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 Some other posters that own them can weigh in (paging @LA Guy ) but I would recommend a full size down in this particular style, so an 8.5 for you. Best, Kyle
  We definitely remember that one, and you should post up some pics when you can for the thread to see!
  Are you in CT? The Advocate and WGBY posters make me think Hartford or thereabouts?  Also, looking good!
  Remember when Issey Miyake spoke out about Hiroshima  Also, the watch in your link reminded me of this, which is worth a read.
get out of here with that disgusting yellow mustard 
  How can you be so sure....? 
  Yup, it's specifically meant to be a very long shirt, and worn as such
 Yes, sizing is the same but it's noticeably longer in person, and is definitely not intended to be worn tucked.  Here's a picture I posted of me wearing one a while back, and I'm 5'9" for reference.  I just grabbed the 4 off of the rack and the back measures 35"
As promised, I just put up the pair of "cattail" corduroys (check out the fly placement) and 5 styles of scarves.
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