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Just received these in the post today, beautiful shoes although too tight in the toe box for me - if anyone missed these in an 8E then PM me, otherwise up on B&S in the next few days. Sorry for the awful photo!  
Mint condition -worked out they weren't going to fit before they even arrived! My loss is your gain, see photos for details, RRP is in excess of 1000USD for these...   Any questions just ask!
[[SPOILER]] Wow - what an impact being highlighted in here can have - 24 hours later...
As with all my Vass classifieds, price is 450USD including shipping and trees/bags, always BNIB and immaculate condition.   Any questions just ask, first to pay will get them!  
Beautiful pair of shoes, tried on in store. Sold with box/bags and trees   Any questions just ask
Up for sale is beautiful pair of Vass Old English II oxfords - they are in their 'red' brown suede, a classic brown suede with a red(ish) undertone - the nicest suede I have seen from Vass!   Price will include shipping worldwide and also the shoe trees, these are brand new and unworn shoes. They won't last long at this price.   Any questions just ask, first the pay gets them!
Up for sale is a BNWT Casentino overcoat I had CMT'd by Luxire, it is really well constructed as per the photos, working cuffs and an inverted pleat on the rear. I just cannot see myself wearing it frequently enough to justify keeping it in my closet!   Listing for a fraction of the total price it cost me!   Half hip measurement: - 22.25" Sleeve: out seam 24” Chest (2” below chest) : - 22.5" Flat Waist:   41.00" Bottom: 45" Yoke:  18 1/4" Bicep:  17.00" Armhole:...
Great price - would be mine if they were half a size smaller!
Anyone interested in doing this uetam burgundy suede loafer as a GMTO?  
Looks like I'm the first one to get the polo suede U wing GMTO (or photograph it) - worn today for the first time in the London sun, really love the colour and has a nice reddish undertone  
New Posts  All Forums: