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 If you're a fairly 'normal' size you could order from SS and it'll be here by Monday at the latest. 
 Exactly my thoughts!Next time.  Nah not going tomorrow - spending tomorrow writing up applications. Anybody keen to hire a quasi-consultant/analyst with a background in healthcare research? You'd be saving me writing up a CV :P
 RMWs and jawnz + a camera + flanked by two middle aged buff asian guys both rocking DSLRs? I walked past you then as well! I thought you were the same dude from before. I walked past you with the fiancee - she had a floral dress and green tights, I had a navy patch pocket sportscoat, loafers and tealish chinos. 
Was Garry at the NGV today in RMW's, jawnz, overcoat, scarf, hat, accompanied by a lovely blonde with blue flowers at around midday today?   I was at the Mid Century Design exhibit mentally masturbating over minimalism. Was going to stop and say hi before the enormity of the consequences of it not being you hit me like a tonne of bricks. 
 As someone with a fat arse and large thighs, I'd recommend just jumping in. I'm on my third pair now - looking to order another pair or two this weekend. I can PM you pics if you want? I did for iSurg, and I think that helped convince him!
 To clarify this is the Australian price, and fittings are every few weeks?Jesus I'm sorely tempted. EDIT: I see trunk shows happen outside of Syd every so often. Still keen. 
 Ya my bad, I originally wanted bals but settled for derbies.  Yeah I couldn't remember exactly either, hence the post. It's bloody freezing in Australia, and this is perfect boot weather atm. 
Yo Steve,   The pebblegrain brown bal boots in the Rain last - any news on these?    Cheers!
Conrad, what time does this end? Super keen, but want to get the time zones right - can't order at work unfortunately. 
SS doesn't really operate this way.  Australia buys up a lot of the SS market (proportional to population size), and we operate on opposite seasons to you. Coupled with their physical outlet store in Roermond; unless they rebuild their online outlet store, I'd be surprised to see sales. 
New Posts  All Forums: