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 Ya my bad, I originally wanted bals but settled for derbies.  Yeah I couldn't remember exactly either, hence the post. It's bloody freezing in Australia, and this is perfect boot weather atm. 
Yo Steve,   The pebblegrain brown bal boots in the Rain last - any news on these?    Cheers!
Conrad, what time does this end? Super keen, but want to get the time zones right - can't order at work unfortunately. 
SS doesn't really operate this way.  Australia buys up a lot of the SS market (proportional to population size), and we operate on opposite seasons to you. Coupled with their physical outlet store in Roermond; unless they rebuild their online outlet store, I'd be surprised to see sales. 
 When you order >$1000, SS cover the import duty.  Is it sad that I've ordered enough >$1,000 SS orders that I know this?  Stichy - you'd want to look at Havana/Lazio/Sienna for pants - ignore Napoli/Washington - no thigh allowance. 
 Cheers brudda.  I've hopefully got my bro to do some outlet recon work for me in the next few weeks - so I'd appreciate knowing what their 24/38S stock levels are like. 
Anything in a 24/38S please. Except Napoli.
Yo Cox - you on QF415 this morning, rocking a moleskin green vest and gold/yellow tie? Sup brah, I'm three rows back decked out in linen.
 Legitimately, best Ted talks video. Very very clever guy.  Next one would be the visualising stats one, and then the less is more micro apartment one. 
 Agreed, the formalities seem to clash.  Itching to get my 4th pair of Luxire trousers! So many options!
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