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I've been looking for my Cosmic Wonder giant wrap-shorts things all summer, and can't find them anywhere.  Not at my place, not in storage at my parents', and now that it's getting hotter I'm in desperate want of them!   What I'm asking is, did I sell them at some point in the past to someone on here?  Or does anybody remember me listing them or someone buying them?
wow, way to pick the two least capable guys possible.  I mean... did you see how Synth tried to style me?  And let's not begin with how he dresses himself 
  Nope this one is my own - indigo dyed linen popover from Niche.  The coat is Geller though, and has this beautiful all-over embroidery that is a little tough to make out in the small photo.   Not looking like it, but as was mentioned in the Instagram, @artishard116 will be doing a "Guest Curation" of next springs selection, including styling it, etc.  We'd like to keep it as his vision for what will be offered (+ ours too, of course  )   :>
Also, I've got to wrap up the Sage de Cret order, so today is the last day to place a pre-order with the "PREORDER" 20% off code.  [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah, it runs a bit big in the body and sleeves, but the 6 will be in line with the 7 botanical and garden you already own - it won't be more oversized than those
 These are somewhat narrow in the shoulders, so if the 46 Formosa is a good fit for you, I would probably recommend the 48 in the Mackintosh if you plan to layer under it at all.
Speaking of Monitaly, I'm not sure if I did this for the S/S collection we have currently on the site (and on sale ;) ) but they provide an insane amount of information about each garment that we can't possibly fit on the product page. Went through the items below, but be warned that there is a LOT of info.  It gives a taste of their fanaticism though, which is a lot of fun.    Utility jacket in Italian twill (personal favorite)   [[SPOILER]]         Seersucker Gentleman...
 Yup, in keeping with Japanese sizing.. sorry!   Nice!  Different jackets but I can see why you went for this one based on what you own / what your style is like.  Good stuff man.    It's the sample which is a medium, yes.  I'm typically a small / 36 but I like the fit of this M on me, and I wear an M in most other Sage de Cret outerwear and tops.
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