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Plz some help here
Solid pale lavender or the medium grey
Posts held in moderation no rhyme or reason to which are held and which aren't. First I figured was because I was using a lot of external links and that triggered the spam filter, but can't understand reasons for subsequent ones.  
Next question-- why are some of my posts being held in moderation? I can understand one that I posted on another thread which had a few external links-- making sure I'm not a spammer-- but not sure why the one I just posted was.
My reply to you was held in moderation and I have no idea why (unlike last one no external links included).
Then wouldn't it have made more sense to create a "tailored only" subforum? After all, tailored is a relatively concrete definition, as opposed to "street wear" vs. "men's clothing"-- seems like given the practical overlap between formal, semi-formal, business casual, casual, and street wear, it should all be on one forum. I mean I know I'm a newbie and all, and not trying to dictate to people how to structure the forum, just expressing my frustration at a set up that...
It is a serious question, and I do not care for your high-handed, and, more importantly, uninformative response.  
Yeah what's with this MC vs. SW&D debate? When I first joined I thought the MC casual thread was about biker casual clothes or something (MC=motorcycle club), then I figured out there were two different sub-forums and apparently there is some kind of rivalry between them. Um, why? First off, why even have two separate forums? It's all just clothes. I mean I like to mix and match more casual/street wear and more formal stuff-- for example, once rocked a dark gray...
Awesome. Yeah try to buy Made in the USA/union label products myself, though it's increasingly difficult today, especially on a limited budget. Do you like Gillo Pontecorvo?
For more formal dress in the summer I personally like to wear a white or tan linen (or linen/silk) blazer, with blue, pink or tan shirt, khaki pants and tan or cordovan oxfords, but then again I work a job where I can wear whatever the fuck I want and I don't give two shits about what anyone else thinks of my attire besides me. But generally if you're looking for summer weight suits then a light-colored linen or linen/silk or seersucker suit is the way to go, just keep...
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