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toes and heels(i hope you hadnt mirror shined the entire shoe) are parts of the shoe that dont flex so the need of conditioner is not so significant as at the vamp area!! i redo the mirror shine on my shoes about once every 2 months (faster if some neaterdal step on them hahaa :P ) but conditioning toes only every 6 months and that very lightly (more to prevent welt from drying) +1
  yes it is! here is an old photo about formality of shoe designs!! now days wholecut is considered more formal than the cap toe oxford!(formality is based on the decorations of the pair(brogue-stitching etc)  the less decoration the more formal it is!
 Not offense taken!!! i am always happy to learn new things especially from people with a lot experience backing up their opinion!!my mistake i have to say the procedure at first!! i know that polish ll come off and ruin everything that's why i use only dye and pure wax for that!!it's what you had to expect would happen with the LP or Dubbin at first!!! try to clean it i dont think its a good idea especially if you havent done it before(saddle soap ll remove most of the LP...
  i  suppose your new pairs do that?apart from the joking with DWFII, i use professional dyes (mostly saphir-morelo) dying the soles with the french way and then i apply some melted wax!the wax cause of the heat absorbed by the leather(only the first mm is affected) making it more water repellent and more durable against wear the best way for me is by using dye once every six months and paste polish at every polishing rooting!! except the aesthetic benefits this ll prevent...
something a little uncommon!! i had some free time today so i thought lets treat our soles!! sorry for the photo light was a little bit off
totally agree with Roger and Cleav!! very good job
once i removed it from a friends pair i used renomat so i cant be sure!!  thanks for the info travers!!
 i cant be 100% sure but this looks like a mark that i had on one of my pairs , it was from the conditioner(to be 100% i have to see the shoes in person)!(it was the time when i was overdoing it with the renovateur hahahah) !! i think you applied a lot of conditioner on that area and you left it to get absorbed!! the whiter spots are where there were  more conditioner so when the rest vamp dried these areas were still "wet" and the surface tension of the liquid dragged...
hahhaha i think you are just fine Fred!! you have to see my drawer to see what overkill means hahaha
Generally to know , if you put the oil first and then the lotion you are completely wasting it!! oil ll prevent the lotion to get in the leather!!(99% if you apply the oil you dont need  to apply the lotion) oil(mink oil -dubbin etc) are for leather like the shoes you are posted are made off (waxy-oily processed leather in general terms:hiking boots for example) when lotions are mostly for  calf leather (like the one used on more formal shoes). hope i helped a little...
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