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Berners pls can you and your mate stop shit storming this thread?    You find usefull to "steal" a photo of GG from tumblr  and ask a question for pair you dont own and with no possibilities to obdane?  + trolling all the way from start, DrMartens really?
Really useful David Coplands (f... he made his name stay in history.....) come in this thread and shit storming just trying to pick up fights!!! Really really useful indeed 
I use grease on leather too !! Not only shoes btw ........... We ll never agree on that matter hahaaha
Really beautiful summer outfit!! Love the jacket!! the canvased shoes are not my thing but thats only a personal prejudice !
 First of all , welcome to the thread (if i am not mistaken this is your first post here) !  Generally you can mirror shine even with the worst wax-polish , its just taking ages to perform! I have mirror shined a friends pair using a 1 euro wax! After the time required  there is the final result that is slightly different from brand to brand!! Some waxes give a long lasting and glassy finish ((really smooth and hard surface) Collonil 1909 wax, probably GKaren high shine...
  A very big Hello Gent's from sunny Greece!      Generally i dont like to pick up fights and like to help when i can (especially when i know something well)  but when someone provoking systematically and offensively i would be really happy to give him the fight of  his life!! With the previous "statement"  i wanted to say that even if you have the best intentions to help  when someone is rude you would not be able always to stay calm!!     I dont like to take sides...
My personal experience says a very big no on using neutral -light brown on darker shoes (it ll cracked and look like dust at the areas where the shoe flex(vamp) )!Mid brown it ll be ok! Clicked on them and chrome downloaded them !! hahahaha 
 The best for not changing the color is to take the shoes with you and find the matching color(as close as possible to the original)!! I a mid brown i think its the best so not to darken them !Dark brown  especially cream polish from saphir or colonil ll darken them for sure (i have both creams and they are really dark with lot of pigment in them)   Hope i helped!
  First of all a very big hello from crazy weathered Greece to all Gents here!     A little movie inspired  today(mostly at the colors) ! All thoughts are more than welcome!Enjoy (sorry for the bad phone quality pictures)              Sorry i forgot the details!! (edit) bespoke jacket (V. Barberis fabric) Brooks Brothers vest  T.M. Lewin shirt E.Zegna tie Antagoniste pochette Thompson caff links
 Totally agree 
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