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^ fyi, that location of Korzo Haus is now closed
oh hell yeah.   Euro chrome are good too, it's just the US divingboards I can't get behind.  10 years ago I wondered if they would ever grow on me, and they honestly never have
 Haha I was wondering if someone would ask that, but no.  Just old non-NMWA personal items.  Thank you! We styled it on the mannequin yesterday using my broken-in jacket, and you can see how much more the chambray has relaxed compared to the initial unworn one:     Styled above with niche. grandpa collar shirt, Big John white cotton/linen trousers, and Heschung Lothier (and my pens and markers  )
  89-91 plastic bumpers are key 
 This jacket has quickly become my favorite thing in a long time, and I've worn it every day in the office since grabbing it a few weeks back, and a bunch of days outside of the office too. Wearing it as I type this. It starts off really stiff, but has broken in nicely for me. The chambray used has a great slub to it, and I like wearing it with just about everything. The measurements make it look like it's roomy in the body, but I don't think you'd want it any other way....
We stock the blue ones (which are insanely comfy) but the other ones you posted are a different type of woven leather - much much pricier, and I'm not sure of any stockists for those.   Those Diemme are really good looking if it weren't for the plaid
I like the juxtaposition between that post and the quote in his signature
  I really like this, and it's definitely well put together.  I'm getting Phillip Lim vibes overall.  It's just that outside of an editorial context this sort of combo can just come across as dorky or try-hard, or both, but conceptually and thematically it's awesome.  I say rock it anyway because maybe when just wearing it and not observing it through a few static shots it's actually awesome.
"The Patriarch" 
sup d00ds
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