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 If you know your size and last in Carmina and you find what they have up for sale attractive - I can't see the harm.    Also gents, I've scored a new gig, so expect to see more suit selfies like these, minus the dirty mirrors, hangovers, and maybe even some nice posing.   
 Yes yes please. 
 I'll be there in Xmas if it/you can wait? 
   http://eu.suitsupply.com/en_AU/coats/blue-overcoat/J293.html?start=6&cgid=Coats Seems to be fairly functional to me? 
 The Armoury doesn't come easy my friend.  BJ4RJ
 That'd be a first for SuitSupply if that's the case, and the overcoats I did try on years ago in store definitely had functioning cuffs. 
 Simple, just close your eyes and open wide, baby girl.
 They have a lovely blue cashmere overcoat that would be killer - my only concern is the sleeve length. I'm a 24 (38S) and they only do 48 (38R). Choices choices. 
 Twinsies!  Apologies for the poor quality picture - took a quick morning selfie. Same suit. 
 More funny than moose knuckle is unintentional boners.  Certain members on here are very guilty of the ol' double-headed selfie, as it were. 
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