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Blazers and sportscoats - all in very good condition! Sizes range from 38-48 ( North American sizes) All come from a men's store in LA and have been previously worn.   LIQUIDATING AT VERY GOOD PRICES! Also have cheap fixed price shipping :)   Very nice and recent jackets from: Luciano Barbera Burberry Ermenegildo Zegna Vestimenta Versace Oxxford     Guaranteed authentic and guaranteed in very good condition.etc etc     Ebay user ID:...
No comment on the mesh/bow party but more and more I am very interested in the 1"+ too short sleeve and pant leg. However if either one is too tight it loses the class, in my opinion.
Looking for Levi's experts! Just wondered if anyone has ever seen this pattern or tag by Levi's. It smells like a fake to me but I love it so much I'm hoping... Thanks!        
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