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its the waxes (in this cases bees wax) that cracking off making the effect of "dusting" (make creasing areas look lighter)! Nothing to worry about!! just brush and with time it ll go away! hope i helped a little bit 
i am not referring to Bally products in general but at the specific pair!! in that pair the sole is cemented on the upper! 
The shoes are cemented ( the welt here is just  for decorating reason)! A good cobbler ll be able to resole them if needed quit easily !  In your case you just need to glue them back down!! Nothing major to consider about !!
Great jacket Justin Don i am not sure if it is the posture or pants need a little pull in at the leg area  and the sleeves a little pull in too!! Other than that this is a really beautiful suit and the color combination is just exceptional!! (btw the color of the suit match perfectly with your tones) 
yes it is!!!  most likely the brown have been shaken 
Really nice color and pattern combination!! Love the color of the tie 
Chogal are those shoes have been resoled or re heeled? (cause the heel as far as i can see from the picture doesnt have the rubber insert that SC shoes have)  !! 
Beautiful combination Justin and really nice Neapolitan jacket
Getting ready to go to vote for yes to Europe and yes to Euro!      
 Very beautiful suit and great fit! one question  : the tie bar you place it angled Sir or it just turning during the posture for the photos?
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