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We'll be stocking this one from Document this fall, and it's really really awesome
Two for me, one for her, comfy sneakers for vacation
 Sort of - they have a large number of shops around Japan (30+) and you can go to them like you would any second-hand designer shop.  I will probably try to check out at least one or two while I'm there, though.
    New England Outerwear Lazy Moccasin in suede with a hand-sewn crepe sole.  So stoked to get these.  Definitely a bit awkward in proportions, but I think they look pretty cool on the foot, and they feel like walking on clouds. (This is my first time owning shoes on this type of wrap-around crepe sole).  Currently debating between making them my new house slippers, or wearing fuzzy socks and rocking them all fall.
 Size Small in everything - Great Coat, jacket with bellow pockets, yellow check linen shirt, and suspender trousers. I later tried on XS in both the jacket with bellow pockets, and the great coat.  The XS in both fit well for a more "tidy" look, but was getting pretty snug in the shoulders for my personal taste.
 and Sonic 
    Despite my expression, I am very happy to be wearing this Frank Leder deck jacket.  Pics are for sizing reference, and I'm wearing a size S in these pics.  It's a roomy cut, but I think the sleeves and length are just right in this size (my size). You can see the vest liner unbuttoned in the top pic, and buttoned in the bottom.  I would stick with your normal size in this despite the measurements, as the boxy fit is deliberate and trying to cheat it would just...
Heading to Japan for 2 weeks this Saturday (Staying with gf's family in Ofuna for most of it, and taking day trips to Tokyo most days, with a little side trip to Kyoto and Nara for a few days away from them.   If anybody has something must-see or do that they know is going on in the next 2 weeks, please let me know! This also goes for just hanging out and eating/drinking/doing whatever - we're very open to it.  Also anything good in general that I can't miss, regardless...
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