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He's probably going to say lemaire or the imaginary everlane or something   or yoox
 summer in NYC will do that to a man
to speed up the aging process, punch yourself in the forehead repeatedly while wearing the hat, as well as without wearing it, and rub coarse sandpaper over the crown as well as your head.  This is what they do to get good washes on jeans so I imagine it will work for a hat too
 Size Small: 
How is there anything convoluted about Snow Crash?  It's over the top and a ton of fun but convoluted is not a word I would have ever thought to use to describe it
I work for clothes 
Yes, and as mentioned it only works on items that are specifically in the sale section.  There are a number of items that are marked down but aren't in the permanent sale section (think Vass - we mark them down a bit in the spirit of the sale season, but we restock them regularly and will take them "off sale" once the new season starts).  Because of this, we don't put them in that permanent sale section of the site.     Things like this are definitely best to email us...
  You don't need any more furniture, but you need this jacket
  It would be so kind of you guys to blog and reblog it and hashtag it and get it in front of lots of eyes   /shameless
A pair of tickets to Tokyo for two weeks :)  Will be following up with some of you for cool things to do and see and eat..   End of September through beginning of October, so unfortunately too late for good eel and too early for more sumo or fall foliage, but I am still looking forward to it!!
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