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Just to give you some background, I moved to where I live now about a year and a half ago. I have lived abroad in a variety of places the last 7 years, and I have always been able to develop a few close relationships in each place. Therefore, most of my closest friends are overseas, though we still stay in decent contact.   I have a very close friend here I hang out with, though not as much since starting my relationship with my gf six months ago. I have another very...
I've got a question for the forum regulars:   I have always been a very introverted guy (solidly INFJ on the Meyers Briggs scale). However, I'm not helpless socially. I'm well-liked at work, I'm a teacher who maintains good working relationships with adult students and co-workers, and I actively/energetically contribute socially when in very small groups. However, I get uncomfortable, fatigued, and often anxious after a short time in larger settings. I'm beginning to...
I'm just curious, but could I do a McTavish (which is on clearance) MTO with a calf leather upper from a Mcallister/Strand? For instance, a McTavish MTO with merlot calf leather?    Seems like it'd be cheating, as I'd be getting what is essentially a Mcallister shoe at a McTavish clearance price. 
  What are the bottom and top pairs?
  I already own a pair of walnut strands and they fit very well. Like wearing old baseball gloves on my feet. Any bowing with them is very minimal. I think these are just warped/bowed out of the box. Take a look at how they arrived:     This is bad even for a pair of seconds, right?  I'm wondering whether I should try again with a different pair or just bite the bullet and buy some firsts. 
Damn. Second pair of seconds came in, and I'm having fit issues again. Check out the bowing on my suede strands:     The shoes are comfortable and fit well otherwise, but that's pretty extreme, right? 
 Which shoe is this?
Actually, now the closest size I can find is 40. Still, would my strategy here work? 
The AE Madison belt is on sale, but not at my size (34). Would it make sense to get a size 36, then have it "trimmed down" somewhere (if that's possible)?
  Thanks! This is exactly what I wanted to know.  Also interesting to read about this "roll" phenomenon. 
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