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 Yes, all of it except for a denim shirt and I think some jeans. It's being photographed now 
now I want to make Mr Porter bingo
 The lining is all backed with Cordura, and the roll part of the roll-top is backed with a membrane
 Aside from the Moon tweed ones, they're all made of waterproof fabrics but don't necessarily have waterproof seams and stitching. This makes them water "resistant" for the most part, and I'd feel confident in light rain but I would not want to wear one in heavy rain for hours if I had a laptop inside. I have the Surpass backpack and it gives no cause for stress when it gets a little wet outside.
 I wear a size S in just about everything Leder, including my great coat from last year. I'll give some fit feedback on these season's styles as soon as I try them on, but from initial glance they seem pretty consistent with what we've seen in the past.  Oh, and Frank added size XL to the lineup for us  
  Great advice! I was actually thinking about something navy and peak lapel  but figured I would leave the question open ended before putting any personal biases in. Thoughts on shoes? Shirt? Fabrics/books I should start my search in? 
 Sorry, I just wanted to tag him since I know him personally from NMWA stuff and I remember him having a sort of "thing" for party clothes. I'd love advice from anybody here! To answer your other question, I plan on wearing some kind of suit, just not a tuxedo, and I'd ideally like for my wedding suit to not be interchangeable with a business suit. Right now I have a medium grey sharkskin Formosa and a blue cotton/linen Eidos suit, but I'd prefer not to wear either of those.
I've done a bunch of reading in this thread, but I'm still unsure about the best approach, so I wanted to reach out to you guys as you're the experts.   I'm getting married June 2017 at the Bronx Zoo here in New York. It's an evening ceremony (6:00pm) and it's outdoors, at the zoo, with an indoor reception to follow (also at the zoo).   My bride is the embroidery designer at Marchesa (examples: Bridal SS2016; Collection SS2017), so while she hasn't told me anything...
  For when people start getting nervous that their package is 6 minutes behind the quoted delivery time
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