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Original +J suit from the original Uniqlo collaboration, when things were made really nicely. I bought this new on the day it was released (along with two others) and wore it a small handful of times (4? 5?) when it was new but mostly it has been in storage since I got newer suits from my job shortly after. Suit jacket is tagged size small, matching trousers are tagged size 31. Both are 100% wool, jacket is fully lined, trousers are front lined for comfort. Slim fit 2...
 Same as your usual CP size, so size down one
You joke but....
  Peter Pan is the same classic style as Donut Pub though, so you might as well stick with that and not have to leave the city if you're only there for a day. @upr_crust had it when he said they were good for that normal style of donut, and Donut Plant is good for fancy donuts (although I prefer Dough Donuts in this category) 
 Sorry, those are APC New Standards. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to jeans..
 C heck again 
  @willy cheesesteak and I are wearing a size 36 in all of those photos, which is our usual size. It's very slim on both of us (we are both slim 36s) but definitely the right size. I'm 5'9", about 135lbs. Willy is taller than me and a bit skinnier. Sorry, my language on the item page is maybe a bit ambiguous - I meant to consider sizing up if you don't want a skin tight fit, not that it is necessary to size up on these the way it is for some of our other makers. I think...
New Document robe coat
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