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Green Asbestos Removal
   Going to grab my Merino coats when I go back to my parents' place this weekend
Quick heads-up that all of our current season Geller is 30% off for a few days only.  Still some sizes in a few things, might be a good chance to get a B3 now that it's actually getting cold out.
Just a heads-up that all our current season Schneider is 30% off for a few days only.
  Here are pretty extensive measurements of that model, to give you a general idea.  I would say they are pretty straightforward slim tapered, as greg mentioned.  Not particularly high or low rise, not an aggressive taper, just overall a good shape. One thing I will say is that the denim we have our indigo slim tapered in does NOT stretch in the waist.  It will of course relax and soften, but my experience with them is that they do not stretch at all in the waist.  The...
 I'm usually very happy with a 2 in tops and 1 in trousers, and if neither of those works for me then the item just isn't for me.  I think out of a lot of Japanese Brands, ts(s) tends to be quite western friendly with a 5 being a good fit for a typical 52, but you're right that the inseam is on the short side, and it's intended to be. I think the best way to explain it though, and I don't mean this in any rude way whatsoever, is that the designer, Takuji Suzuki, definitely...
  All of the above - but I would order your regular size on this one, as these are meant to fit as overshirts. As for the Inglese, probably?  But check chest measurements first   Go with a V in this one, the measurements are a bit deceiving edit: beaten
  the new Floating Points is pretty cool
Put together a few more mannequin shots for the site, but wanted to share them here as well.     Document robe coat   Camoshita wool mock neck   Sage de Cret wool/cashmere joggers   Buttero dirty white suede slip-ons           Document cow suede bomber   GRP ecru bubble stitch rollneck   Big John "Rare" slim tapered   Buttero tanino, white calf           Minotaur cable-quilted jacket   Inis Meain Martin Beag   Monitaly chestnut...
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