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Very beautiful boots!! love the color
Crockett and Jones - handgrade -Marston model!! Before:    [[SPOILER]]  After i putted my hands on it hahaha:   [[SPOILER]]    The cleaning process was a nightmare (old polish-some kind of acrylic dye along the stitching-dye near welt) and took about 4 hours in total !i think it worth all the effort!!!The creasing start to fade away as the conditioner's oils and water evaporates( appear lighter in color in the last photo witch is one day after the others) and expected to...
Remove it it could be really hard ( renomat or other harsh cleaner and maybe you ll damage the finish)! i would try a vinegar solution (1/3) with water to even out!! if this wont help try some oily conditioner and this ll cover it for sure!
 Please upload a photo!! It would be much easier for us and you ll receive an better answer!!
Don you looking sharp!! Very beautiful suit (most of the time i hate brown but this one look very sharp) and very nice fit!! Try it with a blue tie too i think it ll look great too!! Sorry but i couldnt do something better using photshop from my phone hahaha
Use your breath closely to the surface then brush with a soft horse hair brush and this ll soften the waxes in the leather and bring up a shine! Else you can go with a tiny bit of wax or renovateur!
  Some things that i happen to know for sure about that matter!! The ShoeSP are rebranded Saphir(Avel) 100%!! Avel tend to make polish(rebrand her products for them)  so to take advantage of their name for advertising reasons(John lobb's old polish was rebranded Saphir, i am not sure 100% about the current one )  (a product with English name will sell much better than a French named product in UK's market , especially to people that "just want to buy a good polish" and...
  Generally you have to know that the amount of polish(applications) you lee need to achieve mirror shine depends : 1) the surface of the leather(the smoother the leather the less amount o polish you are going to need)2) brogues need more application in general because a significant amount of polish ends in the brogueing holes!3)Dried wax tends to build mirrorshine faster because the absence of solvents(dont destroy your wax for that hahaha)the amount of polish you are...
  A responce i gave some time ago to a gentleman asking the same thing!!  Some general things first!! never try to achieve a mirror shine when the room temperature is over 32-33Co(i dont remember excactly the convertion in Fo) ! the hotter the room the slower the solidification of the wax!the colder the better!idial temperature for me is about 23-26Co! Over 40Co is quite impossible to achieve a proper(at least what i call mirror shine with my stundars) mirror shine and it...
   No they wont!(dont spray it too close) on the other hand you dont need to apply waterproofing spray on mirror shine toes cause they are already waterproofed by the wax 
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