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 Assuming the Australia Tax doesn't destroy the value proposition, Eidos Napoli are fantastic. Looking forward to it. 
Hi gents, Was going to buy this on the SF marketplace but thought I'd give Aus Members the first pick: 38S Suit Supply Linen SC - $150 No alterations, vents and pockets still closed. Slight structured shoulder - not unstructured like their havana...
What's the HB discounts make Carminas out to be? Could maybe go a another pair of carminas
As a rule I say girl-folk are not to be trusted.Which is why I never kiss them on the mouth
European sizes are uk sizes +10Then, if you're a short, you half it.If you're a long, you double it.Eg 38s = (38+10)/2 = 24Hope this helps!
Just tragic, mate. very sorry for your loss. Please feel free to reach out if you need anything.
i will flood your inbox and you won't know rest when I am through, my friend
Your post may or may not have just given me a boner.
^^ good pick up PS! Can anybody confirm that this is indeed a 3-r-2 and Bloomingdales doesn't understand?
It's still 2014 for another 6 hours here in Sin City so depending on how well my luck holds it could be Isaia for days.Cmon free drinks, topless servers and lucky cards. Papa need a pair of new shoes!
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