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Very beautiful Roger ! Rich and deep color holding really great!! 
if i can see correctly from the photos you have posted(and understand what you mean by mouth hahah ;) ) i think this is just polish(mostly wax) over build up!! you ll have to use something a little stronger than just AE conditioner to clean that!! i recommend to go the way of  Saphir Renomat !! you can use it to clean deep down to the factory finish or just smooth out the build up ( "rash") ! hope i helped you solve this problem  
 Don love the texture of that jacket !!Great color combination (tie- pocket square)  Even if i am not a knitted tie lover this looks great Armando!!Nice fit and combo Koala-T
Really great job!!! love the outcome    Ps. give them some spit or mirror shine at the toe-heel area to give the color some more depth 
Really nice !!! That pocket square is very beautiful!
Don , really love that shirt - pocket square combination!!Btw the new eye wear looks fantastic! excellent choice at my opinion 
your foot seem to sit a little back in the shoe (if i see the stretching mark of your pinkie correctly) !i think they are a little bit too tight (judging from the pics ) maybe you ll had to go to a narrower fit (D-E maybe)!
   you can mix wax shades!(try to be from the same manufacturer and from the same line)! as for brands  any brand judging from the shoe ll do the trick just try to use products without silicon or petroleum distillates!
Look like Venice  to me! 
Thank you for the info!!   i checked the fabric books of Cerruti but as we say here i made a hole in the water(nothing) !   I let my tailor to contact them and they said that the fabric is made exclusively for them and if we want they can see if they have some in stock or a suit!(really professional )  i have found a quit similar fabric from loro piana with a little more purplish pinstripe so maybe i ll stick to that!
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