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Hi, I've been wearing the Levis 511 rigid sea dragon a size up in my usual waist, and I was that thinking to get a pair of unbrandeds. The only problem is, I checked their fit guide, and it seems that the thighs/calves are roomy,but the knees and hips are too tight for me. I was just wondering if unbrandeds stretch out,and if so, by how much? Thanks!
They are raw, sadly. According to the description- "Fabrication: Elevated jeans, made of premium denim in a rigid raw selvage."
Yeah, alright.   Should cutting the frayed threads fix it?
  I'm not trolling. They weren't made of raw denim, and I liked the fit. Do you mind?
Hi there, I've sanded my jeans with rough sandpaper to get a little more fading on them, and I'm happy with the resulting fade but I've damaged the cotton strings of my denim. Now there are white "puffs" of cotton all over where I sanded. Help please? Thanks!
Dumb question-   Do leg openings of jeans and pants vary from size to size? For example, if a pair of slim-straight jeans are listed as having a 17" leg opening, does a size 28x30 have the same 17" leg opening as, say, a 34x32 or 30x30?
Hey there, I recently bought a pair of jeans from Mossimo Supply Co., and the design was for it to have a "worn-in" feel, which I can notice both visually and through touch. I'm wondering about the quality of jeans from Mossimo, and where to buy mid-quality denim with a price range of up to 45-50 dollars (USD).   Thanks!
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