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 When you order >$1000, SS cover the import duty.  Is it sad that I've ordered enough >$1,000 SS orders that I know this?  Stichy - you'd want to look at Havana/Lazio/Sienna for pants - ignore Napoli/Washington - no thigh allowance. 
 Cheers brudda.  I've hopefully got my bro to do some outlet recon work for me in the next few weeks - so I'd appreciate knowing what their 24/38S stock levels are like. 
Anything in a 24/38S please. Except Napoli.
Yo Cox - you on QF415 this morning, rocking a moleskin green vest and gold/yellow tie? Sup brah, I'm three rows back decked out in linen.
 Legitimately, best Ted talks video. Very very clever guy.  Next one would be the visualising stats one, and then the less is more micro apartment one. 
 Agreed, the formalities seem to clash.  Itching to get my 4th pair of Luxire trousers! So many options!
Don't know how you guys are struggling shining your shooz   I brush, renovatuer, let dry for like 10-15min, brush hard, dampen a cloth, half a pea-sized polish and a spray of water, rub it in circles, and then repeat until mirror. Easy. 
 Britney, I can feel your sadnessThe world is filled with madnessAnd everybody takes it out on youAnd there's nothing you can doBut girl I want you to knowthat I'm not one of those,Because I don't care what they all sayI'd still have sex with you any day.Any dayBritney, nobody really knows youYet, they all think they can judge youAlthough I'm not a fan of your musicThe way they treat you girl, it makes me sickJust know that I can hear your criesAnd I still love to get...
 Probably the fact that Patrick was trained as a shirt maker? 
 Thanks broskis. I'm 5'7" nfi what weight, probably 75kg, and I take a 38S. Always appreciate another data point ;)  Awesome, cheers for the info. Looks like the Jort will be a good buy then!
New Posts  All Forums: