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  We can, just shoot us an email at customer@nomanwalksalone.com with the ones you'd like and your address, and we can get you a shipping quote for them.
  to follow up with dieworkwear's great post (thank you) I can say that I'm the same as you in all of the things you mention - IV in SS shirts and normal knits, M in EO TO TO sweater and Niche Linen shirt, and I'm wearing a III in that picture and is the size I would go with on this particular piece.
 diglett is that you?
Happy that you want to contribute!  Easiest way if you're limited to an iPhone is to get an app with an auto-timer (gorillacam or similar), stand with the light source facing you, as opposed to behind you, (very important!!) and prop up the phone somewhere between waist and chest level, depending on the room and distance.
  Some may not believe that I'm saying this, but sometimes "Grandma at a combination rest stop / Cracker Barrel in northern vermont on her way to an antique show" isn't always a good look
  Yeah for sure.  Was bumming around town on Saturday and popped in the shop for a minute, and this caught my eye.  It's not exactly a huge commitment at $30 either  Also RP: tickets to Venetian Snares in Brooklyn, tickets to Venetian Snares in Manhattan   
  The medium are about 35", and the large are 36" around
I'm ok with that
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