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Yes, I have one of two, with Mr. Coppens having the other    gtran I might be willing to sell it sometime in the future, if the price is right of course (at risk of sounding like a jerk).  Otherwise I can't see a reason to ever let it go, and TC seems to be gaining a lot of momentum lately so that's cool as it's the flagship piece from his first collection.
  Some Monitaly is up, although the two star jackets we have aren't yet, and there will be a second shipment coming in a few weeks with lots of good outerwear  
  Merz b. Schwanen?  We have them in a grey melange a natural color, and a really rich blue if those are up your alley.   Super soft fabric though - not sure if you were actually looking for a pique cotton like a polo would be.
    Excuse me mr recht... tell me more about these... other fibers 
Oozing with Tim Coppen's signature details on the thing he does best - bomber jackets, and in this case, his take on a varsity.   Black waterproof bonded cotton body (think of the fabric of a Mackintosh) with geometric paneling   Soft but substantial hammered lamb leather sleeves in a medium brown   Signature black neoprene cuffs and waist   Gold riri zips   Size small - fits a small / 36 very well.   Retailed for $2745   Worn exactly once   $580 shipped to...
I should probably post in the other thread as well, but you'll probably notice that this only happens if you try to click a thumb before the page has fully loaded.  I think it has something to do with the order all of the scripts load in and interrupting that, but the actual team can weigh in on why it is.
  Yes, this is all correct.  Thank you! 
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