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 yes it's "near" chamoistrue!! for me its the best kind of cloth especially for mirrorshining
+1 ! the t-shirt (especially the underwear  ) has  a deap wave pattern which when used with force helps to remove old polish-build ups!! mostly i use it with Renomat!! let it rest for a day and then use  some wax and a sunglasses cloth (or similar) to buff (use it with your fingers not a spoon)!! it ll be like new
really beautiful shoes Jesper!!
a work of art!! nice monks Europrep!! love the  ungled bucklets
Did AE had a wholecut with 3 eyelets?  f ..... i have had seen that(clasic wholecut lover sindrome hahaha)  its only me or someone else can agree that the leather is creasing a quite strange way ?it looks like have some kind of plastic coating especially on the left shoe! but maybe its the lightning !! how they are in the long run?(i dont have AE shoes cause i think its quite ridiculous to pay 130-140 euro on import taxes  on a 230-250 euros pair)
send them back!! even for a sale and discontinued model this is unacceptable! conditioner wont fix the problem cause they already started cracking!!
happy new year to all the friends here!!!
judging from the photos i cant see any fitting problems  of the shoe trees maybe a size bigger!btw you have to have the laces fasten or at least looped when you have shoe trees in them!! what's the  signs that makes you wonder? Jimmy i think they are just perfect!!  Not long for sure!!!i think DWfii ll be a better judge  of the photo
All bees make wax in epidermal glands to cover their outer layer of cuticle to prevent water loss.Beeswax softens at 90 deg F (32 C) and melts between 143 and 151 deg. F (62-66 C). The flashpoint (temperature at which beeswax flares up and burns fiercely) is 490-525 deg F (254-274 C)Beeswax is very stable. Samples thousands of years old are nearly identical with new wax.Beeswax does not oxidize and it is not affected by mildew.Beeswax is composed of carbon, hydrogen, and...
you wont have any problems with using renovateur  or lexol!! renovateur wont dry out your shoes( i use it on my shoes(museum leather too) for years with no issues) !! Renovateur is a cleaner-conditioner and has wax(and mink oil) in it and after buffing it raise a good shine so you can skip the part of adding wax or paste polish ! on the other hand lexol is a conditioner and you ll need to polish after so you can raise a shine! for conditioning i use  dubbin too sparingly...
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