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  Eagle eyes!  It's now fixed                
  You laugh, but a quick glance at some basic numbers for cart abandonment shows that shipping costs are really, really important to people   (I can't vouch for the credibility of this specific graphic but it says they got the figures from UPS)
yeah those are good everyday shoes, go for it
Size small in everything except the scarf
 There is nothing concrete now, but I'm sure we'll come up with some fun ways to style things as well as reach out to you guys for styling ideas, similar to that last contest. In the meantime, I tried on some Frank Leder yesterday and @coolron took my photo real quick before I overheated: @coolron 's edit:   My edit  [[SPOILER]]
Best spring/summer EG fabric of all time!!!! Wish they would do something even remotely similar again
Yup, but it made some room for plenty more new and very exciting things  We've added a half dozen new brands this fall, including the aforementioned Frank Leder, Frank Clegg (now up on the site), a special makeup of service boot with Viberg, awesome outerwear from Norwegian Rain that is very much wearable during weather other than rain, traditional hand-knit cowichan sweaters from Canada, and a Japanese brand that I'll leave as a wildcard since I can't wait to get this...
 Frank Leder is in the process of being photographed (just arrived, really) so it will be a bit longer for that one. We didn't pick up Oliver Spencer this fall, so whatever is on the site now is all that there will be
  Yeah please do.  Also, those were two separate thoughts in my earlier post - I haven't listened to the new album (I have a personal no-personal-kops-until-japan ban on myself right now), but out of his recent wave of releases this year, the one titled computer controlled acoustic instruments pt. 2 was a surprise to me, and is a highlight of the year so far.
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