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  No I think the size is right, I have a medium size and I have a chest of about 110cm (Im 5 7 with 180lb on top) and I would like a more slim fit on my trooper, with the medium I have a lot of room left (I have never put anything more than a shit and my trooper, so I cant comment on the fit with a chunky sweater) I also have a vintage border in small (38/97) and it fit me well with little room left. Hope it help, I will try to post the measures.
Have you try the Trooper?
  How is the sizing and fitting of the Merton? In your opinion would it fit to wear it with a suit?. Thx
Incredible BARBOUR WAX REEFER (PEACOAT) JACKET MEDIUM BLUE with TARTAN WOOL LINING   Hi, up for sale is my Barbour Wax Cotton Reefer Jacket in size Medium color blue.    I was looking for a waxed cotton pea coat like the one from Engineered Garments or Woolrich but they were all out of my budget, that’s when a came across this incredible jacket in Ebay, I just couldn’t resist and bought it.   Even though is used the jacket is in stunning overall condition, no...
Just my 0.02 cents on my history with Barbours…   I had Border 38 green for a couple of year, bought it used on ebay, in excellent condition and with a beautiful aged patina.   What I like a lot about the Border is that it doesn’t have the raglan sleeve as the other equestrian cousin.     IMHO the Border sleeves fit better.   Having said that I always hated how long the Border is, it fit to me like a coat more than a jacket (I’m 5.6)   In my pursuit...
How much for shipping said 8 pcs to Buenos Aires, Argentina? Ship USPS Priority? Thx  
  IMHO   I believe that horse hide are by nature a byproduct of the horse meet and as such I would like to provide some numbers I find googling around (main source ISSN 1668-1940)   China, Mexico and Argentina were by far the biggest producer of horse meet, and as such of horse by products   I can’t said much about China and Mexico but I did find information about the industry in general in Argentina   About 200000 horses per year and 55000 tons of horse meet export to...
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