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   What about mirror shine and someone step on you?If you wont strip it down you wont be able to build a new proper one!! Always depends on how you polish your shoes, where you wear them , the type of the leather and the climate of your area ! Btw 99% of the conditioners out there has waxs in them!! 
Renomat mostly here too!! Easier -safer- faster by far than other remedies (saddle soap -turpentine-acetone etc) always according to remove old wax
Very nice color!! love the depth of it!!! Great addition Mr Cleave
 The shoes looks in good shape according to the uppers!! You need to re heel them for sure (the rubber worn ed down) and except that if you continue to use them you ll have to replace the heel stuck ,  its not good for your body balance too!! + you have to fix the lining at the heel part !! 
i think the best way is not to do anything !! 99% you ll stain the suede with  polish!   yes you can use acetone but i think Renomat is a much safer option! Acetone is harsher than Renomat and maybe ll damage the surface!! In both occasions dont rub with force, a gentle massage ll do the trick for you!!   you welcome !  Always happy to help 
Very beautiful Roger ! Rich and deep color holding really great!! 
if i can see correctly from the photos you have posted(and understand what you mean by mouth hahah ;) ) i think this is just polish(mostly wax) over build up!! you ll have to use something a little stronger than just AE conditioner to clean that!! i recommend to go the way of  Saphir Renomat !! you can use it to clean deep down to the factory finish or just smooth out the build up ( "rash") ! hope i helped you solve this problem  
 Don love the texture of that jacket !!Great color combination (tie- pocket square)  Even if i am not a knitted tie lover this looks great Armando!!Nice fit and combo Koala-T
Really great job!!! love the outcome    Ps. give them some spit or mirror shine at the toe-heel area to give the color some more depth 
Really nice !!! That pocket square is very beautiful!
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