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Hi, my foot width is a D, and my pinky toes got squished as a kid wearing Vans. Would Sperry Topsiders and Converse Chuck Taylors fit my feet and toes when I order true-to-size?
I wear a size 10D, and I'm worried about the width and toe room of chucks, because as a kid my pinky toe hurt from wearing Vans. Should I go true to size for Chucks if my foot width is a D right now?
Thanks haha
Low vs mid vs high top Chucks when matched with rolled up chinos?
Anyone have experience with these? Can't find anything from denimheads about these; I've even ventured to the second page of Google.   Also, I've already asked this question once on the simple question thread, so I'd appreciate it if I wasn't bombarded with links to the thread.   If nobody has had experience, I plan on getting a pair and posting a review.   Cheers   Here are links to the...
Do you mind sharing them then? I've scoured the most desolate corners of the internet for dirty fade pics.
Does anyone have pics of these faded?
the stretched out waist' or the original waist?
Hi,   I'm really like the rigid dragon 511s sized one up to W29 for a slim, but not skin-tight or too-skinny fit. I was just wondering if I should get the Slim Guy in 28 or Skinny guy in 29/30.   Thank you!   Measurements... Thigh-19 in. Waist-27.5 in. Calves-13 in.
A couple questions: -Has anyone tried the "Standard Cloth Skinny Jean" on Urban Outfitters? Noticed they were raw:   -I sanded my Levi's rigids without realising that they were dry denim. I'm only a little over one month into them, and I've washed them 5 times before knowing they were raw. Luckily, I'm just starting to see some good fades, and all the starch hasn't...
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