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 Holy fuck!And I thought the McBeatdown video was funny. This is gold. 
 My favourite jokes are the ones that come with an addenum explaining them ;)
 Hi, Just wondering what tailoring background your advisors have?  Just so I'm clear on the business model; -advisor comes to you-they measure you up-suit is handmade in sydney (?)-you receive suit within a few weeks Am I correct in thinking this, or am I missing a stage here? 
 So I made the mistake of having my @student account redirect to my work account, once I started working here.  Big mistake. Double the promo emails!
 Hi mate, I work on campus at Melb Uni, and my fiancee is in grad school too. Law, not geology, unfortunately!You're on the right track - North Melbourne is ideal. Parkville and Carlton are nice - both within very easy biking distance of the markets - but more expensive because they are closer to uni and a little more hip. But north melbourne is very cool, and has a great vibe. Still has a bit of that kinda factory/downtown feel to it, compared to other suburbs, which...
                                  MUSEUM CALF MTO PARTICIPANTS!           To be shipped in the next 24 hours to make that beautiful xmas deadline.    Will have finished pictures up soon too - got these 20 minutes ago from my main main Pepe.    Excitement level:     Cheers! Alex
 Damn girl, she squats. 
 I read this in Patrick Bateman's voice and fucking lost it. So fitting!
 Fair enough.  Dollar for dollar though, second hand is where it's at.  Picked up an '73 cherry red strat for the old man - sounds amazing - some minor cosmetic flaws (finish has worn away in some spots) - $1600.  Got given a '89 strat for my 21st. Would have sworn it was brand new. NFI on cost, but it wouldn't have been stupidly priced.  Bought my fiancee a Yamaha '71 FG-300 for xmas two years back. Holy shit balls, it makes such an amazing sound. Perfect nick, too. That...
 Do you even Carlton Music Swap Shop, bro? 
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