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I prefer #1 :) 
The hat is so beautiful, I really do think that the Panama hat is one of the most elegant and chic hats ever ! Perfect for summer suits ! :)  
  I'm sorry , I didn't think it was a problem. I have edited my post, I will not make the same mistake again ! :D 
___________________________________________________________   Personally I think that Anne Hathaway looked amazing ! :)    
I appreciate your opinion and I definitely would not say that I am an authority in fashion I simply post my thoughts and preferences concerning this subject that I am passionate about. :)  
I think that as you are just beginning to get into "fashion" you should probably go for classic and timeless pieces that one can rarely go wrong with, Zara & H&M have affordable staple pieces that with time you can build on.
Really cool blazer !
My Blog: Enjoy ! 
I love that designers have created so many cool cases for iphones and ipads ! These are definitely some of my favourites !   
One of my favourite fashion quotes ! :) 
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