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Formula 1 Driver. *sigh*
Take a hard look at what you want to achieve both personally and financially given a certain time frame.  Write them down and then achieve it.  Like everyone else, you'll adjust where you need to.   Try not to use your earned income to buy your elective material toys.  Buy assets that generate revenue and use other people's money to buy them (finance).  Rental property is one example of this type of asset, which is especially fruitful in an area with lots of job...
I sell commercial power in deregulated areas in the northeast and midwest for an energy company here in Houston.  I'm also a landlord expanding my fiefdom.
If you're a great speaker, start as a local politician. Your thread title already indicates a politician's mind set so you're 3 quarters there. Doesn't matter if there's a D or R next to your name, just get in. Salary might be OK, but the palm greasing and getting to know what local projects are coming up is golden information. Tax payers are forcibly on the hook anyway, so you're stealing from them. It's probably the best job for stealing money.
Somebody's already said it. Experience is your best teacher. The more business conflicts you're in, the better you will get at handling it as time goes on. Sometimes asking advice from a senior colleague, independent of the conflict, can offer a different perspective that could help.
Greetings from Texas.  I'm a family man with 2 kids. I also work in the energy industry selling commercial power in the Midwest and Northeast United States.  Joined to get ideas on improving my wardrobe, and to see what looks good with a conceal and carry. 
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