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No idea why I did both buttons up. Took these late last night right out of the box and I was obviously a little muddled. First attempt after long time consideration. A few things I need to adjust, but overall for the price, it's pretty unbeatable.
  I don't find the lapels to be that bad. In particular the normal notch is right where I like it. The slim notch is very skinny however, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a third "wide" notch lapel for those who favour that look. All minor cosmetic customizations that don't impede the professionalism and visual appeal of the suit, but are simply preference. Totally different then baggy suit pants and a jacket that wears you!
  Please no. It's hard enough to get a PROPER fitting suit for a good price nowadays even with Indochino in the game. If Indochino were to go the way of the "classic fit" (i.e your suit looks like your wearing baggy pajamas) I will lose hope in suitmanity.   Seriously, considering this is one of the leading style sites for men, a large amount of posters favor the sloppy, baggy atrocious look of a "classic" fitting suit. Classic is just another way to describe the lazy,...
Anybody notice the "size" advice section for some suits (the Washington for example) seems really messed up. Put in my measurements for the Washington and it recommended a '44'. Not a 44R or 44L or 44S just a 44. Unless they have weird sizing for the Washington I think somethings off. Particularly because I have a 37-38 inch chest.   Anybody care to comment?
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