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Quote: Originally Posted by markb ha ha guys who wear their swim suits while taking a shower - ok so I don't hate them but I do laugh id rather not see anyones bare ass or penis, thank you very much.
i have been vegetarian all my life. i think i am morningstar's best customer. their food is pretty healthy, lots of protein, and it tastes really good. i get their chicken strips and add it to pasta, stir fry veggies, subs, etc and it adds texture and flavor.
well im applying to US, they havent told me yet which office i would go to. its an internship so its probably gona be at one of the HQs. thanks every1 for ur help. some v interesting suggestions and i will def use some of them. wish me luck
So in a couple of weeks, I have an interview with GE for their Financial Management Program (btw, if anyone is in the same program/has been any pointers wud be v helpful). and hopefully a few other interviews are going to come along as well. one of the questions that really bothers me and i dont know what the recruiters are looking for is "what is ur greatest strength/(esp this one)weakness?" i imagine many of you have had interviews/have interviewed others. any...
i like FCUK for men, its not too strong, i dont know anyone else that uses it, and the women LUV it. everytime i wear it, i am guaranteed a compliment about it. I too agee with sartorian, personally, i like aftersahves better. only thing is, i feel the aftershave scent disappears much quicker than cologne's does. well, at least the after shaves i have used thus far seem to last only about an hour or so.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy BTW, if you google "torn jeans" the first search result really takes you by surprise... haha... the internet can be so random sometimes...
Try decline press/ decline flys. I have been experiencing the same problem and decline presses mixed in with decline flys have helped quite a bit. alternately, someone once suggested to me this exercise: u need a cable machine (http://www.elitefts.com/images/PICTU...ble-Pull-2.jpg is the machine i am talkin about, but i wouldnt know how to describe it). have the handles at abt hip height and about shoulder length apart. stand facing away from the machine and do a...
I used to have dry scalp and also dandruff probs... i used head and shoulders regularly, worked like a charm.
accentuate yourself
I am looking to get a blazer tailored that I can wear casually. I have had suits and even blazers tailored before and I notice that the jacket doesn't quite look right in a casual setting (with jeans or T-shirt). So, any help on what I should tell the tailor so that I am very specific about what I want would be very appreciated. I have noticed that firstly, my jacket's collar is much broader than the more casual jackets, but that is about all I would be able to tell...
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