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  Yeah, sorry about that. They got caught up in some comprehensive changes I was made on the back end, and the cached pages can't always keep up either. The correct price is $403.75 before the extra discount.
   The wagon tipped over while floating. You lose: 2 sets of clothing62 thumbs1 extra discount code
The emails roll out over the course of the day, otherwise the spike in traffic would crash the site. It's the only way to do it fairly. Usually someone on SF gives the heads-up pretty quickly, so people in this thread always get some kind of advantage 
 Feel like it's jumped the shark when you see three people with the same Craig Green jacket in different colors outside of the Geller show...
Am I e-commercing right?  
 As for the color of the hardware, I don't know, sorry The fabric would be closest to this unless that's actually the charcoal and the photos just came out sort of dark. I can't confirm if this is the case or not http://postimg.org/image/mwn0poo15/ For an exact color photo, the vest below is made up in garment-dyed black. It's uh.. black 
 What about it? looks like a question got lost in the mix
No it's cool, I remember liking it a lot at the showroom. It looks infinitely better open than the way it's styled there.
  Yes on both counts, but the legality of it varies depending on the body of water. This is boring though! I just wanted to make a MILF hunter joke..
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