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Does anyone know if the corporate membership for Brooks Brothers works on their Aldens?  Looking at getting a new cordovan loafer and if the 15% discount works, I will snag a pair.
Since Alden for JCrew has been mentioned recently, how often is Alden included in their sales?  They have a couple of pair i'm interested in but because 100% of their line is on sale at some point, I struggle paying full price there.
Leatherfoot in Toronto has a sale on 4 Alden shoes.   Indy 401 is $500 CAD - Sz. 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 11.5 Indy 403 is $400 CAD - Sz. 8, 9.5, 11, 12, 13 All weather 949 in black is $450 CAD - 8, 9, 11, 12 9432 in brown chromexel is $450 CAD - 8, 10.5   Maybe that interests some of you.
 I will be in Toronto for a long weekend in 2 weeks.  Any Alden stores worth checking out while i'm there?
I've got a sizing question for you guys.  How do the Camp Moc's fit, I can't find what last they're on?  All of my Alden's happen to be Van or Barrie and are all a perfect 8D.  The Camp Moc's keep popping up on the 8D seconds list and at $189, I think they may be worth checking out.  
Are these the boots from Brooks Brothers?  If so, I may have to grab a pair myself.  I've looked at them online a couple of times but never pulled the trigger since I wasn't sure how they looked in person.
Ring Jacket Alden Quoddy Rancourt Oak Street  Meermin Carmina Filson Barbour   I like the Madras shirts someone mentioned previously.  Some nice flannels with Woolrich would be cool too.
Alright guys, I need some advice.  Looking to buy my first nicer watch and need some suggestions.  Budget is around $1200.  I've looked at the Tag Formula 1, different Shinola's, and a few Tissot.  I'm only a few years removed from college and work for a medical tech company so it's pretty casual.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I've been contemplating picking up a pair of the Brooks Brothers Cordovan Tassel Loafers.  Will Alden recraft them down the road even though they are BB branded?  I have some Rancourt's from BB that I had recrafted but I wanted to check about Alden before I buy them.  Thanks 
Ordered my 257 today, now impatiently waiting on its arrival.  I took my work laptop, it's a monster Lenovo, to the store today to see if it fit in the 256.  Since it was a fairly snug fit, I decided on the 257.  Plus, I figure I can put a change of clothes in it for overnight business trips.
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