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 thank you very much sirthanks mimo!! thanks torsion for the like and all for the kind words!! one close photo on the stitching and lacing!  and one from the inside!! btw the nail holes from lasting are still visible!!
Just came home from Italy where i have seen some friend and shopped a little bit  hahaha!! So here is some photos of the new menbers of the Benhour family!             all thoughts are more than welcome
very beautiful shoes!! i really like the toe cap shape!!!
hahah thanks Mimo for the nice words and Petepan for the like some photos in natural light!! Generally the shoes look black and only under some angles of view or direct sun-flash light the purple undertones are vissible!!   
gennerally i think if you see how a bespoke last is made most of your questions will be  answered outomatically!! :)
  I had this pear for some time now            and because of  the color(quite "mafia strange" hahaha and not matching my clothes) i didnt wore them more than a couple of times !! So i decided to play a little with dyes on them to make them Black with some hidden tones of purple!!     During the process Finished  shoes(the purple tones are more visible in direct sun or flash light) and without a flash: Just some mirror shine needed at the heel!! some more...
very beautiful shoes!!!  love the tone variationgreat shoes
i dont think thats quite good idea cause this way you add solvents(turpentine-naphtha etc ) in cordovan cream where they are not indented to be! + this wont save you from the Dusty effect(i have tried that with no success) Generally there is no difference in consistency of a pigmented and neutral cream of the same brand and brand line! the only thing i can think is that she use neutral so not to alter the color of the new pair !!
burgundy colored would be better!! neutral cream tends to create a "dusty" effect where the shoes creases( neutral wax  cracks-chip off and with the absence of pigment looks like dust especially in dark colored shoes!)
 if i remember correctly he was using a "sandwich"  made by the insole  and a thin sole leather to stitch together the insole and the upper and then using the Blake stitching machine to stitch all together!! he said that in that way the insole and the upper wont separate during the resoling! i am not a shoemaker (even if  theoretically i know the different ways a shoe can be made) but i cant be sure what he did ! they are  not very worn indeed !! i think that's why they...
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