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Generally to know , if you put the oil first and then the lotion you are completely wasting it!! oil ll prevent the lotion to get in the leather!!(99% if you apply the oil you dont need  to apply the lotion) oil(mink oil -dubbin etc) are for leather like the shoes you are posted are made off (waxy-oily processed leather in general terms:hiking boots for example) when lotions are mostly for  calf leather (like the one used on more formal shoes). hope i helped a little...
First i would like to say that i am not here to pretend the lawyer of no one(as people of my country use to say in circumstances like this) even if some of them here considered as friends or at least we talk for a couple of years now!! At my opinion over use has the same effect as no use of shoe care products!! some of them are bad(see when they have petroleum distillates in them) but some of them are really good stuff and really help the way they are designed to help!...
  very beautiful shoes gentlemen !!!Mimo i have seen these shoes in person and they look really sharp (i was last week in Budapest)!!! i had too order them in burgundy as i was thinking
Bontoni and Fratelli Rossetti  have similar color tones!
excellent choice MIMO!!! i love the brown and the 2 tones!!!
Depending on the brush and the leather but Generally speaking thats true!!
  Totally agree with cbfn!! btw shell cordovan leather is already waterproofed cause of the waxes infused in it at the tanning process so there is no need to apply a waterproofing product!! sparingly (2-3 times a year you ll need to apply some nourishing cream and then a very little amount of wax polish to bring up back the shine) hope i helped a little bit
Brioniif i remember correctly sutor Mantellassi makes their shoes! Mimo very beautiful shoes my friend
  as DWFII mentioned the "toplift"  (didnt know it called this way, i always called rubber guard hahaha) needs replacing as soon as possible (no more specification needed as  DWFii provided everything )!! the thing i want to point out more is that 45 times and that result its quit too fast for what i know!! maybe the rubber was too soft for the tureen you were walking on!! i have used the half rubber/half leather  toplifts from vibram(among other brands also) and these are...
DWFII i asked specifically for the Renovateur(mentioning that i had an allergies from turpentine when i used their waxes and paste polish)  not for all of their products(at their creams and waxes they say it on the label that these are containing  turpentine!!) btw the only way i could judge myself if there is or not , turpentine in it , is by smelling it and renovateur isnt smelling turpentine at all!! but you can never be 100% sure on anything
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