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my alphet is milk toast
When is the first styfojapan article 
 Thank you, yes it was a good time!  The shirt in the bottom pic is indeed Post-Imperial, using the same Adire dying technique, and what you can't really tell is that there is a fringe at the hem, cuffs, and collar..  Everything shown now in the menswear showing/buying season that is currently happening is for Spring/Summer 2016
Forgot to mention I also met Joseph @Platypus and Ian from Suspension Point, which was very cool!  It's nice to see things come full circle with the forum like that.
Some pics from the Paris trip:   outside Capsule show, in the Cité de la Mode   With Herr Schneider    With Greg and Abdul of Abasi Rosborogh.  They had nice things to say about @nicelynice of course (and an awesome collection)   Stunting with the aid of @Tirailleur1 's new collection from Post-Imperial - no longer just neckties, pocket squares, and scarves.  Also the collab hat with Larose
Hello from Paris! I hope you're following my adventures on Instagram @styleforum @kyletoman !
Those are my house slippers, I'm wearing EG Vans
  If you aren't following the Styleforum instagram then check it out!   Making my way to Paris this evening (through Monday), so if anybody will be around and wants to hang I am more than open to it.
 Relax guys, it's just viral marketing for the new Zoolander movie
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