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  strong username/post synergy
Wow nice challenge, can't believe I missed this one! Had to vote for a few this time around :)
    two colors - a dark charcoal type one, and a dark purple one.  I can try to get some teaser pics up later if I have a minute, but I've gotta see.
  The bulk of the order just came in yesterday, but it still needs to be photographed and put up on the site.  It all looks great though and I'm really liking the shawl collar robe-jacket-thing
There is something very endearing about the fact that NN isn't smiling in this pic.  Before I even read that there was an issue with the coat I knew he was disappointed :(   Sorry to hear about the bad luck with everything though, and I hope you can get it all sorted out sooner than later.
      Spotted while browsing Gant Rugger
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