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 Yeah I don't bother with Napoli at all for this reason. Stick to Lazio/Sienna/La Spalla for CBD and Havana/Washington for casual. 
 It's ideal too - gives the shirt a small amount of movement as your waist size varies throughout the day. Having shirts without it annoys me. 
 Wasn't aware they were in the franchising business. Very interesting indeed.  When I was in their flagship store 2 years back they said they were keen, but needed to set up a distribution centre in asia first - and Australia would come after the HK/Chinese/Japanese market. Very cool though!
 It's more flirtatious and sexual.  Hiro is a wise Japanese engine. Source: http://ttte.wikia.com/wiki/Hiro
 Amen to that man. Scored two great sports coats (made in spain) for $100 ea.   Given their business model I doubt this; they'd be competing with themselves. 
  Naturally. I have a closet full of the fuckers, and I'm eyeing off more now. 
 Indeed it was, and still is.  The only trousers/shoes/socks combo pic I have is below.  Sorry in advance for being a prat.   But the brown suit goes well with navy socks, black captoes - the brown has a blue PoW check through it, so it isn't as in your face as a chocolate brown would be. I see chocolate brown suits as very "italian" for want of a better term. 
 They nailed the fit for me on the first go - in fact I have the Luxire page open now umming and ahhing over what style I should get a dark brown linen pair in. Thinking high rise, 2" cuffs, button fly, etc etc
 My pic wasn't? :S
 I can only agree
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