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Look like Venice  to me! 
Thank you for the info!!   i checked the fabric books of Cerruti but as we say here i made a hole in the water(nothing) !   I let my tailor to contact them and they said that the fabric is made exclusively for them and if we want they can see if they have some in stock or a suit!(really professional )  i have found a quit similar fabric from loro piana with a little more purplish pinstripe so maybe i ll stick to that!
Thank you very much for taking the time to take the shot!!  The fanny thing is that i was thinking to ask if its a Pal Zileri ,judging from the lapel design ! I was in their boutique in Rome last week when i was on vacation and i was ready to buy one of their Double B Blazers (pity they didnt have my size 56/58) Some ''inside" info on the label!( some things i knew ,some are from my Tailor ) : The code for the fabric/cloth is 83553 (i doubt they are going to give me the...
What can i say , just feel the love!! Really beautiful suit and the fit is "like a glove" !!   ps. Any dit's on the suit( cloth) if its possible ll be really appreciated .
Love the color combination!!Very beautiful pocket square 
very beautiful shoes Jesper!!! The color is really beautiful my friend!! 
btw it's a quite easy procedure !! you can use a dremel and the polishing tip (maybe use one drop of brasso cleaner) and they ll look like new!! just have a steady hand and put at low rpm!
i would stay with the kiwi  but if you want to switch to saphir go for the tan!! (only if you want it for mirror shine go for the neutral) 
i really like this fit (suit line)!! I think its compliment your figure more than some other suit cuts in the past!!  
its the waxes (in this cases bees wax) that cracking off making the effect of "dusting" (make creasing areas look lighter)! Nothing to worry about!! just brush and with time it ll go away! hope i helped a little bit 
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