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I purchased these Brown Maliseets at the end of November directly from Quoddy while they were on sale for $209 ($221.85 shipped). It's a handsome pair of oxfords in Roughhewn Horween leather (aka "waxed flesh") with red brick Vibram soles. I treated them with the Quoddy waterproofer when I got them since I intended to wear them in the winter/spring in OH. Unfortunately they're just a little too small for me. I have worn them no more than two or three times since I...
I'd recommend emailing Quoddy with any questions that you have before ordering; they got back to me pretty quickly when I inquired about a custom pair of chukkas a month or two ago. FYI: sizing is not consistent with all styles of Quoddy footwear, so it would be a good idea to let them know that an 8 D blucher fit you nicely and ask for any sizing recommendations they may have if you're considering a custom order in a different style. My 8.5 D Maliseet oxfords, for...
The total length for each belt including the buckle is close to 43". They're about 42" long end to end if you measure to where the leather wraps around the edge of the buckle. 
Yes, you can switch out the buckles.
There are no stupid questions with belt sizing (they never seem to be consistent brand to brand...)! Unless you tend to wear your pants pretty low on your hips or you prefer to have a good bit of extra leather at the end of the belt, I'm guessing that you'd be happiest with a TG size 32 since they run big. What's the measurement around the outside of the waist of your favorite pairs of pants? If it's 31-32"ish then go TG 32. If it's 33"+ then you should be fine with the...
Venetian Shoe Cream is one of the most frequently recommended products for Chromexcel in any color. It cleans, moisturizes, and protects the leather and buffs to a nice shine. It doesn't affect the appearance of the leather too much as long as you don't apply too much of it. Care of brown and natural CXL is more or less the same; the natural is obviously more likely to darken in color when treated though. I would certainly avoid anything you spray on to waterproof quality...
            Here's a few pics of the pair of Quoddy Maliseet Oxfords I've had for 6 or 7 months. I've been wearing them regularly since I purchased them (alternating with a pair of Oak Street Trail Oxfords to give them days of rest with shoe trees). I've treated them lightly with Venetian Shoe Cream twice since I bought them to prevent excessive spotting/scuffing and to keep the leather in decent shape.
Nice pair of Maliseets Ritchee! Have you treated them with anything? That's one of the darkest new pairs in natural Chromexcel I've ever seen. Perhaps it's just the photos. I definitely love the natural CXL pair I bought some time ago; they age very nicely and are comfy as hell. 
The Tanner Goods Portland Ore. logo is stamped on the belt (you can see pictures of them on the TG website). FYI the logo gets completely covered by the overlap of the other end of the belt when worn.
Good question; TG belt sizing is a bit confusing. They run one size, or 2", up from average belt sizing (i.e. they fit like a 36 from most other companies). All 3 measure close to 36" from where the leather wraps around the edge of the buckle to the center hole. These 34s should fit someone with a true waist in the 32-34" range nicely, depending upon how snugly or loosely you wear your pants.
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