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Thanks for keeping the post active. Myself found a pair of Danner boots. Quality of leather and construction is fantastic. Although a real true hiking boot, looks great casual also.
Agree, at this point, if I like the product I would gladly spend the $ on an all American made. This is a quest to seek out things of quality that are still made here. I appreciate all the replies.
My apologies for not participating more, but I'm not trolling. I did do a search on "made in USA" last night and came up with 700 pages of stuff, nothing on the first 5 showed a full dedicated thread.The curiosity came when I started to look around and how few items are actually made in full in the USA. Seems like smaller boutique places specialize in American made stuff as opposed to large companies.Few thing I found, Beau Ties make awesome looking bowties and ties, some...
what is still made in the usa, besides some quilted blankets and teddy bears in vermont? the things I can think of off the top of my head: AE shoes Alden Shoes New Balance (probably not even all of them?) Anyone in specific seek out things made in America? If so, please share...
is that a replica??? edit: i guess i'm late too the party after reading through all the posts. that chopard looks iffy too. kuwait, you mix replicas with real watches? Quote: Originally Posted by Kuwait I like to mix it up over the course of the week.
As far as I remember all the AP royal oaks now produced are 39mm. The older 36mm were all JLC based movements and now are discontinued. Although the new dual time still looks to be JLC based. I really like some of the 36mm models, especially the week-month-moon model. They're excellent buys in the second hand market. Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh This is about 36mm.
Not to hijack the thread but what if I, the groom, wore a peak lapel tux and all the grooms wore a notch lapel tux. Spare me the tirade that all tuxes are to be peaks, I know. Problem a few of them already own a tux and unfortunately its a notch one. They're flying to our wedding so the expenses will be large already and I don't want the ones that own to spend more $ on renting. All the rentals would match theirs and then I will bring my own. Would that work?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu So my chick was listening to a TI song today and he said "Ralph Lauren purple label. Ain't I fresh as I can be".... sad day he's just hatin' cuz the pant won't fit over his ankle bracelet.
quick, everyone paypal me $5 and i'll make him an offer at the end of the week. maybe we can buy tb as a style forum.
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