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  Depends on the scratch!! If it is light and wax didnt flake off the surface an other layer on top will cover it!! On the other hand if the scratch is wide and wax flaked off the toe then i think is time and effort wise to strip it off (or at least smooth it down) with a mild cleaner! 
   Waxed calf wont absorb cream-lotions in a big quantity! Less is more when it comes to waxed calf and shell cordovan is the golden rule !! You can use  wax to give them a shine if you want and a really light lotion twice a year!  Dubbin is a great option but it a little tricky in usage and it ll darken your shoes a little!! If you dont want darkening a waterproofing spray is the way to go!! Oils ll darken your shoes 2-3 shades or even more than dubbin!
  Renovateur has bees wax in it (not a very big amount but it has) that's why you see the dusting effect (f.... i created a shoe care term hahahahah)!! the  bees wax brake off and creating the dust you see in creases or where the shoe flexes (less noticeable on tan shoes)!   All conditioners more or less produce this dusting effect! The conditioners that dont produce so much dusting effect are the 1909  leather lotion from Colonil and lexol (i have never used bick4 though...
 Use a paste polish or wax with the same color(or slightly darker) as the pair of  shoes you have!! then the dusting problem wont occur !
it is depending on the kind of the sole if you can re-heel or change the entire sole! they can be fixed by a good cobbler for sure!!
Jesper very beautiful shoes and the last shape is complimenting the whole cut design!! As a whole cut lover the only thing i can say is excellent choice!! 
Happy New Year from snowing Athens (Greece)!!  Wish you all the Best
Don i love that suit!! the fit is very elegant and compliments your physic! Are those new shoes? they look very beautiful!!
Cleav they look really beautiful!!
Always happy to help if i can! 
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