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  Happy birthday d00d May your dreams of perfect leather jacket be granted
that's fuccboi status only because the color of the jacket matches the blue on the sneakers.  you're better than that fuuma!  I remember thinking that when you first posted the pic
 Probably not, as I remember it being slim in the shoulders and sleeves, but shoot us an email and we can try to get some measurements over to you.
 No need for dishes when you can just eat right over the sink
  Come summer I'll be sure to channel Captain Scrummy: 
From last Thursday           M-B Sage de Cret APC Big John Dior CP
 Looks interesting.  I'll have to hit up a Sephora to see what this is like in person because the thought of anything remotely vanilla sort of turns me off, but I'm intrigued regardless.  Oh, yeah I have no issues with any of that stuff, I just used hippy/yuppy as a qualifier to show that I was looking for some ideas similar in tier and vibe to Weleda, Malin + Goetz, Aesop, etc.  I guess it was a bit misleading
yeah this is more along the lines of what I meant. Maybe I should have said yuppie deodorant instead? just something non-drug store, no aluminum, mid-tier stuff
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