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Price includes shipping worldwide and shoe trees - BNIB   Any questions just ask
Is this rain last? Do Carmina do flush metal toe taps? If yes to both then count be in!
Will be shipped from London
Up for sale is a BNIB pair of U lasted derby's - price includes shipping worldwide!    Any questions just ask
Up for sale is a brand new in box pair of the SF approved Vass split toe in antique cognac - they come with a Vass installed 'topy' on the standard JR leather sole. PM me for different styles in U last size 42
Up for sale is a brand new pair of double monks from Vass, they come with shoe bags and flush metal toe taps installed. Price includes shipping worldwide   I have lots more styles of Vass shoes, most of which are U last size 42 - PM with any requests and include an email address!
Like I said I don't want to be critical of Luxire, but sometimes we need to look at things objectively and I think what I said would count as constructive criticism- totally understand why you guys too up the option though. Also wasn't aware that they were doing trainers... If they can do common project style/quality for cheaper then they have another customer in me. Anyway, Luxire updated me with this photo of my dark green Casentino overcoat being made, hopefully will...
I hate to critices luxire since I've been a happy customer for pretty much all the things they've been making, shirts, pants, jackets etc. However I feel shoes are a stretch too far, there really is no comparison between a company that makes excellent MTM pants and MTO/"bespoke" shoes - the two things just don't fit. These shoes aren't particularly cheap compared to Vass and Carmina (for example) and yet the quality of finishing etc seems to be a work in progress. 
Thanks! Looking forward to shipping yours out so you can post a photo and I can see what they look like on a pair of feet!
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