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So i'm interested in ordering a couple of shoes from Skoak.  How exactly does their VAT deduction work?  Is the price listed already with the VAT deduction or is there an additional deduction from the list price?  Thanks in advance.
Anyone here own the Jodhpur Boot?  I've really liked this style for a long time but I'm hesitant to pull the trigger.  I never see any pics of anyone wearing theirs and I'm not sure how often I would wear if I do buy them.
What's sizing like on the Barrie last?  My only Aldens so far are the Indy Boot which is an 8D and fits perfectly, and the unlined suede flex loafer in an 8.5D.  I'm thinking of preordering the Leffot Captoe Boot.  TIA  
@Caustic Man   Headed to Louisville in June for my bachelor party weekend.  We are planning on making it to three distilleries on Saturday, 2 of which are Makers and Buffalo Trace.  What's your suggestion for our third?  We are thinking either Woodford or Four Roses since they are pretty close to Buffalo Trace.  Any other recommendations for Friday and Saturday night are much appreciated.
Thanks mdubs.  I'm definitely looking for something a little more casual.  I've just made the move from AE to Alden so I'm starting from the bottom.  Just grabbed some 405's last month, probably going to go ahead and jump on the camp moc's in the next week or so and I've already got something in mind for May.  
Anyone here own anything on the Cape Cod Collection from Alden?  I'm looking for something to replace my drivers mocs.  I like the Camp Moc a lot.  Being in Alabama it's quite warm so I need something to wear with shorts, khaki's or jeans.
Just ordered my first Alden's from Roden Gray.  405 Indy Boot, pretty excited to get these in.  I've got about 15 pair of AE's so I'm ready to make the transition to Alden.
Anyone had any experience purchasing from Roden Gray?  I've been debating on buying a pair of Indy Boots for a while and they have them for $463.  This is the cheapest I have ever seen them.  Shipping is free but I've never purchased anything from Canada. Should I expect to pay customs/duties?  Thanks in advance.
Anyone seen the flyknit lunar 2 at their outlet?  Still $120 at Footlocker and Nike, not interested at that price since they've been out for quite awhile.
Billy Reid Gift Card worth $135.41, yours for $100.00.  
New Posts  All Forums: