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beautiful suit and fit ! only the same  fabric tie-pocket square its not the best thing !! very nice combination!!! 
if the shoes were dark brown i would say leave them ! on the other hand even if you stain them with coffee (really difficult to take it off) you can always dye them and then have a ''new'' pair !!  
Thats the best part !!! Just to mention that now there is no barrier existing and  you need to reapply the protector! As i mentioned that it ll light up with brushing  now try to apply the protector from about 30cm away with light coats so not to darken again
the difference in the color is  more likely caused by the difference in the amount of product you applied !! Generally the protector must be reapplied every month to work properly !! A brushing with a suede brush ll fix your problem but after you ll need to reapply the protector to work properly!  
Nice work!!! The only thing i want to mention is that at my opinion you used a little more cream than the optimum
Getting ready for  coffee  in a sunny day at the suburbs of Athens!  [[SPOILER]]   suit : bespoke (fabric s180 V. Barberis  limited production for Armani bespoke)shirt : Hawes & Curtis tie : Kenzo (in the family from early 90s)cufflinks : family patrimony dont know the maker (from grand grand father)tie bar : gold from local jewel storehat : genuine straw hand made from local shop ps. i think that this shirt is quit (1cm )short 
Jesper really beautiful collection and all pairs the one more beautiful than the other!! The thing i like is that they are all well cared! 
 the easy way (if the starting  color is tan or light brown) is adding dark brown wax (not paste polish) at the areas you want or see at the photo! then buff with a brush! if the result is what you want stick to it else add some more wax and buff again !! with this way the transaction from color to color ll be smoother and it ll give more depth at the color!this is the best way to go but if you havent a basic experience of using an airbrush it ll probably end like a mess !...
Berners pls can you and your mate stop shit storming this thread?    You find usefull to "steal" a photo of GG from tumblr  and ask a question for pair you dont own and with no possibilities to obdane?  + trolling all the way from start, DrMartens really?
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