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 Her music is amazing. Thanks for the share.
For Directions please tell your driver to take you to Kachins at Bombay Market Tardeo. The building in where Kachins is located is adjacent to Air-Condition Market at Tardeo, which is a known landmark. Kachins is closed on Sundays.
Unfortunately I have yet to find a good place for alterations on the lower north shore, especially Chatswood. Stay away!
First thread...So a big hello from Sydney, Australia.    So over the past two years, I haven't exactly looked after my body with the drinking, eating and smoking. Weight gain as well as a complete and utter deterioration in style, friends would attribute this to depression.    ANYWAY.    I noticed that my body was beginning to perspire more, especially the armpits and badly too. Topping this embarrassing situation off was the weight gain, about 35kg over two...
BB10 intro'd this feature to switch between business / personal profiles. But given that in Australia, enterprises have all moved away from the traditional bulk buy / mobility solutions and moved more towards BYOD, I can't imagine the big businesses backing this, at least not here in Australia.    Looks like this is BB 'all-in' bet on the hipsters.
$900 and 4 hour battery life..No thanks!
Not to ruin the despondent mood...I actually caught a lucky break and worked at a tier 1 finance company for two years during my first year undergrad. And now run my own trading company in the 'race to the bottom' consumer electronics sector. I wish I worked harder during my high school and university years for better grades to even be considered for a management consulting interview. These tier 1 and 2 companies virtually cut all candidates with GPAs below 3.5 unless...
You obviously have awesome skill if you're cruising through pulling <40 hours / week in a 100k role. So kudos!   I'd put it on the employer. They've always got a figure in mind since they've already budgeted for position. If anything focusing on selling your skill set and team added value or whatever the job description maybe to convince them to spend invest over their budget.
06 BMW 525i. My everyday drive.     
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