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 46 in Camoshita will work out well. For the most part, I'm the same size as you in all of those things and it's spot on for me.   Yup!
 Ah good to know. I did go through there but it was just before closing time on Saturday and was madness. Got some ice cream instead since that seemed easiest.
 I tried to go to John's Roast Pork on Sunday but due to my lack of diligence I didn't realize they would be closed. I'll be back soon!
I took a long weekend and checked out Philly! It's a really nice town.   Ate cheesesteaks every day, (Sonny's - good and convenient in touristy area, Dallesandros - tasty but maybe a bit TOO cheap of ingredients, Tony Lukes - delicious overall, best by far but the onions were really sad), ate an OK meal at Ela (felt like it was past it's prime, outdated), some fried chicken and donuts at Federal Donuts (whack, don't know how this is popular) and a nice breakfast/brunch...
Wow those are dope
 Yes, just shoot us an email at customer@nomanwalksalone.com with days and times that could work for you, and we'll work something out
 not inaccurate
@jet we've got @willy cheesesteak in the ts(s) baseball shirt, and I'm wearing my new Post-Imperial band collar shirt           We'll try to get through some of those other requests shortly, these were just what we were actually wearing today.
 That's the one :) It hasn't been nice enough to wear a floral shirt until this weekend! @willy cheesesteak is wearing his ts(s) baseball shirt today too so we can finally get a pic of that one.
Found a cool garage       Sandro paper hat Oliver Peoples MP-2 Niche band collar Hawaiian shirt Uniqlo tee Dior Jeans EGx Vans slip ons
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