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happy new year to all the friends here!!!
judging from the photos i cant see any fitting problems  of the shoe trees maybe a size bigger!btw you have to have the laces fasten or at least looped when you have shoe trees in them!! what's the  signs that makes you wonder? Jimmy i think they are just perfect!!  Not long for sure!!!i think DWfii ll be a better judge  of the photo
All bees make wax in epidermal glands to cover their outer layer of cuticle to prevent water loss.Beeswax softens at 90 deg F (32 C) and melts between 143 and 151 deg. F (62-66 C). The flashpoint (temperature at which beeswax flares up and burns fiercely) is 490-525 deg F (254-274 C)Beeswax is very stable. Samples thousands of years old are nearly identical with new wax.Beeswax does not oxidize and it is not affected by mildew.Beeswax is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and...
you wont have any problems with using renovateur  or lexol!! renovateur wont dry out your shoes( i use it on my shoes(museum leather too) for years with no issues) !! Renovateur is a cleaner-conditioner and has wax(and mink oil) in it and after buffing it raise a good shine so you can skip the part of adding wax or paste polish ! on the other hand lexol is a conditioner and you ll need to polish after so you can raise a shine! for conditioning i use  dubbin too sparingly...
  Generally if you use a wax-paste polish with no silicon in it , you wont have any problem to dissolve the mirror shine layer by using a cleaner conditioner( renovateur from saphir and lexol leather cleaner) ll do the trick easily !!  if you have a lot of layers added or a silicon based product(parade gloss from kiwi etc) you ll need something more drastic like RenoMat (in this case too you dont need to rub hard and by using a towel with 2 passes you ll be ok)
toes and heels(i hope you hadnt mirror shined the entire shoe) are parts of the shoe that dont flex so the need of conditioner is not so significant as at the vamp area!! i redo the mirror shine on my shoes about once every 2 months (faster if some neaterdal step on them hahaa :P ) but conditioning toes only every 6 months and that very lightly (more to prevent welt from drying) +1
  yes it is! here is an old photo about formality of shoe designs!! now days wholecut is considered more formal than the cap toe oxford!(formality is based on the decorations of the pair(brogue-stitching etc)  the less decoration the more formal it is!
 Not offense taken!!! i am always happy to learn new things especially from people with a lot experience backing up their opinion!!my mistake i have to say the procedure at first!! i know that polish ll come off and ruin everything that's why i use only dye and pure wax for that!!it's what you had to expect would happen with the LP or Dubbin at first!!! try to clean it i dont think its a good idea especially if you havent done it before(saddle soap ll remove most of the LP...
  i  suppose your new pairs do that?apart from the joking with DWFII, i use professional dyes (mostly saphir-morelo) dying the soles with the french way and then i apply some melted wax!the wax cause of the heat absorbed by the leather(only the first mm is affected) making it more water repellent and more durable against wear the best way for me is by using dye once every six months and paste polish at every polishing rooting!! except the aesthetic benefits this ll prevent...
something a little uncommon!! i had some free time today so i thought lets treat our soles!! sorry for the photo light was a little bit off
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