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Wild guess, Hayes in Vintage Rioja. At least a TG73.
I have a pair, check post #92 and my profile pic.
Thank you.I wear JLP and EG in 7UK.Corthay I wear in 8.
Thanks!Corthay has very few resellers, and as soon as you find them, you are lucky to find the shoes you like the most in your size.Turnaround time for MTO is 6+ months, which also doesn't make it easier.
I picked up this pair last weekend. Vendome in Ardillat.      
I guess its different per person. I have 70, 71, one pair of 73 which I still consider too tight. So my other pairs of 73 are half a size larger than my 70 and 71s.
I don't see them, are the off the site again?
Have you worn them often?Pics?
Model Bucy, color Caviar. After a couple of wears:  
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