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 As someone with a fat arse and large thighs, I'd recommend just jumping in. I'm on my third pair now - looking to order another pair or two this weekend. I can PM you pics if you want? I did for iSurg, and I think that helped convince him!
 To clarify this is the Australian price, and fittings are every few weeks?Jesus I'm sorely tempted. EDIT: I see trunk shows happen outside of Syd every so often. Still keen. 
 Ya my bad, I originally wanted bals but settled for derbies.  Yeah I couldn't remember exactly either, hence the post. It's bloody freezing in Australia, and this is perfect boot weather atm. 
Yo Steve,   The pebblegrain brown bal boots in the Rain last - any news on these?    Cheers!
Conrad, what time does this end? Super keen, but want to get the time zones right - can't order at work unfortunately. 
SS doesn't really operate this way.  Australia buys up a lot of the SS market (proportional to population size), and we operate on opposite seasons to you. Coupled with their physical outlet store in Roermond; unless they rebuild their online outlet store, I'd be surprised to see sales. 
 When you order >$1000, SS cover the import duty.  Is it sad that I've ordered enough >$1,000 SS orders that I know this?  Stichy - you'd want to look at Havana/Lazio/Sienna for pants - ignore Napoli/Washington - no thigh allowance. 
 Cheers brudda.  I've hopefully got my bro to do some outlet recon work for me in the next few weeks - so I'd appreciate knowing what their 24/38S stock levels are like. 
Anything in a 24/38S please. Except Napoli.
Yo Cox - you on QF415 this morning, rocking a moleskin green vest and gold/yellow tie? Sup brah, I'm three rows back decked out in linen.
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