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Brand new Jacob Davis Bryson Selvedge Straight Leg jeans 33 waist 32 Inseam. The 33 fits like a 34. I am a 34 in all other jeans and pants. Selvedge tends to loosen a tiny bit after wearing in.  These are brand new never worn, all tags and poly bag included. After shipping and tax I paid $120 for these. I accept paypal/google wallet/ or amazon payment and will ship to you via priority mail. Asking $100...
~ 10 wears and just got them shined yesterday. Has broken in quite nicely to my feet. Classic line cap toe oxfords.     
How were the front/ back pockets? Also looser? 
I bought a pair of UB301 in 34 and 36 waist. The 34 is pretty damn tight in the waist (definite discomfort) and the pockets are pretty useless at this point, can't really get my hands inside them, They fit pretty nice everywhere else though. The 36 is immediately comfortable to wear and fits comfortable too but feels slightly too baggy/ flowy.  How much will these jeans stretch out? Should I just tough it out and wear the 34 a few times and have it stretch to my body?...
Ive heard anywhere from teens of dollars to $50. But yea you're getting charged, I'm still waiting for my bill.... 
Thanks! I have the same pair, good to hear that it will soften up! My heels got a pretty bad blister from it the first day of wear. 
Does this help soften so it stretches more? What are you implying? 
To those who have worn these shoes a few times now, how fast/ how much does the leather stretch out? The oxfords are a tiny bit tight width wise. 
Mine left spain 6 business days after I paid. They are in Memphis TN right now according to tracking. Hard to believe it will take until the 10th to get to me in California??   Edit: I just got the "Fedex clearance delay" email. Has anyone else sent back that form they requested with SSN? Sounds like some people get this request while others dont, any idea why it would go one way or the other?
Just got the fedex shipping notification email from Sandro! Paid on 7/25, will arrive on 8/8. Not bad at all. Will of course post obligitory unboxing pictures of my captoe oxfords and double monks, both in black. 
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