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Just a nice blanket from EOTOTO with a relatively subdued native-american-inspired jacquard pattern.   Never really wore it out, just kept it folded up on a shelf so I figure I should let it go.   Could also look good draped over a couch back or your bed. Anything, really.   From F/W 2011 collection.   Measures about 32" x 60"   Made in Japan.
Free-sized chunky knit shorts in a rich cobalt blue from Phillip Lim's S/S 2012 collection.  Cinch waist to accommodate any size, which was a huge theme of the whole collection.   Not much to say about these other than how they're this sort of heavy but airy knit, and because of that they're outrageously comfortable and move in a very nice way.   Waist, flat: 22" Front Rise: 15" Inseam: 9.5" Leg opening, flat: 13.5"
This one is a little out there - it's a plain white tee on the front with a stitched on tag in the bottom left corner, but the back is a large graphic that reads "Freedom Renegades" with an image of Marilyn Monroe as the statue of liberty, holding a beer and a joint, and asking "How's your dick?"   It's gently worn and there is some fading of the graphic, but there is no discoloration of the body anywhere so it doesn't look groady or anything.   Tagged small but it's...
 Haha no, it's my girlfriend, but the story is the same.  She came by a few weeks ago to help me out, and ended up just playing with all of the new merchandise instead (read: demanding Schneider scarves and eototo tees from me).  This was a bit of a retail therapy casualty    Pretty normal, I would say, but a little short in the body, and it's a very chunky knit so it has some bulk to it.  Very cool texture, and the side pockets are a nice detail that make it even...
  Intruder alert
  Which Surpass?  It won't fit in the portfolio, nor will it fit in the laptop sleeve of the daypack or the rolltop backpack, although it will fit in the main body of either.  Testing it out now with a 15" MBP, it just doesn't quite fit in the special sleeves, so I would venture to say that the Surpass line is designed for up to 14".
One of the signature pieces from Unused's Spring/Summer 2011 collection   Made up in a nice 85% cotton, 15% linen oxford cloth that wears cooler and lighter than your typical scratchy OCDB, but is still sturdy.  Over-dyed grey as can be seen by examining the care tag.   Carpet fringe detail along all of bottom hem   Mother of pearl buttons   Made in Japan   Measurements:   Shoulder to shoulder: 18" Pit to pit: 20" Shoulder seam to sleeve cuff: 26.25" Length,...
 Some other posters that own them can weigh in (paging @LA Guy ) but I would recommend a full size down in this particular style, so an 8.5 for you. Best, Kyle
  We definitely remember that one, and you should post up some pics when you can for the thread to see!
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