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 Agreed, looks killer.  Just ordered some flannel charcoal trousers. Melb winter gets fairly cold, so I'm looking forward to these. I too have trouble finding OTR trousers with an appropriate thigh allowance. I end up sizing up, and having the waist taken in, and the pants slimmed from the knee down for OTR - but with Luxire, they've done a brilliant job (twice so far) following my sizing to the letter, so I'm confident on my third order they'll do it again. 
 I'd prefer a Balmoral myself, but I could be keen.
 Where's the tie, Jase?!?!? 
 I associate Chelseas with pollies, and more frequently, women. Chelseas are huge among women, and the Chelsea boot looks too feminine for me.Hell, I was going to buy the mrs these tonight - http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=4156
 Eww.  Balmorals > Chelsea 
Gonna buck the trend and say Penny Loafer.    Can be worn with a suit of a casual nature, chinos, jeans, and for general loafing. Which I do a lot of.    Wearing a pair right now. Just lovely. 
TBM - any chance that wedding was a majority indian/lankan wedding?    Any chance the photographers were of an Indian/Lankan background? Probably small world but we could be thinking of the same event. 
 Which trousers are these? Are they the Jort trousers too?Lovely look, btw. 
 This is a killer outfit Jason. You should rock this one day - it'd be good to see it on, not just static. 
 +9001 My HT briefcase is baller as. Pity I don't get to use it as much as I'd like. 
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