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  Yes, the band collar stays standing when unzipped.  Hope this helps!
lol no this is strictly grocery getter / weekend escape / summertime fun truck. don't have much interest in off-roading, but I do have a lot of interest in taking my girlfriend and our bikes upstate, or a handful of friends on a quick trip or whatever. yes I realize I could have accomplished this with a slightly less obnoxious vehicle but where is the fun in that?Spent all summer looking around - lots of old Broncos, Isuzu Troopers (first gen only) a few Jeep Grand...
95 range with no roof have had it for a few weeks but have yet to get a good photo. in time B-)
  Given both of these, I'd probably try to steer you away from it and onto something else, as we'll have plenty of other options more suited to that.  The Eidos really lends itself more to a dressed up look, but I was just suggesting earlier e that you can subvert (ugh, I hate that word) this a bit if you really want to. For every day winter use you can't do much better than something like the Schneider Rock or the Juncus that Greg just posted, and even the single breasted...
  Unbuttoned. It completely changes the vibe of the coat.  I just tried on the brown one before packing it up, and it's really, really badass.  Today I'm wearing a black crewneck sweatshirt, raw denim jeans, and Visvim sneakers and I felt very cool with the coat over something so streetwear, so there's always that to consider.  Buttoned up, though, it completely changes the feel of the coat 
 Thank you! I'm like you in that I switch back and forth between contacts and glasses throughout the week, but it took me a very, very long time to find new glasses that I like on my face.  These are a bit obnoxious but somehow I think they work for me.  
more drops tomorrow too, including something very, very special
    Courtesy @scott.m and his JP proxy
  Just tried this on again to double-check, and a 3 would be a perfect fit for you.
  Yup, they have two front side pockets to keep your hands in, and a few interior chest pockets for storing your things.  As for warmth, I would venture to say they're about the same although we haven't been able to field test either of them.
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