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its quite easy to fix that!! just work a little more the first 2 layers and not adding water from the start!! it ll fill the pores a little faster!!
really beatiful boots Roger!!! in love with the mid EG Galway and the  Bonafe
niceeee!! love the color!! great shoes !!!
it has a smell but not a lot different than turpentine!
i would use a little amount of dubbin(it will darken the shoes in long term but with one-two applications i dont think you ll see any difference when it ll dry) or 1909 leather cream from collonil(you ll need to polish shoes after to rise a shine)!!
I really dont think there would be any problem at all!!
thank you very much Sir!!
A new pair just arrived at the house as a gift from my girlfriend for my name day (it's not yet but she wanted to buy them now,what i could say hahahah)           Btw the first and the last photos represent better the true color of the shoes! all thoughts are more than welcome
thank you for your kind words Munky!!  thats very true!! temperature has a significant role how the waxes of shoe care-shine product solidifies!!!
 it looks like that factory waterproofing silicon(most of the time) protecting spray they apply at the final stage(most of the RTW shoe manufacturers apply some sort of this sprays on, maybe DWFII ,Glenjay  or NickV can give some more info on that) has been breached at some spots! Not a big deal at all (in my shoes i strip this off in purpose)!! the water you are using for mirror shine pass through the wax  and soaking into the leather making the fibers of the...
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