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Those are on the Serena sole though so I would assume fit just like anything else on that sole (including Diemme sneakers) aka CP size
  This sounds nice - I'm going to give it a shot this weekend 
 No, these are all the right choices.  I should have worded it better but I mean to say it's unacceptable to let ketchup near your eggs - scrambled, omelette, on a bacon egg and cheese sandwich - I don't care.  The only acceptable condiment for eggs in these contexts is hot sauce ( Tabasco is ideal but I don't care what kind you have an allegiance to, if any allegiance at all)
I have no strong opinions about nuts on a sundae other than that a banana split requires walnuts (for others, it's all context and what you're trying to achieve that determines what is right and wrong in that situation), but if you ever allow ketchup to touch your eggs (including if you put an egg on a burger) please PM me so I can add you to my block list immediately.
  I've always put the origin of the sundae as sort of a Newton / Leibniz calculus situation - it was something that was necessary for mankind to move forward, so it only makes sense that the same thing would happen in multiple places at or around the same time, unbeknownst to each other.
Jet WTF are you going on about with a waffle cone?  Has nothing to do with a sundae      Source: worked in local ice cream shop through high school.  Made sundaes, made waffle cones.
Voting has closed and we have a clear winner! Congratulations @ManofKent ! You should be hearing from @other-shop soon about your prize       Thank you to all who participated
 Normal size, but it's short in the body
  5'9" / 176cm, so, on the shorter side. 
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