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 Allofmyboners.png Might just have to jump on board too. Especially on the Rain last omfg so good. 
 Hi Romp, I'll shoot you a PM now rather than clog up the thread. Cheers!
 I should add, I have no aversion to getting PJ's to do it - but I can see the MTM process being potentially difficult if the jacket would have to be shipped back to italy between stages? Or is this the norm? 
So I kopped some lovely jacketing from huddersfield cloth's promo, and am after someone who can do MTM sportscoat with it. I know PJ's offer CMT, and I have a rough price guide in mind - but is there anyone else who I can drop my cloth off to in Melb/Australia?    Or am I best pursuing GY in HK or something similar?    Halp plox
Luxire flannel trousers here on Thursday. These would make it my third pair of Luxire trousers - can't wait!
 You can hand your ID in at reception then. You never go full retard. 
 fxh have you ever considered penning your thoughts into a book like FuckYeahMenswear did?  Every post is chuckle/10.  No homo. (okay maybe some bromo)
 If I didn't already have a pair of black captoes I'd be all over this like a rash. Best of luck with the sale; that's a great price. Rain is such a good last. 
 Careful son, that's a sure fire way to get a yeast infection. 
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