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 thanks for the nice words Patrick and crathahaha always you get what you deserve when  you do things the opposite way
"sun damage"  on my bad weather shoes!     i ll upload some more pictures with natural light tommorow morning!! hope you like the outcome
it's not very difficult but if you havent done it before its quite easy to damage the factory finish(meaning the smooth surface of the leather)!! how easy it would be depending on the tanning and dyeing process applied on the leather!!
Totally agree with Roger on the renovateur
hahaha i am afraid that i have to!!!  great shoes roger !!hmmm you get me in the scotch grain thing now!!! niceeeee
  it's like seeing myself quoted to me as an answer to me!!! hahaha Munky yes Collonil cream has no turpentine in it as i have said you in the past!!(officially from Collonil ,as the official reseller importer here is a friend of mine)!! Renovateur has no smell of turpentine at all(you can take turpentine from an artist shop  and smell it)  and if you see the official shite instead of all the other products where is mentioned that it has turpentine as a natural solvent at...
really beautifull color!! love the variation of tones in it!!! nice pear J.I very elegant thin lines!! hmmm i am in thoughs now!! with or without the brogueing!! great shoes  wurger
 cordovan cremes by their definition have to be more gentle than cremes for calf skin!! less solvents  -more oils so not to damage the smooth surface of cordovan( thats why when you use cremes for calfskin on cordovan you make it dull, you take out some of the wax infused in cordovan at  tanning-making progress)turpentine is a solvent(like naptha etc) !! its perpose in wax-creme polish is to prevent solidification of the product so you can use it!! turpentine's work has...
cordovan cremes is the same cremes as the cremes for calf  and conteining les solvents and more oils and pigments!! believe i really know what i say!!
if your concern is about doing harm on calf skin there is no problem on that!! just cordovan creme has a lot more pigment in it!!
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