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you can use dubbin or leather dye!! if you use cream polish ll cover it but you are going to stain every carpet and floor you toutch
Jesper very beautiful shoes my friend!!  thank you for taking the time(already seen them in your blog)  to share it here as well !
nice travers!! ;) yes the gloss remains from the flaxes still remaining on the shoe but most of the time it looks a little messy(like a cracked paint or something like that)
 any photos of your mirror shine traverscao?you can but its quite pointless!! after 3-4 steps it flakes away at the areas where the shoe flexes and except toe and heel area cracks all!!!
 yes it's "near" chamoistrue!! for me its the best kind of cloth especially for mirrorshining
+1 ! the t-shirt (especially the underwear  ) has  a deap wave pattern which when used with force helps to remove old polish-build ups!! mostly i use it with Renomat!! let it rest for a day and then use  some wax and a sunglasses cloth (or similar) to buff (use it with your fingers not a spoon)!! it ll be like new
really beautiful shoes Jesper!!
a work of art!! nice monks Europrep!! love the  ungled bucklets
Did AE had a wholecut with 3 eyelets?  f ..... i have had seen that(clasic wholecut lover sindrome hahaha)  its only me or someone else can agree that the leather is creasing a quite strange way ?it looks like have some kind of plastic coating especially on the left shoe! but maybe its the lightning !! how they are in the long run?(i dont have AE shoes cause i think its quite ridiculous to pay 130-140 euro on import taxes  on a 230-250 euros pair)
send them back!! even for a sale and discontinued model this is unacceptable! conditioner wont fix the problem cause they already started cracking!!
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