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For hi end shoes (rtw-mto-bespoke from good manufacturers or artisans like Bestetti )where the leather is really smooth only for mirror shinning the toe area takes about 10 minutes per pair generally! according to the videos on youtube i use  a lot more wax than the tiny dot they recommend, most of the time between half and full  fingerprint!! btw the lower the room temperature they easier to build the mirror shine!!  A useful trick i found lately is to use one time water...
uncle Mac nice combo!! good to have you back here
yes most of time i like my shoes to bee shiny with a mirror shine at the toe area and some time at the heel ! you can see here or at the shoe care thread some pictures! Feel free to ask or say anything !
very beautiful shoes!!  waiting for the gladiators with anticipation btw try not to cover the vamp area with wax so no cracking(color lighten) is visible and use a tooth pic to clean the brogueing this ll make them look as new (and stay) for longer!!
Crat beautiful shoes and nice shine at the toe are!!!   btw the shoe trees are lasted or just plain shoe trees? because they are too pointy at the top of the heel causing ecxesive stretch at the top line  leading to cracking!(i had the same isue once with a pair)   i think the leather at the vamp area and at the topline looks a little bit dry!!   some photos of G.Y (i think a have posted a video too from Barker shoes) and one Blake-Rapid
nice collection!! beautiful shoes!!(only the LV  is not my thing cause of the big buckle)Enjoy them!!! btw i have seen some minor scuffs and marks(mostly on brown shoes) this is really easy to make them go away!!(more info in the shoe care thread)
Munky you are refering to 1909 leather cream or the 1909 lotion? for the wax i think it is quite posible to have turpentine  but i dont think  the cream or the lotion has turpentine in them!!btw i ll try to make a contanct and have some details to share!cordovan cream of saphir has twice pingment cosentration but no extra moisture for sure as far as i know!! for that reason i would recomend you to use a conditioner!!
great shoes stitchy!!! nice combo!!!like it!!!
nice shoes!!! love the color tones hahahha totally agree
 first of all the shoes judging from their age look in really good condition!! the soles dont need a replacement at all (the stitching is intact except toes which is completely reasonable!!! they are in great shape but they need some conditioning for sure ) !!a toe steel guard is a must!! about the heels!! i think some sanding and a placement of a half leather half rubber last layer ll be what you need and ll keep the originality of the shoes!! about the conditioning...
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