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A little input from me too! (first time on this thread )            (the photo of the shoes is a little older but it was the same combination today and forgot to take the shot)
very beautiful pairs Jesper!!! whole cuts aaaaaahhhhh you just spoke to my heart hhahaha    i have seen this brand while i was in Rome last summer and i was about to buy their tassels!! how is the construction? (judging from the pics they look really good)
Glen really good to have you back here after some time my friend!!    According to the question now! Most of the time i use both!    Paste wax for more shine (mirror shine toes-heel  or if i am going for a total spit shine)- to somehow water proof - "wear" proof  soles and to burnish sole edges !   Cream wax more for adding some color -patina on pairs and to cover small scratches and  discoloration marks or at the flexing areas(vamp etc)   For the aspect of...
thank you Travers for your kind words!! i just like to help when i can and be polite(i have lost my temper some times hahah)!! i have learned some things during the past years (the hard way most of the time and my own mostly  ) and i like to help people  and save them time and money (i ruined some really good shoes in the past when i was learning hahah)    true as it gets!  personally i use an old tshirt for applying the wax and a sunglasses cloth for the final buff!
Really happy to see that everything turned very well!! Really happy we helped you 
Mostly Travers i use dubbin at the vamp area (sparingly at the entire shoe , and really really rare at the areas like heel and toe) ! if the shoes doesnt have build ups of polish you wont need to rub just apply it with your fingers at it ll get absorbed quit easily
either way i dont think there will be any harm from what i reccomended and what i would do!! (if you look closely at the first photo at the outer part of the vamp  you can see that the finish is not existing any more  and there is a nap developing (sorry for my english i  try to be as specific as i can) !!  there wont be any problem on raising a shine  if you wont cake them in dubbin!!(always less is more with dubbin) calf leather treated more than 7 times with dubbin :    
they need some conditioner for sure!! i personally would apply some dubbin , ll help push down the raising fibers and they ll stick down! about after a day you can polish with wax and cream!!(maybe buff with a cloth to prevent fibers from pulling up again) this is not dryness at all!! the marks you see is from the lasting ( leather shrinkage from the moisture evaporating during the process (common aesthetic problem of chrome tanned leather)!! this is nothing to worry...
it's how you define the  "corrected"!!  if for you corrected is sanded down leather yes there is a finish on !!  when i said they are corrected grain i meant with a plastic coating on them!! patent leather i more used for the high shine formal shoes(incorrectly but thats what it has prevailed) !!sorry i think i had to say exactly what i meant!! btw i did a search and the shoes are made of calf skin with a plastic coating finish! they are not shell!
mimo if they were corrected what would the purpose be  of using polish on them? btw thats why i said about tongue area(hidden area) where the possibilities for polish to be there are really low
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