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Just ordered my first Alden's from Roden Gray.  405 Indy Boot, pretty excited to get these in.  I've got about 15 pair of AE's so I'm ready to make the transition to Alden.
Anyone had any experience purchasing from Roden Gray?  I've been debating on buying a pair of Indy Boots for a while and they have them for $463.  This is the cheapest I have ever seen them.  Shipping is free but I've never purchased anything from Canada. Should I expect to pay customs/duties?  Thanks in advance.
Anyone seen the flyknit lunar 2 at their outlet?  Still $120 at Footlocker and Nike, not interested at that price since they've been out for quite awhile.
Billy Reid Gift Card worth $135.41, yours for $100.00.  
I'm getting ready to buy my first Alden's this weekend. I'm getting the Indy Boot. How does Alden fit in comparison to Allen Edmonds? I have probably 20 pair of AE's and I'm pretty much an 8 1/2D across the board. I don't have a store that sells Alden close by so I'm having to order them. Thanks in advance.
I have a Pixie which I will keep until they release more espresso for the vertuoline, assuming they will.
That makes sense and I can live with that. I prefer the espressos so I doubt I drink as much of the coffee but having that option all in one machine is appealing. I'm used to drinking "American" coffee from a Bunn coffee machine at work Monday through Friday anyway.
Anyone have the new Vertuoline machine?  Put one on the wedding registry last night.  I love my Pixie but I like the idea of the machine making coffee as well as espresso.
 What color are you looking for?  I've got a pair I've worn twice and don't care for.  Size 9.5
Allen Edmonds Cronmok boot in Tan, Sz. 8.5D.  These shoes have been well taken care of.  Shoe trees always kept in when not being worn and stored in box.  Box and bags included.  $150 shipped.
New Posts  All Forums: