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 Hopefully soon, we're just waiting on shipping confirmation email from them, then we have to write descriptions, take measurements, take and edit photos... you see where this is going haha. It will be a few weeks.
 Those are 100% washed silk (not printed or patterned) and were meant only for the runway, but we're working on getting a price for them as we were curious about stocking the orange ones in the store. Still waiting on that information though. There are other breezy sort of trousers though, like the Casper pant (same 100% cupro as the jacket)  [[SPOILER]]
Robert Geller SS17 Pre-orders     In the wake of the incredible show he put on during NYFW:M last week, I'm happy to announce our pre-orders for SS17. Right now through the official channel you can pre-order the 4 styles below, but as mentioned earlier, if there is something special on the runway you saw that you want to order, please shoot me an email at customer@nomanwalksalone.com and I can hook you up.   There was a lot to like this season, which is why I wanted...
 Please email, as then we'll just have a shared record of everything - PMs get too cumbersome since a few of us might be working on this. 
I'm setting up pre-orders for the souvenir jacket and the new Konrad jacket (pictured below), but if anybody has a very specific request for a piece (or pieces) they saw on the runway (and you know your size, and are willing to commit to it being final sale) then shoot me an email at customer@nomanwalksalone.com and I'll hook you up    Otherwise, for the jackets below, stay tuned for official pre-order details  This time around (for these three styles only), while...
 We're thinking about it, but the demand just wasn't there for FW16 at all when we did that. Is there interest this time around?
 That was fast, thank you! I'd like to try and find one in a summer fabric for myself so this helps a lot
Been a while since I've popped in here, so I apologize for only showing up with a question.   I'm looking to sell an EG shirt I have but I have no idea what the name of it is - it's the style with a sort of shawl (?) collar, square hem, and a pocket on the rear hip. It has regular shirt buttons though so it isn't really a shirt jacket. Is this a reoccurring style, and if so, does it have a name?    
 link please
  Raw edged jacket and coat from SS17 
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