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Butcher stripe looks great Frank! For a different side of things, I had a bit too much fun over the past few days playing dress-up with a little bit of the first Schneider drop that we got in:  [[SPOILER]]
I had a bit too much fun playing dress up with the Schneider today... [[SPOILER]]
  We did and it's better than expected       I might not have the right terminology here, but the top part is a dark dark charcoal or maybe black basketweave and the rest of the body (from where you see the split in the picture to the right) is that black and dark blue basketweave.  It's subtle but effective in person, and i tried to get the contrast to show up on the right a bit better.  [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah open without a tie would probably look better, but the only thing about this that really bothers me is the match-y-ness of the red stitching on the lapel hole and the red tie.  Unacceptable!!!!!!!!
  I'm usually a 30 waist as well, and the 44 fit me great.  From memory, the waist on them measures 31" exactly.
All of you that entered the Favorite (Slept-On) Things contest should have received a PM by now with your super secret discount code for an extra 15% off, so those of you that haven't should be super stoked by now as we are announcing our winners as selected by Greg, Edouard, and I.  We went with users that put forth significant thoughtfulness or a good effort into their choices, but also chose items we know are also unjustly slept on.     In order of...
  While this is something we'll definitely be addressing better for the next season, don't forget that we offer free shipping and free hassle-free returns on everything (well, except socks  ) for many months during the regular season.  All of these things are just casual clothes as well, with different intended cuts, fits, styles, and just less OCD than something like a suit might require. In any case, we try to offer sizing advice if it at all deviates from "the norm" -...
The Favorite (Slept On) Things contest is officially over, so we will be announcing the winners shortly as Greg, Edouard and I tally up our individual votes.     In the meantime, here are my 5 favorite slept-on things, that I admire every day from the office and wonder why nobody has bitten the bullet on:     Bottle green Camoshita suit.  A lot of you picked up on this for the competition, but so far nobody has really gone for it!  I desperately want it for myself,...
  New avatars for those in need - B!CD?           
Poll is up for this weeks SW&D challenge, and the turnout was good! We have somewhere around 20 members that left their computers/homes in the past 2 weeks, so I'm feeling pretty good about this!   Go vote now 
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