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i was suspecting that (its a matter of personal taste always, i just prefer colorful pocket squares more and save my white silk for more formal occasions )
Very beautiful tie-jacket combination! Maybe try something more colorful in the pocket square spectrum (maybe its only me but i have in my mind white pocket for  more formal jacket/suits) 
I think you have to listen everyone but always to filtrate what they are saying! Most of the Gents here have a passion about being well dressed and know a lot of thing about that subject(already or learned from this thread)  so i dont think we are representative sample of general population hahahaha 
Judging from the photos i think this is from uneven absorbtion of the cream causing over saturation in some spots! the darkened spots especially in the last photo the leather looks like it had rubbed on something!    btw are these seconds?i ask cause i see the numbers marking on the pair 
 I think mostly in northwestern (cause of the weather i can asume  and tradition) the GYW are more common !! Gennerally i dont think he would have any problem to find a cobbler that can resole a blake stitched anywhere  or use a GYW/blake-rapid machine to stitch a sole over the preexisting one!! (i think that is possible  and DWfii can verify this as a very reputable shoemaker with a lot of experience )
Generally no! Even if they are a little hard/stiff at start they ll become softer after some use!!  Now according to the spots you have mentioned!! After a period of time did they get lighter? Btw any photos would be much appreciated 
  I have answered according to the pairs he have posted!!    Generally in most European countries (U.K aside ) is more common to see a Blake stitching machine than a G.W/blake -rapid machine in a cobblers shop ! Btw the cobbler witch the services i use said to me that for him is much easier  to resole a blake stitched  pair than a GW  or a Blake-rapid ! (i have given to him to resole every kind of shoes   and did really great job to all of them , btw he makes shoes too but...
Shoes that are made with blake construction method can be resoled (in fact they are the easier to be resoled) !! On the other questions you have made i think Munky have covered it up really well!
Let them sit and dry !! generally you have to have in mind that on tan shoes tend to occur this type of patina!! 
This is from the solvents of the polish !! It ll go away with time!
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