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  Depends on which lambeth you mean - the cotton/nylon one is spring weight, the wool one is F/W weight. Esemplare jacket is definitely F/W weight
 Yes and yes, both will fit you.
call me in two years when it's the 20th anniversary of Gummo and they make some cool shit for that
Friendly reminder that today is the last day for a styling contest we're having - there's $100 in store credit up for grabs, but check the rest of the details here. 
 Give them a shot!  Don't forget that you can always try two styles and send back one or both depending on how you find they look on you 
 You can do this with fashion too :)  I'm running around a warehouse and packing orders in Dries and Ann D right now.  Just gotta enjoy the clothes you like :)
 You mean no items are showing up on the maker page?  Which maker?  If there were only one or two items left for that particular maker, it's possible they're currently disabled.
Ah I see. Yeah trainerendors would be great too
New Posts  All Forums: