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i think if you put them correctly without damaging the inseem there is no problem at all !!! i have put metal toe guards in my shoes my own its not something too difficult !btw i used screws very short from electronics so not to go deep!
No problem at all my friend as you know i am really happy to help when i can !! :)i use it on all my shoes but not all the time!when i see they need it (once every month generally)! the only disadvantage is that makes light shoes turn slightly darker after  some applications!!At dubbin case less is more is the golden rule!!(if you over apply it will take too long to get absorbed, depending on the brand but once i overdone it ,it dried after about 1 week so i could buff)
yes thats very good observation !! in dubbin there is about 5% beeswax depending on the brand if i remember correctly!! thats  why i said using it combined with carnuba paste wax and not alone!! the solvents from the paste wax will desolve the beeswax and make it absorbed leaving only the carnuba wax at surface!! then with a good buff you can rase a very good shine!!At least thats what i see on my shoes!!(the surface is hard-shinny and not sticky at all!)
I spoke of Aquaplaning not Hydroplaning which is a completely different phenomenon in physics, but most people confuse them!! you correctly explain what is Hydroplaning!!Aquaplaning is when a layer of water is trapped between 2 surfaces and as a result there is almost no friction! According to my university  physics book( i was searching the exact book for 1 hour hahahah) Aquaplaning can occurs even to really  slow moving object when the conditions permits it! ! most of...
very beautiful shoes PoP indeed
i personally  use a combination of dubbin and neutral carnuba wax paste polish! waterproofing -preventing dryness and cracks at my opinion!
firstly  i didnt want to replay again cause i think the thing gone toooooooooo far and there is none useful information any more!!i really respect and admire your shoemaking skills ,but pls dont take parts from replies  and comment on that and not on the hole response!!   when i said about slick Tyre's i knew exactly what i said and why i said it but probably you didnt understand what i was saying!!! so lets be a little more clear on that!!   i said that like the slick...
   am really sorry but i can't agree on that!! For me galoshes (swims) are the ugliest thing you can put on ,especially if you are formal dressed! Just think of the picture getting in a lobby and and some people waiting for you to discuss business and you say " oh wait a minute i have to take of my swims" apart of the ridiculous sight, where you are going to put  the wet -muddy galoshes after? in plastic bag ,in your business leather bag? At my opinion this is more...
According to the topy "issue" , which we have discussed it in the past, i think it's just a personal preference  with  a little twist of subjectivity!! i really dont know if the sidewalks in US are made 99% by concrete (where indeed the leather soles grip really  well) but in the rest of the world ,especially where i live, aren't!!   i dont have any problem seeing topy at all , and to be subjective its barely visible only when someone is at stair es!! i am quite lucky...
soooo true!!!
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