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 18cm on a 32
 Thanks for the heads up. Should be working now - if it's not, you might need to open the link in an "incognito" window because of caching issues.
Thumb this post if you keep a photo of  in your green Hermes breast wallet
 My mistake - 33 is the only odd size we have.
 Yes, we ordered 28 and 30 but instead we have 33 and 35. I'm as bummed out as you are!
 I'm wearing Post-Imperial today too so  kamoshita-san fake edit: what the heck is going on with his feet / ankle area?
  Even if it's just supplying the lowest common denominator of generic "good taste"?  That's what the modern hipster boutique is in the business of doing already
 Yeah I think this is a great idea, particularly if the boutique has a strong identity and chooses brands to complement that. I guess the lack of it probably has more to do with the people running and maintaining the store not having much knowledge or interest in the field, though. What is mean is, it's much easier for a small boutique to stock some locally made pottery or crockery that they think looks cool and which fits in vaguely with the aesthetic of the store. It's a...
  Do you mean actually interesting or do you mean the same Master & Dynamic headphones that every single clothing boutique coast to coast sells?
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