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  Raw edged jacket and coat from SS17 
 Thank you! It's always fun to work with Stephan and put together some cool stuff. And this is just round one - we've got plenty more coming later in the fall, which I'm just as excited about.
The deep colors are so good  
Because of the pre-orders I'm sure you can guess the maker, but our first delivery of f/w 2016 is now live!
Delivery 1 is up on the site! Has the full lookbook been posted in this thread yet?                                                      
      sapphire rang
 Ok, it's safe to check your emails now :) And don't forget to use code PREORDER for that 20% pre-order discount. Lastly, we've only received the Thinner jackets, not the Conservation - so if you've ordered one of those, they'll hopefully be in the next delivery from Schneider.
 very soon 
 TTS on the Pierre - it will be "breezy" but still the right size.
Just a heads-up that we'll be closing the pre-orders soon as we really have to get everything over to Belgium, but I wanted to mention one last thing.     As we've settled our buy, there are a few styles that we can exchange for a different size if your pre-order size doesn't work out (provided you get back to us pretty quickly after receiving your pre-order, and we still have the size you need).   These styles are the Wonder trousers in green and navy, the Elusion...
New Posts  All Forums: