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    The Indigo Ranger (first drop)
 Standard medium denim-style rise, 11.5" on a size 34 (which measures exactly 34" in the waist. something to be mindful of when ordering)   Thank you again for doing this, it was a lot of fun! But make no mistake, @gdl203 also does the selection each season, in fact he was the one that saw the collection in Japan this time around   This jacket is from a new brand we'll be introducing for the fall, and is a soft linen pajama jacket style - we just felt it worked with the...
  We added black this fall as well for a third color but they won't be up on the site for another few days. Keep your eyes peeled!  Nice! I love the idea of a gif to show this one off, so I took the liberty of saving yours again as a looping gif 
First round of Monitaly is up, with some more winter-weight stuff coming in the future. We restocked the brushed wool 5-pocket trousers this time around, which have a really nice flannel-like hand to them, and a good slim-straight cut. We also picked up two new styles of jacket.   One is a sort of alternative to your typical trucker and is more of an early fall piece or for those guys in warmer climates, but the details on this are really cool. There are these badass...
 Just checked the shelves and we have exactly two of them right now so I've updated the system
 Every season they do a few new ones
  They're made with old vintage Levi's 501s (as in, pre-owned) so they will all be slightly different in color and wear, but they cut them up and sew them back together with swapped out back pockets and different pocket placement, replacement panels of suede, the cotton trim around the ankles, a taper, etc. I'm surprised the store didn't mention any of this as I thought that was the main selling point. (or did they?)   Mine are tagged an M and they are the right size for...
 Same exact ones I have, you can see the third denim patch (just barely) on the right leg in that photo. They're chopped up and modified Levi's 501's so they have all of the normal Levi's details the arcs on the back but not the paper tag or red tag. Agreed on the boots - they have a really rough nap that is hard to see in those photos. 
 We've got a single breasted Deutschleder coat in XL this season, a first for Leder! (In fact, we have almost every style in XL, a special request by us)
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