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Tbh when my MJA article got airtime, the conversation were the only ones of all the major news outlets, including rupert's rag that actually explained the article accurately.Sure it has a lot of shit in it - but just skip the non-research and non-politics sections.
 Tell that to my victims patients 
 Amateur female proctologist, reporting in.  
  10/10, would lol again
As someone who never truly 'got' watches, until trying on a Nomos a few years ago, I now fully understand the obsession.    Go for gold, Nabil, and don't listen to Oli and his pleb-tier suggestions. Ball hard. 
Gents, my Rain brown pebblegrain boots arrived that Steve has posted pictures of previously.    H O L Y F U C K   Amazing. Comfortable on first wear. Just lovely all over. Steve is the man!
 Phwoar.  I'm in HK on the 16th of September, this could get interesting.  Anybody know if they'll do a fitting while I'm there, and then when they are in melbourne for a trunk show, I can get them to do the next fitting? 
 Fuck me that's nice, dude.  Is AC ~$250 a pop? 
 Hospital or community? Owner or employee?These questions change everything. 
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