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 Ok then i ll send you in a pm where you are going to find them!
 You can resole them for sure( real leather-dainite soles etc is up to you) ! Judging from your name you are Greek but i cant figure out where do you live! If you live in greece i can recommend you 2-3 good shoemakers- cobblers that can do the swap! 
 Very nice outcome!! One little suggestion , you can use a toothpick to clean the brogueing from the wax!i dont see any problem cause you just have stripped off all the preexisting polish one the toe!! Let them sit for a day to fully dry and then polish without using any water (preferably with wax) and you ll be  good to go ;) (generally Reno mat need to stay 5-6 minutes max , it is better 2 sessions than one too prolonged)
the heel needs a replacement for sure judging from this photo (the rubber part looks worn out)!! Now according to the sole itself it looks in ok condition having some life in it! 
  You have to see if it is alcohol based or the primary solvent in it!!    https://www.shoecaresupplies.com/Shoe_Dye_p/angelus-leather-dye.htm   If you have used this one (and not the acrylic one)  alcohol ll do the trick for you and you ll be able to clean the soles ! (try not to spill any drop of alcohol on the leather or it ll create spot stains!! I hope i helped you a little! 
Use a cotton cloth with alcohol or acetone(depending on the dye you have used ) and it ll remove the dye from the rubber sole!
    The pair you have posted , its leather is finished after the pair was made (spray finish and the leather wasnt dyed in that color in the first place)!! Its really easy to fix this !! 1: Use 3-4 layers of paste polish to cover it up (Saphir or Cololonil dark brown 1909 polish(higher pigment concentration))2: Use a dye preferably alcohol based 3: Dark brown spray leather paint (too messy and i dont recommend it) Collonil colour stop or other similar product ll do the...
mask the suede and use any brash or silver polish paste and rub with a cloth !!(still wire cable will leave marks on the bucklet)
This is due to the compression and flexing!! Nothing to worry about!!! 
very beautiful shoes Jesper!! They remind me off a pair of Riccardo Bestetti if i am not mistaken !
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