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i dont think it dries calf out if you apply it the correct way!!  if you soak in your shoes yes probably you ll have a problem cause of the solvents!! suede is the flesh side of the  hide, at the same hide  where the calf skin comes from also!(sorry for my English i try to do my best using these term cause when i uses google translation to translate from Greek's , Greek words are f up during translation)
i cant be 100% sure but this looks like a cola-scotch stain!!(wine (especially red) makes a lot darker spots) ! i am not sure that vinegar ll do something but give it a try and then if the problem is still there i ll give you  a method i used once and worked for me(scotch stain)  but is a little risky! isolation: you can use it but you ll have to reapply after every polishing(polish desolves the nanoprotector film) btw have in mind that protector maybe ll stain your cald...
i am not 100% sure (99% hahahah) but in 1920 they were awarded with the "gold medal" !! the consistancy of the products is changed a lot times from back then!!
very beautiful shoes Roger!!
i would gladly use them to start a fire in my fireplace at a cold night !! hahahha
 very beautiful shoes!! nice last btw!! As a wholecut lover one thing i have to say: well done!!!
this is because of the last!! not flat bottom!! had the same issue once!!
its quite easy to fix that!! just work a little more the first 2 layers and not adding water from the start!! it ll fill the pores a little faster!!
really beatiful boots Roger!!! in love with the mid EG Galway and the  Bonafe
niceeee!! love the color!! great shoes !!!
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