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You make me blush dear friend !! always happy to help  and share!  so i ll use them to make my shoes dirtproof....... hahahabtw like the traditional "outfit" of places along the worldreally happy to see that the "craziness" in that thread isn't lost some pics of a project i recently started for the crazy guys here  edit(adding pictures)
all things are needed, the tricky part is to know when and how to use it!!! over use of any product will have the opposite effect that is supposed to have!!!
hi to all friends here again!! i am really happy i am back in this forum!!! here some pictures of some of my pairs( about 1 year old) and the brown wingtip was shocked in wet 2 times so i had to redone shinning and some of the finish!!   all comments are more than welcome
Crat great shoes!!! really love the color tones and especially  the sun damage at the toe!!  Very bautiful and elgant!!! J great collection !!! love the wholecuts as always!! F ''bastards" feeling in love again!!! hahahha
No not at all!!dry dirt most off the time can be easily cleaned using a suede eraser or suede brush!! for more protection use a  nano protector(not only protect from lequid stains but it makes it a lot easier to clean dust !! hope i helped you a little bit
roger great chukkas  !!!love the color and shape(even i am not a chukka fun)!   i am here after a big absence  cause some issues i had but i hope i ll find all friends here !!! to all of you best wishes from Greece
 thanks for the nice words Patrick and crathahaha always you get what you deserve when  you do things the opposite way
"sun damage"  on my bad weather shoes!     i ll upload some more pictures with natural light tommorow morning!! hope you like the outcome
it's not very difficult but if you havent done it before its quite easy to damage the factory finish(meaning the smooth surface of the leather)!! how easy it would be depending on the tanning and dyeing process applied on the leather!!
Totally agree with Roger on the renovateur
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