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i use wax only at the toe area just to kick the shine a little more!! (try to use a wax with as few as possible solvents in it!!i think Glens high shine paste or Colonil 1909 wax are a must for that)
totally agree with Cleav!! Fabulous shoes Jesper!!
the shoes you have are made off CG (high shine vinyl coat) i wouldnt recommend  to try remove the finish!!
generally you can go right after!(when a shine is raising  after buffing you are ready to go for the wax)
very good job just to remember not overdoing it with wax at the vamp area!!it ll flake of as it flex :)
Patrick i suspect that degreaser ll take off also the phat and oils of the leather too!! i think that the thing we have all to agree is that every time after a cleaning session we have to condition shoes!
Jesper i am just speechless !! Really beautiful pair !!!
This is just cosmetic! there is no stitching!! (this isnt  a photo i downloaded from the Internet , its  a photo i took of a pair of mine)! Thats why i was so sure about the absence of the stitching! Now about the video , i ll try to find it (more of a year ago it was posted here) ! It was for a shoemaker from china (more of an MTO family business than a bespoke maker if i remember correctly) I think the stitching is about 0,7-1cm (somewhere in the middle ) from the outer...
There is no stitching at the welt (thats why the first photo ) !    I know how a blake-rapid is made  thats why i said blake closed channel!! i am not a shoemaker but i think it can be done quite easily! i have seen a video here too with the entire procedure!!    By the way i just saw at their website that they use blake stitching at their summer collection!
    I think this is a fine example of  closed channel Blake stitching !  If this is named otherwise i stand corrected!
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