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 very beautiful shoes!! nice last btw!! As a wholecut lover one thing i have to say: well done!!!
this is because of the last!! not flat bottom!! had the same issue once!!
its quite easy to fix that!! just work a little more the first 2 layers and not adding water from the start!! it ll fill the pores a little faster!!
really beatiful boots Roger!!! in love with the mid EG Galway and the  Bonafe
niceeee!! love the color!! great shoes !!!
it has a smell but not a lot different than turpentine!
i would use a little amount of dubbin(it will darken the shoes in long term but with one-two applications i dont think you ll see any difference when it ll dry) or 1909 leather cream from collonil(you ll need to polish shoes after to rise a shine)!!
I really dont think there would be any problem at all!!
thank you very much Sir!!
A new pair just arrived at the house as a gift from my girlfriend for my name day (it's not yet but she wanted to buy them now,what i could say hahahah)           Btw the first and the last photos represent better the true color of the shoes! all thoughts are more than welcome
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