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 Fuck me that's nice, dude.  Is AC ~$250 a pop? 
 Hospital or community? Owner or employee?These questions change everything. 
 While I agree, when I was starting out, the mantra was buy two pairs and rotate. So Meermin would be best suited for that.  Owning both Carmina and Meermin, I have to say the LM Meermin are pretty bloody good - but they are getting closer to the Carmina pricepoint. 
 Its more sizing for thighs I find on SS.  Waist fits fine on their 34's, but the thighs could be let out another inch, and same goes for dat ass. 
 The original dandy, right here folks!
My understanding is that the SS physical outlet is the beez kneez as it were. 
 +1 Shoulders back son, stand to attention when your superior officer is talking to you. 
 Rofl. Hey kids lets take harm minimisation to such an extreme we are going to put fucking bubble wrap on kitchen knives. Or, you know, we could always let consenting adults make decisions about how they treat their bodies and give people some independence instead of coddling them like they are a new born. 
New Posts  All Forums: