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  it goes back much, much further than any of that :-P  but that's ok
  I'm inclined to say it just might - it seems like you and your wife share a lot of clothes, so if it's her you're looking for then the 3 might work. Generally though, I'd say that the clover fits a size larger then tagged, as far as SS sizing goes.  It's snug in the (knit) arms, but the body hangs pretty straight and the hem doesn't have any sort of elastic, so it continues straight all of the way down.  Here is a picture of me in a size 3 that I took yesterday.  I'm a...
The Check Is In The Mail
dopw sunglasses 
    All SS with Yang Li shoes 
In honor of Bene picking one up, I had to rock the Algae too      All SS with Yang Li shoes
 I've got it - you'll take a size 4 in that one.  If it helps the shoulders are 45cm across and pit to pit is 52cm.
because hoodies are for Children
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