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i dont think thats quite good idea cause this way you add solvents(turpentine-naphtha etc ) in cordovan cream where they are not indented to be! + this wont save you from the Dusty effect(i have tried that with no success) Generally there is no difference in consistency of a pigmented and neutral cream of the same brand and brand line! the only thing i can think is that she use neutral so not to alter the color of the new pair !!
burgundy colored would be better!! neutral cream tends to create a "dusty" effect where the shoes creases( neutral wax  cracks-chip off and with the absence of pigment looks like dust especially in dark colored shoes!)
 if i remember correctly he was using a "sandwich"  made by the insole  and a thin sole leather to stitch together the insole and the upper and then using the Blake stitching machine to stitch all together!! he said that in that way the insole and the upper wont separate during the resoling! i am not a shoemaker (even if  theoretically i know the different ways a shoe can be made) but i cant be sure what he did ! they are  not very worn indeed !! i think that's why they...
yes i thought i mentioned they are not inset!!  btw the screws  are 3mm long with big "wings" around the axle(from computer electronics) and thats why i choose them!! they dont pass through the outsole and for 1year and 2 months now they hold tight in place!! in fact they dont sound so much in normal walk(hahahaha)  cause they just touch the floor when my foot is ready to lift from the ground! the shoes are made using  a variation of blake stitching (i dont remember...
 First some information about me!! i am considered a big guy (6,2feet about 100kg well build) and the way i walk make the toes of my shoes some times hit-scratch the ground(depending on the design of the shoe, some round toe shoes dont touch at all)  so i thought a good idea to put some toe guards(not flashed, i used some that military or dancers uses most of the time)as you can see in the photo  the screws were placed inside the stitching !! they are thin -short screws...
i think if you put them correctly without damaging the inseem there is no problem at all !!! i have put metal toe guards in my shoes my own its not something too difficult !btw i used screws very short from electronics so not to go deep!
No problem at all my friend as you know i am really happy to help when i can !! :)i use it on all my shoes but not all the time!when i see they need it (once every month generally)! the only disadvantage is that makes light shoes turn slightly darker after  some applications!!At dubbin case less is more is the golden rule!!(if you over apply it will take too long to get absorbed, depending on the brand but once i overdone it ,it dried after about 1 week so i could buff)
yes thats very good observation !! in dubbin there is about 5% beeswax depending on the brand if i remember correctly!! thats  why i said using it combined with carnuba paste wax and not alone!! the solvents from the paste wax will desolve the beeswax and make it absorbed leaving only the carnuba wax at surface!! then with a good buff you can rase a very good shine!!At least thats what i see on my shoes!!(the surface is hard-shinny and not sticky at all!)
I spoke of Aquaplaning not Hydroplaning which is a completely different phenomenon in physics, but most people confuse them!! you correctly explain what is Hydroplaning!!Aquaplaning is when a layer of water is trapped between 2 surfaces and as a result there is almost no friction! According to my university  physics book( i was searching the exact book for 1 hour hahahah) Aquaplaning can occurs even to really  slow moving object when the conditions permits it! ! most of...
very beautiful shoes PoP indeed
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