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Worn once, not my style now offering them up for sale.   UK8F   With box and bags, no trees.   Any questions just ask 
BNIB Size 42.5   Double sole tapering to single.   Any questions
Make the most of Brexit, capitalise on the falling value of the £££.   These have been worn once and decided they weren't really to my taste, now offered for sale with Box and trees.    Size 42.5 Metal toe taps Half top sole
THE SAGANS ARE LIGHTWEIGHT SLIP-ON SHOES FOR THE HOME, TRAVEL AND CELEBRATIONS "Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still." Carl Sagan The design of the Sagan was inspired by a story told by Philippe Noiret of an Armenian travelling actor who would only carry a string bag around the world, with him only one pair of shoes ; the same pair to travel, entice at receptions, and stride around the cities of Europe. Named after Carl Sagan...
@luxire apologies if this has been covered before, but is there any chance you can source terry 'towelling' material (http://www.orlebarbrown.co.uk/men/polos/terry/white)   Would be great to stock this in time for the summer!
300 currently!
Just received these in the post today, beautiful shoes although too tight in the toe box for me - if anyone missed these in an 8E then PM me, otherwise up on B&S in the next few days. Sorry for the awful photo!  
Mint condition -worked out they weren't going to fit before they even arrived! My loss is your gain, see photos for details, RRP is in excess of 1000USD for these...   Any questions just ask!
[[SPOILER]] Wow - what an impact being highlighted in here can have - 24 hours later...
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