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Jesper i am just speechless !! Really beautiful pair !!!
This is just cosmetic! there is no stitching!! (this isnt  a photo i downloaded from the Internet , its  a photo i took of a pair of mine)! Thats why i was so sure about the absence of the stitching! Now about the video , i ll try to find it (more of a year ago it was posted here) ! It was for a shoemaker from china (more of an MTO family business than a bespoke maker if i remember correctly) I think the stitching is about 0,7-1cm (somewhere in the middle ) from the outer...
There is no stitching at the welt (thats why the first photo ) !    I know how a blake-rapid is made  thats why i said blake closed channel!! i am not a shoemaker but i think it can be done quite easily! i have seen a video here too with the entire procedure!!    By the way i just saw at their website that they use blake stitching at their summer collection!
    I think this is a fine example of  closed channel Blake stitching !  If this is named otherwise i stand corrected!
 Travers i think they are more of a marketing trick and nothing more!! I have a goat hair brush , its really soft but it adds nothing to the final shine. The only benefit i can see is that they shine a little faster than the long horse hair brush but nothing significant to justify the cost!  +1 The best case scenario is a closed Blake stitch 
  First of all welcome!   If i am not mistaken this is a current model so there would be no benefit of caking your shoes into conditioners etc! if you want more shine just use a cream polish or a wax (apply really small amount , always a matching dark brown color ) ! judging from the color it would be very difficult to stain them(i think you ll have to try that hahaha)  and from the fact that they have rubber soles i dont think you would have any salt stain from the road!!...
A little bit more color(purplish hahah) for me today!         
As i answered to a prv message,  i am on short vacation and i was out for a coffee-drink with some friends !! A tie would be too formal even for me (generally i dress too formal especially for my country's habits) for a drink with good friends!! yes its a silk scarf !! sorry for the photos i was in a hurry so i did what i could with the phone camera , just wanted to show the combination  not the fit!  i promise i ll make up to with tomorrows combo  
A little input from me too! (first time on this thread )            (the photo of the shoes is a little older but it was the same combination today and forgot to take the shot)
very beautiful pairs Jesper!!! whole cuts aaaaaahhhhh you just spoke to my heart hhahaha    i have seen this brand while i was in Rome last summer and i was about to buy their tassels!! how is the construction? (judging from the pics they look really good)
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