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Geez iSurg you *really* liked my luxire linen trousers! Also gents - PJ tux is in my hot little hands. Omgeeee
I'd wager the the repair will be more than the cost of the watch. Calling it now.
 Jshoppers - they came recommended through Rakuten - and my lovely mistress, Google.  If you have your browser prefill for you, the ecommerce sections are standardised across english and japanese websites (I believe it is relatively global industry standard), so that takes out some of the guesswork - otherwise, throw the terms into Google Translate. 
 Yes but the plebs will not notice the difference, and the fact that you are wearing a well fitting suit will put you leagues ahead of your peers. 
 I don't understand this mentality. It's not like I don't already have a Japanese freight forwarding account. The material difference in blocking international sales is an international shipping address becomes a domestic shipping address. 
^^ Kama Kama Kama kamkaura It comes and goes, it comes and goooooooeeeessss
Gents I may have become a PJ's convert. Got fitted by Wei on Tuesday. Super knowledgeable bloke - he coordinates and goes on their Australian trunk shows - and we talked a lot of shit - before deciding on a single button navy tuxedo with black peak grosgrain lapels with hand stitching on the lapel. Started with a more structured jacket then threw caution to the wind and landed on a unstructured jacket (still had canvas - they had a fully unstructured option - no canvas or...
For those interested in teh navy double breasted number from SS, with the blue herringbone cloth, here is an in the wild shot - I bought it from the NYC store over xmas - didn't have a coat, and it served me well throughout the cold in NY and Vegas.  
 I live downunder, no duty unless order >$1000
 Motherfuckers. Jshoppers here we come. 
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