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Speaking of Boston, someone point me to a thread or post with some recs. I'm here with my girlfriend and her mom and aunt who are visiting us in New York from Japan, so all that's on the menu so far are museums and some freedom trail stuff (the latter we did most of today)
I'm in Boston now,back to nyc Monday, and I'll be in Paris starting next Friday. I'm game. Promise not to post too many Trashlord selfies
Mistake on my part when making sweeping changes on the back-end 
I need my pens
 Haha good to hear, I was wondering if that was the case.  I remember you telling me than the extreme peacocking is a lot more self-aware than it may seem from behind a computer screen.
I've gotta say, Sig. Kamoshita looks less sprezz and more senile with that buttoning.  (no ageism intended)
Janitor?       Epaulet, sized up two (!) Baron Wells Heschung
remember when people told snowman he could never pull off the boot-tuck?  REMEMBER>??
  This is what happens when you make him EDC and properly inventory his chap stick
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