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welcome to the chase of the mirror shine!! hahha very good job for first attempt!!there is nothing wrong its the wax in the hair pores of the leather!! i can suspect you havent applied more than 2-3 layers or too thin layers! one more reason to have this effect is not to work the layer of the wax as much as you have to and it stays on top not getting in the pores !! the easier way to fix this (when the leather is not completely smooth and has pores) is to buff the first 2...
J when i saw that you have posted i was ready to see some good new shoes but..............................wtf is that awesomeness(new word i suppose hahaha) i seeeeeee!!!!As you know i am in love with the wholecuts  but this is a very beautiful pair!! specially i love the "sundamage" at the heel and toe!!! great choice my friend!!
 judging from the ingredients it seems to be a heavy conditioner - water proofer (basically is a Dubbin, mentioned as leather fat in their site)!! in that case more is less!! dont over do it cause it ll take ages to absorbed and dry so you can buff to a shine!!nice shine at the toes!! generally at my opinion this pair needs some conditioner and shoe trees for sure!!
Munky i dont think that the loss of weight (at that amount of pounds you lost) can lead to 1 size drop down!! more of  roomier last i think is the reason!!
yes you are right !!   i just have heard from a lot with that name and in my mind is printed like that haahaha
i know but generally a lot of  shoemaking companies referring to the design as "strand"!! that's why i putted it in the "........"! but thanks for the info Cbfn
very beautiful shoes and combination !! "strand" is always one of my favorite designs
nice shoes pck!!  the slipons is not my thing but i have to say i am in love with the wholecuts!!! very beautiful is the "punch" finishing also!!
in my previous post there is a single monk-strap pair that i have bought in Italy in tan brown color buti to be honest i wasn't very fan of the burnishing it had so i thought trying to make it a little more interesting!! hahaha always  like to play with dyes on shoes so i think i just searching for an opportunity to do so  here are the photos of the outcome!!      hope you like them as i do!! all thoughts are more than welcome
 thank you very much sirthanks mimo!! thanks torsion for the like and all for the kind words!! one close photo on the stitching and lacing!  and one from the inside!! btw the nail holes from lasting are still visible!!
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