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Thanks for the replies   CousinDonuts: Unfortunately, given my job, I need to order the suits ASAP. I'm usually a Brooks Brothers kind of guy but I've been wanting to branch out into something more MTM (and their MTM is still $1500+, which I feel I could do better elsewhere for that price).   Ivon: I've done some research on Spiro and the two actual photos I came across seem to show more conservative/"boxy" suits. While I'm sure this isn't largely the case, I...
Will keep you updated. I'm also looking at IM-Label, heard a lot of decent things and the price seems reasonable, any opinions?  
Thanks for the advice Maximus. Of the people I talked to, Gotstyle seemed the most reasonable, so I'll probably just drop by as it's close to me. I'm a professional in my mid 20s, a lot of these guys sound like they deal with people in the strata of my MDs.  
Hi my name is Mike. I'm a banker looking for new suits and am tired of people saying finance people dress terribly.   I'm looking to change that, and hence why I'm here.  
So first post, I need a couple new suits for work and came across this forum (learned a lot about suits in the process!). After digging through the search function, I came up with a couple tailors I've reached out to. I'm getting mixed results:   1) Garrison Bespoke (fka Fifth on King)    - Minimum $1,200 for the "most basic suit you can buy", my contact said I'd be looking at something closer to $1,500 all-in.   2) Trend Custom Tailors   - Minimum $1,500...
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