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 Thank you! Those are a 46, and I'm typically a 46 in things, including Eidos. Otherwise somewhere around a 30-31 waist (closer to 31 these days)
      Minotaur wrinkles jacket GRP bubble stitch crewneck Geller tencel flight pants Geller x CP hi-tops   styled by @willy cheesesteak and shot by @coolron
[[SPOILER]]     Stephan Schneider Banner jacketSchneider adjacent sweaterGeller type 2 jeansButtero baby calf Taninos styled and photographed by @coolron the other day
 APC New Standard, hemmed but not sized down
  Goes best with John Waters style mustache
lol if you think anywhere, save for a few unpopulated islands and maybe some deep sea trenches, are anything but shameful, disgusting piles of human filth and worse
    Apologies for burgundy 
 Probably a 2 - I'm the same size in those three items as you, which all run small, and the 2 is a good fit for me.
 I would go with the same size as you have in other ts(s) outerwear - the shirts fit a little bit bigger than same size outerwear in all of my experience with this brand.
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