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For those interested in teh navy double breasted number from SS, with the blue herringbone cloth, here is an in the wild shot - I bought it from the NYC store over xmas - didn't have a coat, and it served me well throughout the cold in NY and Vegas.  
 I live downunder, no duty unless order >$1000
 Motherfuckers. Jshoppers here we come. 
Happy friday dickheads (jk you know I love you all) Guess what has made this day magical? I'm at home with the flu popping pills like coxy pops tags and I'm (tragically) surfing the suitsupply website.  And guess what? SUIT SUPPLY NOW CHARGES IN AUD AGAIN! MFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   [[SPOILER]]
Spex you can get the japanese Kamakura to send directly to you - skip the freight forwarding step all together. 
Gents pre orders are up and holy fuck SS have knocked it out of the park this season. Fuck yeah so much good stuff!
Keen on the 38S 2PC grey glen plaid. Will PM you for more info. 
That tumblr is amazing. 
Gents, I'm taking the plunge. Who should pop my PJT cherry? Is Tom still in Melb and doing fittings? Gerry you're a nice guy, who do you go with?
Giving a shout out to The Ernesto. Pretty cool guy who isn't afraid of anything. 10/10 would meet again, especially for quick cashies aye
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