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cmon son there is some reading comprehension you just missed
My future FiL finally took my advice and went on down to Double Monk.   Just casually kopped 3 pairs of John Lobb.    He showed me and I nearly had a heart attack.   Next thing he's online kopping Albert Thurston braces, and shoecare from The Hanger Project.    Annual menswear budget he plows through in seconds. I'm still in shock.
Those who expressed interest early in the ring jacket patch pocket jacket - If you could let me know ASAP please as I've got other buyers trying to maintain their erections over it and I'm concerned we may get past the point of no return.
          Thanks for all the interest gents. In the interest of full disclosure, PetePan and ruzzi have also PM'ed me with interest.  Unfortunately I won't be going to any backyard chop-shops operated by fxh. Especially not after last time JM - yeah it's funny - TA say they took the 184 and widened the shoulders a tad - this sportscoat the 246 model - and looking at the RJ sizing guides this is definitely closer to a 36 in the 184/AMJ01 model. Pics are as below: Happy to...
Gents, I have a size 38r ring jacket casual jacket. Triple patch pockets, dual vents, completely unstructured in a lovely (potentially cashmere blended in there) e.thomas charcoal/blue check. Very sublime. It's too small for me in the shoulders/chest which is frustrating because I'm a 38 in the armoury ring jacket cut suit - but looking back at these dimensions I should have sized up. Would fit a 36 and slim 38 - I paid ~$400 landed. Will let it go for $300 inc...
Gents sorry for my lack of posting. Foxy has had stern words. I'm keen to spend my small bonus on some menswear and have a few Q's: Jase - what's your minimum number of MTO ties or pocket squares? Others - who has had a tux made from PJ's? Is direct from Carmina still the cheapest? Xoxo
^^ Kamakura, baby Don't fuck around with the U.S. Store - keep your hit pure from the Japanese store. ~$60-$80. I can post pics if it helps?
Sydney iGents - has anyone had any dealings with invisible mending? Apparently one of the only (if not the only) reweaver in Australia? Sent a jacket off a few weeks ago - perfect communication beforehand - nothing since sending it. Tried calling a few times. Emailing once a week. Nothing
Hi all,   Bought these, had them hemmed, realised that I should have sized up for the thigh allowance (I have big thighs!) and had the waist taken in. Held them for a few months thinking maybe I'll magically loose inches off my thighs ....   But alas, it wasn't to be. Bought a MTM pair from Luxire to replace these, so out they go.   Classic menswear item - the grey flannel trouser! Pictures show the tag details. I had them hemmed to my inseam ~70cm.   Pickup in...
iGents rejoice!   Up for sale today is a pair of brown suede uk6 meermin penny loafers.    Worn probably half a dozen times until I realised my feet are smaller than I thought and I should have half sized down. My loss, your gain.   Asking $100AUD - these are at least $200AUD shipped to Australia, so I think that's a fair price for as new shoes. I've taken heel photos so you can see the very limited extent of the wear.    Pickup available from Melbourne CBD,...
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