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 From the man @el Bert    Finally broke mine out for the first time last week since it got cold enough, so I wanted to brag about it here now     Seen here with Inis Meain wool/cashmere hat, also RP, Portuguese flannel er, flannel, also RP, and uniqlo merino sweater and EG cinch-backs.  White Mountaineering boots.   Wore this last night with my sweats and black timbs to go buy some ice cream and felt like a baws
 They're on the trimmer side as @rydenfan mentioned, and a little short as well.  I think anyone that has bought one so far has gone a size up from their usual.   Best bet is to email us at customer@nomanwalksalone.com so we have a trail of the question and don't fill up the thread with measurements, but if/when we get a pic of them being worn in the shop I'll post it up in here as well.
Necco is my jam
  More orange for sure
[[SPOILER]]   love is such a complicated and beautiful thing Might I recommend playing him this beautiful love song from Canadian artist Aaron Funk? http://youtu.be/JcqlLjPck3A
    Wore ts(s) quilted jacket, Inis Meain charcoal aran, and Big John jeans yesterday 
  Wednesday   Inis Meain hat Dana Lee jacket EG scarf Stephan Schneider quilted pullover OC corduroys Nike powerlines       Yesterday   Inis Meain hat ts(s) quilted jacket EG Scarf Inis Meain Aran cableknit Uniqlo striped OCBD Big John Jeans EG mismatched wingtips
  This post is extremely Southern-California-climate-centric and offends me deeply.  Please edit your post to precede it with a trigger warning for those that may not live in such a priviledged, stable ecosystem.
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