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Up for sale is a BNWT Casentino overcoat I had CMT'd by Luxire, it is really well constructed as per the photos, working cuffs and an inverted pleat on the rear. I just cannot see myself wearing it frequently enough to justify keeping it in my closet!   Listing for a fraction of the total price it cost me!   Half hip measurement: - 22.25" Sleeve: out seam 24” Chest (2” below chest) : - 22.5" Flat Waist:   41.00" Bottom: 45" Yoke:  18 1/4" Bicep:  17.00" Armhole:...
Great price - would be mine if they were half a size smaller!
Anyone interested in doing this uetam burgundy suede loafer as a GMTO?  
Looks like I'm the first one to get the polo suede U wing GMTO (or photograph it) - worn today for the first time in the London sun, really love the colour and has a nice reddish undertone  
Yeah I understand what you mean - and agree with you on why these people look out of place and/or not particularly well dressed. I would just be worried about being tarred with the same brush etc. Going to order a pair of trousers with those deep pleats for sure, though.
Great fit on the trousers, agree on the pleats looking particularly good on this! Side note... not sure I've seen anyone under 45 pull off the bow tie in a non-ironic fashion, jury remains out on this one!
Very interested also - would want leather sole (non deal breaker being flush metal toe taps) 
Shamelessly copied from @ammanati (also the photos)   Decided that these are just not going to work for my style, will come absolutely brand new and unworn - literally arrived from Budapest today (27th May).   I did a MTO for these and looking to get as much as possible back for these so I can commission something else.   Double leather tapering to single sole  Flush metal toe taps   n.b. the lacing is blue suede on my pair, not the black leather in the photograph.
You are right, In my experience that price would be for regular leather - there will be an upcharge for shell.
Could be in for this too... Is there an up charge for Kudu? And do Carmina definitely stock kudu?
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