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Kuala Lumpur is one of the hottest, muggiest cities I've ever visited. With my Anglo genes, I'd likely die of a skin rash within a week of living in an open air mansion like that.   No thanks.  
I suffered a thoracic nerve injury in a skydiving incident (T8-T9 vertebrae) and I was wheelchair bound until last May, when you guessed it: I took a European vacation. The mattresses in Florence and Rome were unbelievable, and I gained full sensation and control of my lower body after just three full nights of restful sleep. I could stand, go on walking tours, even do deadlifts at the hotel gym, but after returning home it was back to the same ol same ol.    Are there...
My current shoe collection: Strand in walnut Mcallister in bourbon Strand in brown suede Cronmok boots in brown I work in a business casual environment and wear the Mcallisters and Cronmok boots 95% of the time. Think I need a legit, versatile wingtip to join the regular rotation. McGregor? Thoughts on that? Because the 65 last fits me perfectly. Brown? Oxblood? Chili? Want something for work and also to wear out, even with jeans/cords.
Right, it's just a small step up from the grass to the deck. I am, however, going to have to put a few railings in near the porch, but nothing significant.    That's my project for next weekend, along with hard-wiring my string lights to an outdoor dimmer switch. 
Thanks. I'd be careful with your plan, though. We tried to do the same thing with our deck, sanding down using a floor/drum sander, grinding the paint off between boards using an angle grinder, and patching in boards that needed to go. Took forever and was quite expensive. In the end it didn't look good, even after using a deck wash and brightener. It's almost impossible to get the old wood to look great, and it's completely impossible to get it to match the fresh stuff....
Finally finished rehabbing my deck last night, finishing up the staining at 1 am.    Went from this:       To this:     Just say NO! To deckover paint and excess railings. 
Should I buy these? I have no chukkas in my wardrobe, FWIW.    TBC Wodehouse Chukka in dark brown for $199:       
    TBC Wodehouse chukka in dark brown?    I can get them on sale for $199. Yay or nay?
My dress code at work is busineses casual, and my shoe arsenal currently looks like this:   AE Strand in Walnut AE McAllister in Bourbon AE Cronmok in Brown AE Strand in Brown Suede   My "go to" shoes are usually the McAllisters and Cronmoks, but now I am being sent on a 6 month assignment to Hanoi, where they might take a beating (rain, most worryingly).    I plan to take those two pairs anyway, but should I buy another pair for the really wet days? I'll be there...
Yeah, I had attic access. Without it I'm sure it's quite a bit trickier.
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