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do the alcohol test!! :) take a rag or cotton put some alcohol (pure if you can) and rub in an unseen area (tongue probably is the safest part as they are oxford) if you dont see any color on the rag then sorry but they are corrected !! cause we cant be sure 100% from pics!! also to say that the dont look like shell cordovan to me neither 
very nice job Roger!! i really like the outcome! the color is more elegant  and rich!! it's not something really difficult ,especially if you are familiar working with leather!! you ll need  a rough sandpaper (600-800 grit) to sand the sole so the  glue ll bond firmly the leather sole and the protector!! shoe trees  and a hammer and a really sharp blade to trim off the edges!!! btw use a professional glue or one specific for that task! examples at the photo beneath 
Travers i cant be100% sure for all my shoes! But most of them are vegetable tanned (that is stated from the manufacturer and  from what i see they look like to be veg tanned)!! one pair of monks i own even the seller was saying they were bark tanned i suspect they where chrome tanned from an undyed part of the tongue (it was blueish inside)!!  i can only be sure  for the pair that is made from a friend of mine cause i have seen pictures from the hide!! 
 i dont think its useful in any way!! (except if you have hited the toe on a rough  surface and you want to put down the fibers that have been raced up! only at the last case i have used a spoon !
this looks like more something with color in it( coca-cola and less possible scotch or wine) ! can you specify the procedure you did with renomat because most of the time its not uses the right way!generally dont over do it with renomat or other kind of stripper cause its quit easy to mess up the finish or the leather surface of your shoes!(dont rub just let the product on to do the work) the shoes are not destroyed even at the scenario where you cant clean the spots(quite...
very nice shoes meister!! and truelly out of the box
cant agree more!!
this doesnt work for me !
    i am not considering my self a guru of shoe polishing but i know some things, 99% from personal experience and i ll try to help you out! yes black polish of saphir produce a mirror shine far easier than the neutral!!(i suspect that dye helps in solidification ) and generally the neutral MDO saphir  is harder to produce a mirror shine even comparing it to the neutral pomadier wax of saphir !! it has very high concentration of solvents and dissolve the previous layers!!...
Gaziano&Girlingmodel: GrandLast: Deco judging from the color MTO
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