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 Looks interesting.  I'll have to hit up a Sephora to see what this is like in person because the thought of anything remotely vanilla sort of turns me off, but I'm intrigued regardless.  Oh, yeah I have no issues with any of that stuff, I just used hippy/yuppy as a qualifier to show that I was looking for some ideas similar in tier and vibe to Weleda, Malin + Goetz, Aesop, etc.  I guess it was a bit misleading
yeah this is more along the lines of what I meant. Maybe I should have said yuppie deodorant instead? just something non-drug store, no aluminum, mid-tier stuff
Anybody have recommendations for some hippy deodorant?  I've been using Weleda Sage spray one for a few years now but I wouldn't mind mixing it up.  I've tried the Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus stick before that but wasn't really feeling it from what I remember.
I you're operating on anything less than a 6th level irony at this point I don't even know what to tell you
  congratul;ations, you found a picture of me
 I do indeed! compiling now so you'll hear from me shortly
PSA: I just updated the measurements for the two new cotton/linen Rotas, so they are now accurate to reflect the specific inventory we have with us here.
  Fixed, thank you for the heads-up!
  Sounds like a fire hazard
hey y'all
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