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Thanks, but I don't want a custom-made jacket. Not to mention it'll cost a lot more. I am almost sure that the button thing on the shoulder is a logo of sorts. *SOMEONE* has to recognize it
Sturm07: thanks a lot for the tips, but I'm afraid none of them seemed to be the creator of the jacket :( I did some more searching around to see what other clothes have been used in the series and almost all previous jackets have been from several different brands, so I guess it's like finding a needle in a haystack ;\     Scarpe: what do you mean?
bumpity bumpit up
Been looking for leather jackets in the last weeks and just saw one that looked awesome last night on Breaking Bad. This one:   All I know is that it's a cafe racer and I assume it's from a 2012 collection.   Maybe it's a logo on one of the "buttons" on the thing on the shoulders? But I don't recognize it.  Would appreciate any help.
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