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Size 38R Underarm to underarm: 19.25" Underarm to end of cuff: 18" Shoulder seam to end of cuff: 25.75" Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 17.5" Total length excluding collar: 29.75" Actual waist: 30.5" Rise: 11" Inseam: 28" (with 2.5 inches to let down) Opening: 8.25" Thigh: 11.5" RRP £795 as currently for sale on the G&H website... http://www.gievesandhawkes.com/midnight-blue-single-breasted-peak-lapel-dinner-suit.html
Bought from someone on SF, but unfortunately they are slightly too big.   Pictures say it all really...   Any questions just PM
The J.FitzPatrick brand was born from the simplistic idea of seeing men across the world wearing better shoes. With the desire to blend the classic shapes and style from welted footwear, fused with modern details in design, the vision of the J.FitzPatrick collection is to represent the very idea of ‘classic with a modern twist.’ Monk Strap: Corliss: Last TMG, balmoral double monk strap, leather soles Navy Calf (crust), Navy suede:   Worn a maximum of 10 times, I...
When did the compulsory $25 shipping charge to the UK come into action?
Luxire what would your thoughts be on having a limited run of RTW chinos or staple trousers etc. I know a lot of these guys are ordering because they might find it difficult to find trousers that fit well off the rack, but I've just got a pair of incotex chinos that I would be happy to send to you to act as a sample 33W RTW and then each person specifies the inseam. Maybe others would be willing to provide incotex or similar in different sizes? 
Gieves & Hawkes £1500 UK Made Navy Blue Windowpane Suit Features of this suit are as follows: Made in the U.K RRP £1,500 Fully Lined Dual vent 2 Button Ticket pocket Horn Buttons Mismatched suit. Jacket 38R, trousers 40R (W34)   Size 38R Underarm to underarm: 19.5" Underarm to end of cuff: 18" Shoulder seam to end of cuff: 25" Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 17.5" Total length excluding collar: 30" Waist: 34" Inseam: 28" (Enough to let down a...
Would you be able to do a (real) fur collar/lining on something like this?
Just thought I'd share my experience regarding duties. I placed an order for three pairs of trousers two weeks ago, but asked for the first pair to be sent first so I could then alter my measurements for the next two pairs. So, I just got the first pair in a $79.99 fabric (circa £50). Just got notification that my parcel is ready for collection subject to DHL fees and import tax/duties... this was £15, not a huge amount and the total cost of the trousers reasonable still,...
Will we be able to use this feature to send in our own fabric too? Would be a great option.
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