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  Link or copy/paste please
 Yup, should be a great fit for you in 38
  very cool vibes from this.  Like it a lot
I remember that one!!!!! So dope, especially if you wear other cool tech stuff.  Fits TTS but slim, - that model is probably wearing his correct size.  I imagine you would have to be very skinny to wear a size 44...
So freaking excited
  Yeah, entirely personal preference.  The mesh lining on the swim trunks is just the typical "brief" shape and is only fastened to the shorts at the waistband, hanging free from there.
  It measures about 25" x 76", so that's probably the best frame of reference. That said, it's a similar size / shape / feel to last years "Album" scarf, and I have a few pictures handy of that.   [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah they're awesome, had to get the beige one for myself since I missed out on last years similar beige scarf.  While we are awaiting our next shipment from Schneider, there won't be anything else with that specific scrabble pattern.  It's just the 3 scarves and Jumper F4.
@LA Guy once told me that men dress for the rest of their lives, the way that they did at whatever point in their life they were "really getting laid"   Which sounds about right tbh  (apologies if you didn't actually say that and it was someone else)
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