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I always thought it was just another randomly associated/attributed Beuys-isms that he (or his team) seem to be fond of occasionally.  It does sound nice though.  Names of Visvim products are always startlingly evocative of the feeling of the item.  It's something they do really, really well and I think it adds to the allure of the brand as well, as trivial as it may seem.
  If it helps, I really want to buy your jacket but I can't afford it.  Trade me? 
MONITALY FW 2014 As you've heard from us before, as well as some feedback from visitors to the store, the outerwear is just phenomenal so I want to take a chance to focus on that.  In person it obviously speaks for itself, but we don't always have that luxury so I'm going to include some of Monitaly's own copy on a few of our pieces so you can get a sense of the thought and ideas behind each of the garments from the makers themselves.  They're absorbed in their product...
  Absolutely, but let us know if you have any specific requests!  This goes for anyone else in the thread too - while we'll be bringing some "greatest hits" we won't know what you guys want to see unless you chime in here
  You're in luck - it's back up!  Minor glitch on my end..
  Back up on the site, sorry about that!
  Nice!   I went for  and    So far I've been getting a lot of wear out of both so far so I'm very pleased.  The Herringbone one has a good weight to it so I've been going back and forth between wearing it as a shirt and an overshirt.
  Do you want to buy my leather Monitaly zip jacket :) I've decided it's too short for me
  They are the same, and the fit is the same, but the exposed seam on the shoulders is cut in a slightly different way this time.  As with all of our Esemplare stock they run a full size small and that will still give a slim fit. I often wear my Humphreys (I have two now) as an under layer as you mention - with some sort of shirt-jacket or similar.  The only time I wear them on their own is if i'm wearing very slim trousers, since the proportions then work and it all...
  Sold out as of 15 minutes after your post.  I had no idea these were hyped and I'm not sure I get it.  they seem almost too boring.
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