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very cool scarf and boots
    Yes, ts(s) trouser (and shorts) sizing starts off larger than expected, relative to their sizing for tops.  We've stocked size 1 in the past, which has a waist of about 32", but elected not to this time around.
  Inis Main hats are more tightly knit, and fit a big more snug overall.  I'm not sure what you mean by collapse but I imagine these will be more resilient to it, and they fit closer to the crown of the head as well.
  Thanks for coming through to the trunk show, and hope you're enjoying your sweater!  Expect an email from me soon regarding a few things.
Yesterday       Ervell suede cap Document robe coat EG scarf Ervell pocket sweater Baron Wells chinos Ervell x DM clog things
New York Islander it looks like you alternated taking your photos with a camera and The Predator
Umbrella and some of the outerwear you already own, unless you'll really be walking outside for hours on end in steady rain
  This was posted yesterday in the NMWA thread, but I was encouraged to post it here as well   Eidos coat, Formosa suit, Inglese burgundy stripe, etc.
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