairs in Manhattan? I've got a slight tear on the rear right shoulder of a jacket which I'd love to have repaired. I have spare fabric as well if patching is required.    Thanks NYC iGents! 
FS: Vintage rare hand signed HC note**May be a reproduction due to the thirst on my shoulders
rimowa or victorinoxLatter is cheaper and comes with lifetime warranty, tracking, etc.Heading to NYC on Tuesday, and my victorinox has lasted me through snow and monsoons.Rimowa I'd probably kop if I was balling harder.TV is an amazing scent btw; good score cox.Happy to mule for people btw, when I'm stateside. Have more than my body's weight in luggage, so ...
 I own 3 AC shirts and I cannot agree more. 
 Feel for this nigga.  I'm in NYC on the 17th! Was planning on ushering in the kopocalypse while drowning in free TF decants.  Now it looks like I'll be sobbing into a 14 course meal at Eleven Madison Park and dreaming what could have been.  In all seriousness, I'm so glad I pre-paid so much shit when the dollar was closer to parity. Flights, accom, sightseeing, etc.  On the koppage front - falling AUD aside - scored some Chester Jefferies gloves in Black Deerskin and...
 Cheers - I bought a 5ml atomiser in metal - silver - minimalist - $5 shipped from QLD; here by friday. Too easy :D
Yo Pete - where do you get your glass bottles and atomisers from?  I have 100ml of TF's TV and I wanted to decant some of it, and use an atomiser - would be useful for travelling.    Feel free to PM met - I'm happy to buy one off you. 
Thanks for placing your order!   1x Brisbane Moss Maroon Cotton Cavalry Twill    1x Dugdale Flannel:         Medium Grey Twill    Nearly kopped the weekender in the herringbone - but what use do I have for it? I have a weekender already (not as nice). Luxire has done an amazing job on it though!
Thanks Gerry - I agree - I'd rapidly retied it for the photo - just got home and wanted to collapse! Wearing OB boardshorts sans shirt now. Corporate life is hard yakka. 
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