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I've been contemplating picking up a pair of the Brooks Brothers Cordovan Tassel Loafers.  Will Alden recraft them down the road even though they are BB branded?  I have some Rancourt's from BB that I had recrafted but I wanted to check about Alden before I buy them.  Thanks 
Ordered my 257 today, now impatiently waiting on its arrival.  I took my work laptop, it's a monster Lenovo, to the store today to see if it fit in the 256.  Since it was a fairly snug fit, I decided on the 257.  Plus, I figure I can put a change of clothes in it for overnight business trips.
Does anyone have experience with Rancourt's recrafting?  I sent a pair off last week that arrived Monday.  I haven't gotten any word that they have been received yet.  What was the turnaround you guys experienced?
I have both and wear an 8.5D in the 1K and an 8D is the Indy.  The Indy is definitely larger in my opinion.
Alright guys, I need some suggestions.  I'm getting ready in the next week or so to buy a new briefcase bag.  What are your thoughts on the 256 vs the 257?  It will mainly be used for everyday use back and forth to the office.  Occasionally, I may have to travel overnight for work.  Are either of the 2 big enough for my laptop and a change of clothes and shoes?  Thanks for the help.
I have a pair and mine are unlined.  They are extremely comfortable but the soles are quite thin.  I've had mine for about 3 months and they aren't far out from needing a resole.  I wear them on average 3 or 4 times per week.
 It certainly looked like a thinner leather sole than normal but for $170, it's certainly worth checking out. 
Anyone have the Venetian Loafer?  I ordered a pair today from Brooks Brothers since they had their 30% off for corporate accounts.
What's the email for TSM to get on their irregulars list?
Can you request an irregulars list from TSM at any time or only when they release their irregulars email?
New Posts  All Forums: