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3 is a large 👌🏼
 I wanted to wear it over that big Inis sweater, so I went up to the 38. I also found the sleeves to be a little short for me on the 36. I think if you're typically a 36 but shorter than me (I'm 5'9") the 36 could work out well, otherwise 38 is the way to go.
 So this is where it can get sort of confusing with Schneider. Many, but not all, of the fabrics in a given collection are given names that are in some way evocative of the color or pattern present (Think: desert, abyss, frozen, wine). These names can carry over collection to collection, though, as well as across different fabrics in the same collection. "Night" is for sure the most common one though, as just about any color that is predominantly navy blue gets this color,...
 Thank you! It's a really nice jacket that is much better in person. The fit and finish on all of the Scye stuff is superb, and the taffeta has a cool hand to it.  I take a 46 in all of the Geller that's on the site right now, including the bomber
Final batch from me (but I know Greg has plenty hidden up his sleeve)       Document broken twill shop coat (S)           Monitaly quilted work jacket (38)           Scye motorcycle coat (so badass...) (38)     Eidos houndstooth raglan coat (46)           Camoshita raglan sleeve overcoat (44)       Naissance shearling double rider (S)     Ddugoff corduroy bomber (S)       ts(s) wool shop coat...
More roof shots!         Blue Blue Japan hand dyed shop coat (M)       Scye taffeta bomber (38)       Monitaly radio jacket (38)       Monitaly waxed cotton field jacket (38)
 Yup, it's not that they're super slim, it's just that they're tagged very TTS, as in, a 34 measures 34" around the waist, which is very uncommon in any trousers, especially jeans. I'd recommend a 36 for you.
 Updated the post with all sizing details, but for the Ddugoff shirt I wear S, Kaptain Sunshine jackets all 36 but I grabbed a 38 for the Melton wool one. Sounds like you are one size above me in just about everything, but I wear a 46 in Eidos.  
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