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THANK YOU for bringing back the medium gray Classico II in 36S!!! Went to your website today and once I saw it in stock, I immediately pulled the trigger. I had a huge regret for not buying it last year before it went out of stock, so you can imagine how happy I was to see it back :)   Thanks for listening to your customers, Ben
Ben, I absolutely loved last year's Classico model that I bought in 36S. The shoulder width and pant open width was perfect. I only purchased the navy blue, and looking back I wished I had purchase a medium gray also. Looking at this year's update on the Benjamin's I am hesitant to make a purchase because the shoulder width is wider and what concerns me most is the narrower leg opening. My legs are slightly bowed, so last year's 8.1" leg opening helped conceal it very...
I received the Classico (36S) and can say that the pants fitted me better than the Granoro. The Granoro was too fitted and felt tight without room to breath comfortably or even tuck in dress shirt, whereas the Classico is about half an inch bigger, which is perfect for me. Even though the website shows a 6 inch drop, Ben even said himself in an earlier post that the Classico's pants are only about a cm bigger than the Granoros.
Hey Ben,   I ordered the new suit knowing it'd be sold out quickly, but noticed that the Classico trouser waist size for 36S is a 31? I hope that's some form of typo because the Granoro's waist was a 29. 
Ben do u have an idea of when the new Granoro models will be available on your website?
Ben, Just got my medium grey 36S Granoro suit, and I gotta say you really do know how to take care of your customers! Suit came neatly packaged inside a garment bag (a bonus!) along with a much needed 3ins wide-shouldered hanger. The suit looks fabulous and feels light. At 5'7 1/4 and 140 lbs, I was hoping the jacket length would be just right at 36S, but it appears to be a bit long for my taste by about .5 -1 in, although the sleeve length is just right. As for the...
Hello there, I have become such a fan of your Benjamin suit collection that I recently purchased a medium gray Granoro in 36S. I am looking everywhere for a quality solid navy suit but no luck. Benjamin, are u going to have any solid navy Lucente or Granoro in 36S in stock soon? Or will your upcoming shipment in August include a solid navy in that size? Thanks!!
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