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you can use black polish (paste at first at the "unburnished" area and then some black wax) and it ll be easily covered !
  Munky thank you for nice words!! Being a Gentleman as always!! I just try to help when i can because learning from your own mistakes is costly most of the time hahah!! Always happy to help!
  You didnt scratch the leather here at all!! The contact with the hard surface just pilled off ( striped)  the factory final finish (applied with airbrush )!!   Here you can do what Munky suggested(recommended) or stripe down the entire toe area of both shoes and refinish it (make a new patina maybe) but you have to have some experience to do that and its not recommended !
   The easier way to partially (if not completely ) cover up this ,is by using a suede water protector spray (apply more product and in a little closer range (half the recommeded ) than the rest of the shoe)! It ll darken the shoe and make the color look more even !!   Always the best way is to recolor the whole pair !! 
Use some dubbin (apply it with your finger carefully so not to stain the suede) and they ll look as new!! Apply it in one direction to smooth out a little!! After one day or two use a spoon slightly heated(even at room temperature it ll do the trick) and give it a pass or two!!you ll be good to go!! Suede eraser and then some passes with the suede brush!! then use a waterproofer (will give the color a depth and generally it ll cover it up)  PS. Good to be back Gents!!...
Enamel will work but wont last as long as the finger nail polish !!! Preferably use the semi permanent nail polish but you ll need a uv light to make it polymerize ( a lot tougher than both of the previous , i have used all of them due to scale modeling)
Renovateur wouldnt be possible to clean this!! If you have renomat use it (one-two really light passes) to remove old polish and open the pores of the leather! Then use distilled white vinegar (credits to Patrick booth on that) solution :30ml vinegar(pasteurized/distilled)70ml water(preferably distilled )1ml lemon (i found that this helps greasy stains be diluted a lot faster) !!  the other option is to use saddle soap but its quit harsh and then you have to use a lot...
 Probably sir you have never read this thread.......this looks more like (90% i leave 10% out cause you can never be 100% from pictures)  the old polish is cracking (due to contraction during the water evaporation and then expansion due to the shoe trees )  !nothing to serious ! Use a cleaner after they fully dry (light passes without adding any force, just pass the cloth with the cleaner) , then a conditioner and finally a matching color shoe cream and you ll be fine!
Hermes red would give a reddish tone on top off the preexisting tan-light brown!! the mahogany not so much! (generally dont expect to change the color only by using a paste polish )
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