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Luxire flannel trousers here on Thursday. These would make it my third pair of Luxire trousers - can't wait!
 You can hand your ID in at reception then. You never go full retard. 
 fxh have you ever considered penning your thoughts into a book like FuckYeahMenswear did?  Every post is chuckle/10.  No homo. (okay maybe some bromo)
 If I didn't already have a pair of black captoes I'd be all over this like a rash. Best of luck with the sale; that's a great price. Rain is such a good last. 
 Careful son, that's a sure fire way to get a yeast infection. 
 Oh wait, that could have been a shot from the Fast Show, not Father Ted. My bad. Getting my UK sitcoms all mixed up. 
 Drink?... DRINK!
It's lovely!Any chance you could get the cloth details, if it isn't too much hassle?  I'd love that in unstructured shoulders, patch pockets, would just be killer. 
 That sports coat. I must have it.  (or at least a link if you could be so kind!)
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