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  I don't know, my memories of U-ni-ty are racks and racks of it heavily discounted at Century 21 and Loehmann's maybe 5-7 years ago, and it didn't impress me enough then to buy any of it at the time (and I was easier to please in those days).  Or maybe I did and just haven't held onto it, which doesn't say much for it either.  I just had another quick glance and it seems fine but pretty nondescript, and a quick Yoox search reveals [virtual] racks and racks of it on...
Nice looking boots, from what I can see.  What are they? 
    I think Zappos or Mark Zuckerberg is trying to tell me something
A quick PSA for those talking about the Mountain Parka earlier - a size 40 is now back in stock due to a modified order.
Oh yeah, and thank you about the kind words about the article on Put This On!   I can confirm that I do indeed put very little thought into what I wear in the morning, but a slightly inordinate amount of thought into what I buy for myself.  I think we're all a bit on the end of the spectrum though, no?
   40:     42:  
  No problem, and that was all Greg this time 
  No problem, the 54 that we have left measures 31" down the back
  I can try to get one a bit later, but in the meantime, a quick google search turns up a lot.  It's a jacket he does season after season, so only the material is changed on this one compared to what you might find online. It also turned up this site, which is pretty novel if I'm intepreting it right: http://dressed.so/item/view/518084775ed37 http://dressed.so/item/view/51b73ee5547ec
Jah bless.
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