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  Uhh probably? Seems odd. Waist size of their trousers or the jacket? 
 We are more than just friends, lover-boy.
  Nah but for real post up pics, my bro is roughly the same dimensions as you. 
 Oh I see the legal concerns, but as Nabil has said, I'm sure there's indemnity insurance that will cover it. Definitely the business isn't risk free, that's for sure!  I haven't noticed many practices that are paperless - in my experience the paperless practices are the exception, rather than the rule. My first gig out of highschool was an optical dispenser. At the practice we had an entire room that would have served brilliantly as an examination room - stacked high with...
 Digitizing patient records, man, that's the future.  Especially in private practices where the secretary has the 270000" Mac which only runs outlook, and the demand to be 'paperless' is so high.  If you offered a service where you came in overnight, scanned all the records and had them input into Genie or something similar you'd make a killing. Would be cheap as chips to set up too. 
All your notes with your ties say that to me!  Henry 'Big Love' Carter
  Top lel, fxh, Always a pleasure to read your posts. Did scoff heartily. 
Only when I'm smashing it out solo in the shower.
Dope knits, Mr Wu.  Eagerly awaiting the neckties. Will you consider bringing back knits with a pointed end? Your previous knits are baller as fuck, and makes the bitches swoon.
Will Sam shorten sleeves with working cuffs from the sleeve? My tailor just flat out refuses. Tells me not to buy working cuffs (I only want 0.5" from the sleeve!). They are brilliant for everything else, though.     Also is it Sam & Feys Tailor Alterations?
New Posts  All Forums: